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The Synfuels demonstration plant, located in Bryan, Texas near Texas A&M University, is fully operational for the production of gasoline from natural gas.


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Latest Developments

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How it Works

Synfuels technology can be applied in two configurations depending on the cracker mode selected.

With a Partial Oxidation Cracker, ethylene or gasoline blendstock and syngas are produced. The syngas can be converted into methanol or a number of other products, such as gasoline, ethylene and propylene.

If a Pyrolysis Cracker is selected, Synfuels technology only produces gasoline blendstock. Our proprietary cracker has been thoroughly tested with excellent results. Since the process downstream of the cracker is nearly the same regardless of the cracker selection, we anticipate minimal difficulty with the transition from the demonstration of Partial Oxidation to operating the unit in Pyrolysis mode.

With the integration of the ECLAIRS technology, installation of a new oligomerization reactor and the implementation of a new, larger cracker, the Synfuels technology has proven to operate efficiently and economically in the production of 95-octane fuel.


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  • Majority of stranded gas fields can be utilized.
  • Synfuels commercial plants can provide excellent IRR at throughputs as low as 50 MM SCFD.
  • Synfuels GTL Process dramatically reduces capital costs.
  • Plants can be configured to produce a variety of products, such as gasoline blendstock, diesel, syngas, ethylene and methanol.
  • Keys to the Synfuels Process are the innovative and patented steps that isolate and convert the desired intermediates while reducing recycle, compression and system volumes.
  • ECLAIRS liquid-phase hydrogenation is the technology cornerstone.


  • Over 75% of the world's known gas reserves are remote and/or stranded.
  • About 5.3 trillion cubic feet of stranded gas is flared, vented or re-injected each year.
  • The opportunity exists to yield 1.5 billion barrels of fuel per year from this stranded gas. (Over 4 million barrels per day)
  • Synfuels GTL Process offers a new solution for a new source of fuel worldwide.

Independent Testing

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Company: Synfuels International, Inc.

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In the News

rights for a Texas A&M University developed GTL technology and has constructed a demonstration plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas using this revolutionary intellectual property. Located in Robertson County near Texas A&M University, the Synfuels demonstration plant has proven to operate efficiently and economically in the production of 95-octane fuel. (Reuters; July 9, 2008)

  • Synfuels International sees fuel future in flared natural gas - "If you take the 4 quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas that is considered stranded or that's flared, and convert that into a liquid fuel, it will far surpass the oil in place today," said Ben Weber Jr., chairman and CEO of Synfuels International. "And it would be a more clean- burning fuel." (Dallas News; May 18, 2008)

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Synfuels International
200 Crescent Court, Suite 1801
Dallas, Texas 75201

Telephone: 214-855-8920
Facsimile: 214-855-8955


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