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T.A.P.-T.E.N. Research

A "Private" Non-Profit Organization that involves a majority of their research in the exploration of advanced aerospace & engineering technologies for the development of alternative energy & propulsion concepts.




Discussion List


  • Gary Voss and Tap-Ten Research (2.5 min) - Tim Ventura's video feature for Gary's non-profit organization that researches possibilities in time travel, gravity displacement, unified field inertia, electrostatic propulsion, and more. (American Antigravity; Sept. 2005)

Overview: We're joined by space & energy-activist Gary Voss to get the inside scoop on the culture of breakthrough technology. Voss is the founder of Tap-Ten research, and talks about his latest projects in building community focus on new technologies, as well as the upcoming TeslaTech Conference & his collaborative work with Unitel Aerospace.

Gary Voss

The Ranch

Voss' latest project is simply known as "The Ranch" - an emerging concept for a technology-development enclave in the Arizona desert modeled after the artist's communes in the 60's. He's taking it a step further, though, by building strong connects with technology development groups to ensure that this emerging concept has the ability to network between R&D organizations to eventually become a nexus for new technology development.

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Gary Voss
phone: (323) 300-4281
email: <Vosstech {at}>

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