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Claims to Rejuvenate Dead or Dying Rechargeable Batteries

Page first featured November 10, 2008

The Renaissance Charge line of products by well-known new energy inventor, John Bedini of Energenx, Inc., rejuvenates many dead or dying rechargeable batteries (allegedly using radiant energy principles), saving both on the cost of replacing them, as well as saving the environment from their unnecessary disposal. Additionally, as a charger, it is said to draw less current than a traditional charger performing the same function of bringing discharged batteries up to full charge.

Image:Renaissance Chargers 500.jpg
"Renaissance Charge is pleased to bring to the marketplace the first radiant battery chargers that radically reduce battery replacement costs while dramatically increasing battery capacity."

Although all batteries degrade over time, Energenx says that the use of this radiant (in the tradition of Tesla) charger can slow this process down considerably, resulting in energy savings and battery longevity. They say that batteries that have become useless are commonly restored to working order.

Many years of testing all types of batteries and chargers have convinced the company that there is no safer and better technology for batteries. This includes batteries used in automobiles, trucks, farm and industrial equipment, recreational vehicles, solar and wind generation systems, and emergency standby systems. While different chargers are made to be used with specific batteries, the company has found that most, if not all, types of batteries can be improved with this technology. This includes, but is not limited to, lead-acid starter batteries, deep cycle batteries, gel cell batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, and Ni-MH batteries. Testing on other battery chemistries is currently underway.

The company states that construction contractors would save money if they would just rejuvenate rather than discard their sulfated batteries. Most batteries require only a few hours to be restored on the Renaissance Charge system.


Official Websites


  • Download (10 Mp; mp3, excerpt) - On Nov. 19, 2008, 11:00 am Mountain time, Sterling D. Allan conducted a 1-hour, live interview with John Bedini as part of the Free Energy Now radio series, on KFNX News-Talk Radio broadcasting out of Phoenix, Arizona at 1100 on the AM dial at 50,000 Watts. John Bedini talks about what Tesla's radiant energy is, and how he is using some of those principles in a device that he's had available for limited distribution for 1.5 years but is now marketing more widely.


(8.44 Minutes)

  • BEDINI RENAISSANCE RADIANT BATTERY CHARGER - Bedini Renaissance Radiant Energy Battery Charger (YouTube; Nov. 5, 2008)

_ _ _ _ _

(3.41 Minutes)

  • Maintenance Manager Tom Childs tells us how he saved lots of money on restoring batteries - In just three cycles Tom restores seven sets of four golf-cart batteries a week over seven weeks to new capacity condition. He wondered at first about the cost but now is looking to get three more Rejuvenators. (YouTube; Nov. 24, 2008)

_ _ _ _ _

(1.55 Minutes)

  • John Koorn saved his big company a lot of money by restoring useless batteries - John works for a large security company in Australia and has enjoyed saving his company a lot of money with restoring gel cell and power tool batteries. (YouTube; Nov. 24, 2008)

How it Works

Quoting from the site:

Although there is no solution to reconstituting a shorted battery cell, a severely sulfated battery can be "Radiantly" charged back to a near new condition. Conventional chargers cannot break through the sulfated layers that normally form through conventional charging and discharging cycles. After becoming so sulfated they can no longer be charged, most old batteries are recycled or discarded as worthless.

In the course of the development of a highly efficient energy generation system, John C. Bedini, Vice President of R&D for Energenx, has invented and patented the Bedini Motor/Generator and several solid-state battery charging systems. One common, extraordinary characteristic of all of these systems has always been the unusual benefits the battery receives while being charged with these systems.

Instead of conventional constant current or constant voltage DC charging, batteries charged by electrical pulses with specific shape, frequency, and magnitude trigger improved electrochemical energy transfer in the battery. Because of this, the life of new batteries can be dramatically extended, and the capacity of older batteries, previously unable to be adequately charged by conventional means, can be increased.

"All this [Tesla-radiant] energy is on the regular power lines, you just have to pick it off." -- John Bedini (Nov. 10, 2008)


Quoting from the site:

RC1UA: Home Battery Recharge System

"Specially designed for Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, the RC-1AU also charges small lead-acid batteries. This charger will put sustaining power into anything from 1.2V "AAA" flashlight batteries to 24V cordless tool packs. Don't throw those old batteries out until you've given them a chance with this charger."

RC-2A12: 12-V Battery Revitalizer

Quoting from

Simple, compact, portable radiant charging power for 12V batteries. This charger delivers a slow, but amazingly powerful revitalizing charge. If your automotive battery's cranking power is getting marginal, leave this charger on it overnight, then turn the key. You'll see the difference.
This new compact (4 1/2"L x 3"W x 2 3/4"D) battery charger incorporates state-of-the-art radiant technology, specifically designed to be used with 12 volt lead-acid batteries. This charger sports some of the same features as the industrial chargers including automatic shutoff, anti-sparking, short-circuit protection, battery maintenance and reverse polarity protection.
Extensive testing has shown that this little charger outperforms any of the rival competition in its class. It will easily charge highly sulfated, unchargeable batteries and maintain good batteries at their peak performance levels.
There is no substitute for radiant charging, especially when the need arises for that extended run time of a deep cycle battery or the reliability of a starter battery. The thinner plates of a starter battery deteriorate rather rapidly during the course of normal use and conventional recharging. Radiant charging takes advantage of the battery's own natural conversion process to help restore the negative effects of rapid discharging, giving this type of battery its longest possible life. The thicker plates of a deep cycle battery can now provide incredible longevity thanks to this little charger's ability to keep them free from sulfation buildup.
By using the Renaissance charger as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance charging routine, the battery replacement intervals, in a fleet of electric vehicles for example, can be effectively extended.
Radiant charging provides benefits that can save you time and money, increasing your battery's life to meet or exceed its manufacturer's warranty.

RC-30A12 & RC-15A24: Industrial Battery Recharge System

"12V or 24V charger models. This industrial charger packs all the power you need to get your batteries in shape in the shortest amount of time possible. Select between two primary functions: charge and cycle to choose the proper function for rebuilding and maintaining your battery for optimal performance."

E-CAR: For Electric Cars

"Designed for nearly any 72-144V electric car conversion by an electric car enthusiast. Use it to bring those all-too-familiar dying batteries back. Maximize your range and keep that expensive bank in top shape."


"Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost every year in battery replacement costs and lost productivity. A huge percentage of this cost can be attributed to the improper charging of batteries by conventional means. A radiant charging system will actually save you money while keeping your battery-powered systems running more powerfully. With increased battery power, the productivity will be easily recognized. Charging down time and wasted energy will be significantly reduced. This could represent a savings of 30% or more of your annual battery replacement and energy costs combined."


  • Recharge "dead" batteries

Instead of conventional constant current or constant voltage DC charging, batteries charged by electrical pulses with specific shape, frequency, and magnitude trigger improved electrochemical energy transfer in the battery. Because of this, the life of new batteries can be dramatically extended, and the capacity of older batteries, previously unable to be adequately charged by conventional means, can be increased.

Independent Testing

The golf cart chargers for GCS (Genesis Charger Systems) are UL Listed, and the other products will be going through this certification process, which is very rigorous for battery charger products.


"These items follow our patents right to the T." -- John Bedini, Nov. 10, 2008

On May 1, 2001, ENERGENX obtained an exclusive worldwide license from John Bedini to any proprietary technology being developed by John Bedini pertaining to a monopole motor/generator based energy delivery system for charging batteries, including a patent application filed on March 13, 2001 entitled "Device and Method for Utilizing a Monopole Motor to Create Back EMF to Charge Batteries." This was later issued as a patent on April 8, 2003. An additional patent application entitled "Device and Method for Pulse Charging a Battery and for Driving Other Devices with a Pulse", covered by the license agreement relating to this technology was subsequently filed on December 21, 2001 and issued as a patent on January 13, 2004 .

Issued Patents

  • U.S. Patent 6,392,370 issued May 21, 2002 for a "Device and Method of a Back EMF Permanent Electromagnetic Motor Generator". Expires January 12, 2020.
  • U.S. Patent 6,545,444 issued April 8, 2003 for a "Device and Method for Utilizing a Monopole Motor to Create Back EMF to Charge Batteries". Expires March 13, 2021.
  • U.S. Patent 6,677,730 issued January 13, 2004 for a "Device and Method for Pulse Charging a Battery and for Driving Other Devices with a Pulse". Expires December 21, 2021.

Currently the company has one Patent Pending and is in preparation of filing additional patents.


Company: Renaissance Charge, LLC

Image:Renaissance charge logo 600.jpg

Founded in 2007, Renaissance Charge, LLC began after several years of researching the viability of the superior battery charging technology developed over many years by John Bedini and Energenx, Inc.

"Our mission is to bring products that incorporate this technology to the marketplace. It is our goal to ensure our customers success, and as such, we seek to provide top-notch technical support and advice regarding the use of the technology."

Company: Energenx

John C. Bedini, Vice President for R&D of ENERGENX, and the inventor of the Bedini Motor/Generator have developed the patented Motor/Generator as well as several solid-state systems which have shown to be dramatically superior to conventional battery charging mythologies. Upon its formation, ENERGENX has been assigned by, and has acquired from John Bedini, the exclusive rights to these patents and any subsequent patents. In the course of the development of a highly efficient energy generation system, different ancillary products have emerged.

Inventor: John Bedini

See PowerPedia:John Bedini


In the News

  • Events: Electromagnetic / Radiant Energy >
    Renaissance Conference November 13-14, 2010 - A Workshop giving people a chance to spend time at the shop with John Bedini and others of like-mind in actual assembly of his cutting edge energy technology, including the R-Charge battery chargers, Bedini/Cole magnetic window motor energizers, and electric vehicle conversions. "This may be more significant than the '84 Tesla Symposium." -- Rick Friedrich (R-Charge; Sept. 2010)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Bedini >
    Bedini 10-coil energizer kits now available - Tony Craddock has posted a new infomercial video about the 10-coil energizer kit being manufactured by Rick Friedrich. Their purpose is to educate about Tesla's radiant energy technology, especially pertaining to its desirable effect on batteries, to rejuvenate them and charge them with much less input electricity required. (PESN; Feb. 9, 2010) (Comments)


Image:Renaissasnce-charger thumbnail 300.jpg
Display Exhibit Graphic (pdf)

The R-Charge device was exhibited at the Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies Display at the Environmental Hall of Fame in Chicago, 2008


See Discussion page


Tesla Chargers
POB 713
Liberty Lake, WA 99019, USA
Phone: (509) 921-6960
Energenx, Inc 
10183 N. Aero Dr. Suite 2
Hayden, Idaho 83835, USA
Phone: (208) 772-3303
Fax: (208) 772-3373

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