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An Overview of Silver Polymer Battery Technology

The Silver Polymer Battery utilizes divalent silver oxide to achieve very high energy and power, yielding up to twice the energy to volume of current lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries.

The gravimetric storage density for Silver Polymer Batteries is about the same as lithium ion batteries, but the volumetric energy density is much greater, because the materials are far denser than those in lithium batteries. Their standard cells can be recharged only about 100 times, which doesn't sound all that wonderful at all, but supposedly compares well with lead acid. A 12V 15Ah battery made from 8 silver polymer cells would weigh 1.4kg - supposedly a quarter of what a similar spec lead acid battery weighs. However, the Silver Polymer Battery has "only" 80 amps peak, probably costs several tens as times as much, and has very fussy recharging requirements.

The Silver Polymer Battery has the following advantages:

  • Up to ten times the energy to weight ratio of current lead acid designs and up to four times the energy to weight ratio of NiMH designs.
  • No memory and low self discharge.
  • Tunable price/performance from low cost to maximum performance preference.
  • Dramatically safer than large lithium batteries which are now subject to severe transportation limitations.

Companies Involved in Silver Polymer Battery Development

Silver Polymer Battery technology is being developed by:


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