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Examples of cause-effect, transfer of energy from one form into another.

Some of the effects might at first seem magical, but upon closer inspection, each can be explained.

So it is with "free energy". It might appear to come from nowhere, but that is only because we haven't yet understood or characterized the source.



Ultimate Rube Goldberg

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    Ultimate Rube Goldberg (video) - If you ever wondered what an engineer does when he's been layed off from a job, take a look. Produced by Baynham & Tyers (more videos on their site), but not as a publicity stunt, as that company is no longer active, founded by two Manufacturing Engineering graduates from Cambridge.

Ramen Dinner

(6:30 Minutes)

  • Japanese Rube Goldberg Contest - Amazing Rube Goldberg type machine to fix ramen for dinner. (YouTube; March 11, 2006)

- - - -

Hi ta ko ra stu yu ki

(9:11 Minutes)

  • Japanese domino effect - Don't let the juvenile music and appearance fool you. There are some astonishing chain reactions set up here that could entertain even the most brilliant among us. In addition to gravitational pull and kinetic induction, transference methods illustrated also include wind, flywheels, and magnets. (YouTube; July 22, 2007)

- - - -

Japanese Dominoes

(4:13 Minutes)

  • Japanese dominos - Items from shopping mall lined up into continuous domino-like chain reaction. (YouTube; July 22, 2006)

- - - -

Game Time

(2:55 Minutes)

  • Amazing Rube Goldberg Universal Remote Control Contraption - The guys want to watch the big game. But why does it take them more than one remote to turn on the TV??? Instead of simply buying a Logitech Harmony, they go to extremes and create their own Rube Goldberg version of the ultimate universal remote control. A guy's dream, it even opens beer bottles and puts dogs on the grill! View more at . (YouTube; May 20, 2008)

- - - -

MythBusters Christmas Contraption

(4:03 Minutes)

  • MythBusters Rube Goldberg Machine - In Dec. 2006, the MythBusters gang made their own version of a Rube Goldberg machine. (YouTube; December 13, 2006)

- - - -

Officeplace Bowling

(52 Seconds)

  • Rube Goldberg Officeplace Contraption - A friend and I decided to spend a night at my workplace assembling a contraption using supplies from the supply room and my basement. We started at 11p.m. on 6/26/05, and finished around 5:30a.m. This is take eight. Six of the eight worked. (YouTube; September 06, 2006)


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