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Page first featured January 8, 2009

PowerAvenue Corp focuses in mass producing proton exchange membrane fuel cells, or PEMFCs for stationary and mobile applications. These hydrogen fuel cells, which have no moving parts, provide reliable, clean, quiet power, with an efficiency of 40-50%, while producing no harmful emissions.

They also are involved in developing novel, efficient methods for producing and distributing hydrogen, the primary fuel in these cells. They have devised a method of turning sand into a silicon, which when combined with water produces hydrogen from the water. The marvel here is that the silicon acts as the energy carrier, to be combined locally with water, to then create the hydrogen at the point of use. At the end of the day, 15 kg of sand yields 1 kg of hydrogen. The oxidized silicon can be recycled through a renewable energy source, to be used again as a carrier.

Their cell systems operate at low pressure and temperatures, have a high power-to-weight ratio, and are reliable and efficient. Combined with the portable energy solution provided by their silicon, their systems are thus able to provide decentralized, modular, point-of-use power.



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Official Website

How it Works

Image:PowerAvenue 163kgSand plus100lH20 to 180kWh and 100ldrinking water bf32.gif

The cycle takes sand, converts it to silicon, added to water, produces H and SiO2. The Silicon oxide can be regenerated to Si and O2 through input of electricity, such as from a renewable source.

Image:PowerAvenue future silicon cycle jp70.jpg



Fuel Cells (available?)

Image:Poweravenue hydrogen fuel cell system 300.jpg

Come in 50 W, 150W, 300W, 1000 W, and 1-15 kW output ranges.

Power Plant (proposed)

Image:PowerAvenue ferrosilicon power plantjpg bf16.gif

The company estimates that for every 220 kg of Silicon consumed per hour, the plant could produce 1 MW of electricity.




  • Reliable, clean, quiet, efficient power.
  • Low Weight and Volume
  • Thermal Management
  • Water Management
  • Strong Membrane Electrodes
  • Chemical Compatibility
  • Power Range Availability
  • Rapid response to load fluctuations
  • No moving parts
  • High efficiency
  • No emissions
  • Direct energy conversion (no combustion)
  • Sitting ability, limited infrastructure needed


Able to address most energy needs.

Independent Testing

list here


Image:PowerAvenue patents bf5.gif


"PowerAvenue was organized as a Delaware corporation in 2002 after many years of product development and has evolved into mass manufacturer of secure, clean power. With founders from notable financial institutions and leading technology companies, the business is based on new, manufacturable, unique, and proprietary fuel cell technologies, embodied in patents and distinct items of intellectual property."

Company: PowerAvenue Corp

Firouz Shahrokhi, President
Dr. Rocco Guarnaccia, CEO


In the News

There were proposed announcements from 2003 to 2007 in industry news regarding plans and facilities. Some actually occurred.

  • Top 100 / Featured: Fuel Cells / Hydrogen >
    PowerAvenue is Revolutionizing Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell Technology - PowerAvenue Corp has patented a way to create from sand a form of silicon that reacts with water to generate hydrogen at the point of use, making silicon the energy carrier. Their fuel cells operate at low pressure and temperatures, have a high power-to-weight ratio, and are reliable and efficient. (PESWiki; Jan. 8, 2009)


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PowerAvenue Corp

4215 Harding Rd., Suite 1202 or 215 Harding Rd
Nashville, TN 37205, USA

PowerAvenue GmbH

Mulenstr 4
91126 Schwabach, Germany

Tel: +41-79-425-2885

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