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The Royal Rife Story

The Royal Rife story: Googlevideo Royal Rife documentary!
Rife won 14 government awards for scientific discoveries, and received an honorary medical degree from the University of Heidelberg for his work in bacteriology. He is most famous for building the world's most powerful optical microscopes which overcame the limits of standard research microscopes and became the first person ever to see a living virus.

Dr. Rife's technique was first embraced by the medical community, used by many doctors and then later rejected because antibiotics showed greater financial promise but didn't deliver any real medical results. Now over 50 years later, there has been a renewed interest in the incredible method he used. This video reveals the dedication and commitment of Dr. Rife, and the many medical doctors who worked with him.

This historical documentary is a must see for anyone interested in Dr. Rife and his amazing discoveries as he already successfully cured cancer by 1934 with his expertise in optics and innovation with a specially designed microscope and frequency generator. You have probably never heard of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife before, but in this unique documentary you will learn all about the life of this overlooked medical genius and his great scientific accomplishments which can benefit everybody if only we could learn to use them.

2006 Rife conference

20-22 october 2006 in Seattle

Rife Machines

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