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A directory of technologies and resources pertaining to steam engines.



  • Steam Hybrid Engine - Clean Power technologies - This project is to develop a vehicle with a steam hybrid engine. This technology can save up to 40% of the waste heat. This translates into a realistic improvement in fuel efficiency by up to 40%, combined with a correspondent one-third reduction in emissions. (CPT; Aug. 20, 2008)
  • Green Steam Engine - Advantages of invention by Robert Green (US 6647813) include: the ability to run on very low steam pressure and volume, inexpensive to build, few moving parts with low lubrication requirement, lightweight. Site includes instructions on how to build it.
  • The Last Great Steam Car - The first automobiles were powered by steam, soon to be replaced by the internal combustion engine. Meanwhile, not everyone abandoned the steam engine designs. Read the saga of how this technology evaporated, not because it lacked merit, but because of bad business decisions. (Damn Interesting; Oct. 14, 2006)
  • BMW Developing a Steam/Gas Hybrid Engine - BMW has announced that it is developing a steam-powered auxiliary drive called the Turbosteamer. Using energy that has traditionally diappeared through the exhaust system as heat to power a steam engine, the concept has the potential to improve fuel efficiency by about 15 percent. (TreeHugger; Dec. 15, 2005)



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