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Doctor Elijah has come up with a river power design that he says could provide a decentralized power plant that is portable with an excellent return on investemt. A floating barge with turbines around the perimeter harness the energy of the water flowing by. Rather than try to enter the electricity utility business with all its strident registration obstacles, the company model is to produce electricity by-products, such as hydrogen and distilled water, which are much easier to distribute without bureacratic oversight.

A 20 kW prototype has been built from eight sheets of plywood on an aluminum frame.

"Slow Moving is the gorgeous cousin of Hydroelectric. cleaner, easier" -- Dr. Elijah Bonesteel



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Official Website


[[Image:FreeEnergyNowRadioIcon95x95 byKevn.gif|right]

"You did an excellent job with the latest interview and made the riverboat hydrogen generator concept come alive for me. Thank you!" -- Robert L Pritchett
"Great show on Doctor Elijah ... that's good, simple useful stuff. This is the kind of idea that can be advanced quickly into many useful concepts. I have something similar in the works for Africa on clean water system barge." -- Chris Patton

How it Works




SMW produces hydrogen that can be used onsite to provide energy for small towns to large cities. Let us look into the advantages to using hydrogen manufactured from slow moving water.

  • can be privately owned for control over investment profits
  • cities can generate income for use in its own welfare
  • no taxes - there are no taxes when manufacturing your own fuel and not for the public
  • extremely low impact on environment - no strip mining
    • no dam building and it does not interfere with natural wildlife
  • ZERO pollution
  • no external damage as associated with other industries such as: coal mining, oil spills, nuclear waste
  • uses existing infrastructure for distribution and markets
  • SMW hydrogen is highly efficient- hydrogen is trapped into hydrides
  • can be used to scrub smokestack emissions
  • extremely low cost to build, operate, and sell
  • low maintenance

SMW is better than current hydrogen technology because:

  • there is ZERO pollution
  • has the best storage capacity
  • uses renewable energy that is conveinent to many locations
  • has the lowest cost to manufacture and sell
  • can plug into existing energy market
  • requires small changes to existing hardware for mass usage
  • is easily transported


  • Zero emissions zero impact hydrogen generators for community co-op, anti-pollution(abatement) for industry, controls costs while curing the appetite for big oil...

Independent Testing

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Company: Slow Moving Water, Inc.

Inventor: Dr. Elijah

"Doctor Elijah" is the name that appears on his birth cirtificate.

He also has a CO2 burner technology that he is developing.


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Slow Moving Water, Inc.
Whidby Island, WA
phone: 1-360-678-9337

Page Coordinator:
Dr. Elijah Bonesteel
Whidbey Island, WA
phone: 1-360-678-9337

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