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Having helped spearhead the "Draft Ron Paul 2004" campaign starting in 2001; and being extremely surprised and pleased to see how well he did in the 2008 campaign, I have been watching carefully to see if he will run in 2012. It is therefore with great pleasure that I appear to be the first to have broken the story about him running in 2012.

This is relevant to free energy inasmuch as Ron Paul is a major antidote to the conspiracy that seeks to overthrow freedom and establish a global police state. They are against the emergence of breakthrough free energy technologies because they empower individuals; while the rising tyranny is all about enslaving humanity.

This index page is to itemize instances where Ron Paul has been featured at PESWiki or in other free energy contexts.

The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the New Energy Congress colleagues and advisors.


In the News

  • Featured: Conspiracy > Infowars >
    Open Letter: Infowars should host Presidential Debates - Infowars would far surpass what any mainstream news organization has been able to do by way of Presidential Debate moderation. They should they limit their debates to five or less candidates who are the most liberty-conscious/supportive and capable of doing a good job, regardless of party ... and in other nations. Survey (PESN; August 9, 2015)
  • Conspiracy > Ron Paul >
    CBS Lies About Ron Paul Winning Their Poll - Despite only being given 89 seconds in their debate, Ron Paul raged far ahead in the online poll posted by CBS News; yet in their TV reporting on the poll (29% compared to runners up getting 13-15%), they lied, falsely reporting that Cane won, with Romney and Gingrich tying for second, making up numbers and totally ignoring Paul's win. No wonder people are fleeing the mainstream news and turning to alternative media. (BeforeItsNews; November 15, 2011)
  • Conspiracy > Ron Paul >
    Did They Get to Ron Paul in Vegas? - Why would Ron Paul announce his "Plan to Restore America" in Vegas? What happened to "End the Fed" and "Abolish the IRS" which are not part of that plan? Was he blackmailed? Has he been compromised? (BeforeItsNews; October 19, 2011)
  • Conspiracy > Ron Paul >
    We the People -- Across the Spectrum - This is one of the most moving political videos I've ever seen. Amazing compilation of sentiments from around the country and world about Ron Paul and the principles of freedom he upholds that are resonating with people of all kinds, to their core. "He makes me proud of America again." Compare to this disturbing story about Obama. (YouTube / ChristianMalazarte; August 24, 2011)
  • Conspiracy > Ron Paul >
    Ron Paul Money Bomb for Ames Straw Poll Victory! - Starting midnight tonight, the "Ready, Ames, Fire!" money bomb for Republican Presidential Candidate congressman Ron Paul is taking place. The "Champion of Liberty" and proven proponent of small government, deserves our support! (BeforeItsNews; June 18, 2011)
  • Conspiracy / Ron Paul >
    Ron Paul's Money Bomb Exploding - Ron Paul is quite close to his new goal of $5 million by midnight Mountain Time, when quarter 2 tally comes. As the only true Constitutionalist candidate, and having already blown past his earlier goal of $3 million, he is wanting to make a strong showing against the other Republican candidates. (BeforeItsNews; June 30, 2011)

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