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A solid-state generator is a generator that uses a gain medium but has no moving parts. Semiconductor-based generators, among other classes, are in the solid state.



Solar power is an example of a solid state system. Solar rays excite the substrate and result in the flow of electrons for electricity. No moving parts are involved.

See the following directories for info on Solar technology.


See Directory:Electromagnetic | News:Electromagnetic

  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Solid State >
    Fund Drive for S. Africa Trip to See New #1 Free Energy Technology - Sterling Allan has been invited to South Africa to visit a company who claims to have developed a commercially-ready, solid-state, 5 kilowatt Fuel Free Generator that will be available as early as March for their existing customers. Sterling has also been offered to buy a system to test, with a money-back guarantee. (PESN; February 7, 2012)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic / Solid State >
    ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah's Ark Research Foundation - Inventor, James B. Schwartz of the Philippines, has come up with a device that allegedly puts out six kilowatts of electricity from the surroundings, using a solid state arrangement in a panel made from "left-handed material" -- Aluminum and Bismuth interwoven with coils -- tying into the Earth's frequencies. (PESWiki; Aug. 15, 2009)
  • Featured / Best Exotic: Suppression / Solid State Generators > ERR Fluxgenerator >
    ERR Fluxgenerators that almost made it to market - Alexander Frolov sent me a couple of old sales brochures of the ERR Fluxgenerator from 2002 when the 250W - 6KVA product line was approaching the market in Japan. There were around 20,000 units manufactured. But before they hit the market, the Japanese government issued a shut-down order due to some alleged "safety concerns", and confiscated all the units. (PESWiki; December 8, 2010)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Solid State > Don Bell >
    Don Bell's Self-Charging Cell Phone - Dallas inventor, Donald Bell, who said he recently received $5 million, claims to be rolling out a mechanism for enabling a cell phone to stay charged, by harnessing power from the surrounding radio waves. He could use someone who could help with the business, technical, and strategy aspects of rolling something like this out. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; December 3, 2011)
  • Featured / OS: Electromagnetic > Solid State >
    Dr. Steven E. Jones' circuit gives evidence for 8x overunity - Professor Jones has developed a variation of the 'Joule Thief' circuit and has shown evidence that its output is eight times greater than the input as measured by a state-of-the-art oscilloscope. He is open sourcing his solid state design to help speed its development and implementation, as well as to answer the scientific question of where the energy is coming from. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; May 27, 2011)
  • World Improvement Through the Spirit Ministries - Timothy Thrapp's organization claims to have many technologies for sale, including electromagnetic motors that produce more energy than they consume to run; both mechanical and solid state.
  • Tom Bearden's MEG - Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) - Solid state technology for tapping into the "oceans of free energy" all around us. Claims three previously working prototypes of a device that extracts energy from the vacuum of space.
  • Featured: Solid State Generators >
    Hans Coler Magnetic Power Apparatus - The "magnetromapparata" was invented in 1933 primarily by Captain Hans Coler of Germany. The device required no apparent outside power sources to function. It involved magnets to generate electricity without any source of input power other than the space energy of Nature's quantum invisible world. (PESWiki; Nov. 2, 2008)
  • Steven Marks' Toroid Power Units - Five 1997 videos of several solid-state TPU prototypes posted. Small unit (6" diam x 2" high x 1" thick toroid) is shown powering a 100W bulb, a 3-amp drill, a television, and a small vacuum. Said to harness the power of the Earth's electromagnetic field. Larger unit puts out 7 amps; could power an electric vehicle. Forum created to pursue the tech. 
  • Nikola Tesla's Pierce Arrow - Did Nikola Tesla really run a touring sedan on free energy in the Summer of 1931? A 12 x 24 x 6 inch black box, with a 1.8-meter antenna allegedly powered the car.
  • Ambient RF Energy Collection Device - Byron Free Energy participant posts a method for harnessing radio frequency energy. The eventual objective would be to discriminate ambient space energy versus man-made radio waves, and to adequately amplify the energy to useful levels.
  • Genesis EMT Systems open for licensing - Peter x says he was employed in 1978/79 by NASA/JPL to derive a non-solar energy device that could provide power for space craft, and that the electromagnetic technology developed has been in continuous operation since that time . . . , and is now being offered for licensing for lay application. (PESWiki; Feb. 17, 2006)


See Directory:Electret

  • Featured / Top 5: Solid State Generators > Batteries / Capacitors > EEFG >
    Breakthrough Solid State Generator - We have finally been given permission to discuss this technology that we consider to be at the very top of our list of emerging clean energy technologies. Solid state, low (for now), continuous power, commercial in maybe 24 months, cheap, high power density, no radioactivity, no existing physics laws broken. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; July 23, 2011)


  • Daniel Pomerleau Free Energy Coils - Autistic Candian, Daniel Pomerlou, has given numerous demonstrations of free energy generation using only coils of wires; and mind power. Powers 200 Watt bulb, skill saw, motors and other appliances in front of electrical engineers who have no idea how he does it.


Environmental Vibrations

  • Vibrations / Solid State >
    Cell Phones Powered by Conversations - Just as speakers transform electric signals into sound, the opposite process -- of turning sound into a source of electrical power -- is possible, according to Scientists from Korea who have turned the main ingredient of calamine lotion into a tiny material that converts sound waves into electricity. Other noise sources such as traffic could also be harnesses for the power grid. (Discovery; Sept. 13, 2010)
  • Tiny Generator Runs Off Vibrations - Researchers at the University of Southampton, UK, have developed an efficient, sugar-cube-sized electric generator that feeds on environmental vibrations, via the wobbling of several magnets attached to a millimeter-sized cantilever. The device could power small, low-power devices such as wireless sensors or medical implants.


See Directory:Piezoelectric


  • Petravoltaics -- Electricity from Rocks - Certain types of igneous rocks exhibit a weak electrical potential that is neither piezoelectric (pressure induced voltage), nor pyroelectric (heat-change induced voltage), but petravoltaic. This is to say that there is a continuous, steady voltage across the rock.


See: Directory:Thermal Electric

Open Source

  • Bedini SG - Full plans posted; many replications, a few claim over unity in their variant designs. Solid state region exists. (


  • Genesis EMT Systems open for licensing - Peter x says he was employed in 1978/79 by NASA/JPL to derive a non-solar energy device that could provide power for space craft, and that the electromagnetic technology developed has been in continuous operation since that time . . . , and is now being offered for licensing for lay application. (PESWiki; Feb. 17, 2006)


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