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"Proton Cell" is a term coined by an inventor who wishes to remain anonymous. We will call him "BJ." Sterling D. Allan has direct communication with him. A Proton Cell is essentially the same thing as the Joe Cell, but more descriptive of the theoretical process that may be at the root of the phenomena.

"Joe, who the cell is generally named after, told BJ that the University of New South Wales ran a 1976 Leyland V8 on a bench for months with no radiator. It ran cold, and they could not figure out why it was running"



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August 28, 2007

We helped raise $4,000 for BJ to replicate his cell last year when he first told us about his work. He built the device, but it did not produce the same results he had observed earlier. He said the cell had too much magnetism, and he was going to anneal it again; as a previous annealing procedure had not been done correctly, and had not eliminated the magnetism. -- Sterling D. Allan

February 27, 2007

Feb. 16, 2007

Mark Dansie of NEC got together with BJ several months ago, and was impressed with BJ as a person, but not with the technology and descriptions, which do not rule out the possibility of fuel from tank coming in via fuel lines.

BJ received the necessary donated funds to replicate the effect. We're still waiting for BJ to provide test format. It's been taking a long time. -- Sterling D. Allan

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Dialogue with BJ

Considering the level of interest in this subject, we have opted to provided liaisons who will represent various active discussion lists, to present questions and comments to BJ on behalf of the discussion list.

BJ Responses

The responses from BJ via those liaisons will be sent through the following open-subscription and open-archive list where only liaisons can post:

BJ Liaisons

If you are not a member of one of these lists, where you can send your comments or questions for BJ, you may direct your question directly to one of the liaisons via email. (Please send it only to one liaison.)

Discussion List Liaison Liaison's Email address
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JoeCellFreeEnergyDevice John Carter johngc {at}
JoesCell2 John Carter johngc {at}


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Related Video

After reading the past articles provided by Sterling, I recall seeing a video (60 Minutes New Zealand) that looks very similar to what BJ is claiming. (eriknsdca; Nov 08, 2006)

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