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Peter Sumaruck has come up with a technology and company he has named Zero-Amp Tech. He claims that for only a minuscule amount of electrical energy that is put in, the output is multi-thousand fold.

As of Nov. 30, 2008, two New Energy Congress members who viewed the demonstration are not convinced that overunity is exhibited, given several factors that must be taken into consideration. [1] [2]

Jan. 29, 2009 memo. We have spoken with someone who is expert at motor controller operation, and he said that any good motor controller programmer could replicate the effect Pete was showing in about half an hour -- nothing extraordinary.

On March 30, 2009, Sumaruck posted a video allegedly showing his system running a light and a fan for three hours with no deminishing of the input batteries. New Energy Congress advisor, Tom Valone submitted a skeptical review saying, "The video looks interesting but there are TWO BIG problems called storage batteries, along with no acknowledged consideration by Peter of the POWER FACTOR as he does his calculations." (PESWiki; April 23, 2009)

On May 23, 2010, stavrosteve wrote: "The 'inventor' also claims to be a Navy Seal, but F.O.A. records show he made it 22 days before being booted from basic training."



Official Website

None yet.

Quasi Official Site

Charlotte Wilson has given coverage of Pete's technology on her site: She has been serving as Pete's online liaison with his permission.

On Dec. 1, 2008, Charlotte Wilson, Pete's representative, wrote here:

Because of a variety of connections I made with individuals in the New Energy community, on November 20, people started pouring in, wanting Peter Sumaruck to give them demonstrations of his technology - the tsunami began. You have heard of Warren Buffett's Snowball, Think of this as Pete's tsunami; it was big, quick and to the point. People flew in, drove in, up to Pete's garage - they wanted to see for themselves. That's how it is, seeing is believing. PESWiki contacted me, asking me to fill in the blanks on this site. What you see is part PES, and part Charlotte Wilson

(Charlotte's comment continues on the discussion page, along with Sterling's response.)


Three-Hour Demo

Allegedly shows Pete running his motor for three hours with no diminishing of input battery levels or generation of heat in the driving components, while the same set-up without his technology would supposedly only power the output for two hours, draining the batteries.

(9:59 minutes)

  • Zero Amp - Pete Sumaruck's closed looped energy system (YouTube by celes795; March 30, 2009)
  • Electromagnetic > Zero Amps Tech >
    Tom Valone Skeptical About Sumarack's March 30 Video - New Energy pillar, Dr. Valone, gives reason for skepticism on the Zero Amps generator demo video recently posted. "The video looks interesting but there are TWO BIG problems called storage batteries, along with no acknowledged consideration by Peter of the POWER FACTOR as he does his calculations." (PESWiki; April 23, 2009)

Set-up Demonstration and Photo Album

(8 minutes)

  • Demonstration of Peter Sumaruck's "Zero Amp Tech" (YouTube; Dec. 1, 2008)
  • See video report at PESN

Video, taken Nov. 24, 2008 by Sterling D. Allan, CEO of PES Network, Inc., shows Peter Sumaruck's demonstration taking place in his garage near San Francisco, in which a generator powers a modified variable AC motor controller with (purportedly) a small fraction of a Watt input; while the controller runs five AC motors: three rated at 2 horsepower, and two rated at 7.5 HP. After the motors come up to speed, they are said to consume far more energy than what is being input from the generator. A report by Sterling at PESN gives his reasons for subsequent skepticism.

In the second part of this video, Pete is shown flipping through his photo album of the purported self-running generator he built for the U.S. Army at Fort Hood, Texas before the project was shut down by two Texas politicians with nuclear energy industry ties. He claims that it self-ran and put out 36 kilowatts, able to handle loads from to 0 to 36 kW, coming and going, without changing speed or sound. He claims that he plugged ninety 300-Watt bulbs in to it, and that it was so bright the people viewing the demo were temporarily blinded. He said this system was in resonance so that a stethoscope placed on any component in the system sounded the same. He claimed that the system could last for thirty years -- the life of a mortgage -- with the only maintenance being to change the three belts.

- - - -

Demo Visitor Interviews

(6:40 minutes)

  • Peter Sumaruck - Zero-Amp Technology - tech review by New Energy Congress personnel, Ken Rasmussen, Sterling Allan and James Dunn. (Google Video; Nov 29, 2008)
  • Both Sterling and James grew skeptical after considering various parameters, which are reported at PESN on Nov. 30.


  • Peter Sumaruck Interview - Electronics technician invents a new device to power electric motors with "zero amp" technology. (WaterFuel Museum; Nov. 22, 2008)
  • Kirk Miller and Tom Thayer - Kirk is a retired California commercial airline pilot who spent two days this week analyzing the Zero Amp Technology invention of Peter Sumaruck. Tom Thayer is a Maryland architect who flew to California to spend two days looking it over. They share their observations of the demonstration of the device. (Nov. 25, 2008).

How it Works


Put in a minuscule amount of electrical energy - only enough for ignition (that’s the only cost) - but the output is multi-thousand fold. This is electrical power without batteries - no cord, no recharge. Since this power production uses no fossil fuels, there is no emission and therefore no pollution. After ignition, the generator operates at 100% efficiency - no heat, so no breakdowns - and runs until you decide to turn it off. Size of task is not an issue; a Zero-Amp Tech generator can be built to power an entire city or any size vehicle.

"Sumaruck takes a new or existing truck - an 18 wheel for example - made to order, with no engine. He installs a replacement turbine drive system (on the same principles as Hoover Dam). The sealed 100 gallon tank using salt water (or any water) is under very high pressure; the turbine is constructed of aluminum alloy and copper clad, and powered by a 10 to 500 horsepower 3 phase AC motor.
The standard transmission is kept in place, as well as the alternator and on board battery to power lights and air conditioner. This Zero-Amp Tech adapted truck can travel at the same speeds reached by diesel-powered trucks. In fact, Sumaruck can modify this system even further for extremely long hauls and very heavy loads like those roaring down long stretches of nowhere across the Australian Outback. Zero-Amp Technology can adapt this operating system to other large vehicles: buses, garbage trucks, cement mixers - the list goes on.
Very little maintenance is needed because nothing is stressed - three fan belts, changed maybe every 200,000 miles. Sumaruck uses heavy duty parts - if 2 in. wide is common place, he uses a 4 inch wide belt.
Some of this may sound straightforward, even simple. Sumaruck says yes, but “the complicated part is in the computer hard drive.” That’s where the genius work takes place. Through 2 small 44 gage wires, ignition comes in at .019 mA (milliamps), and comes out at 150 amps, non-fluctuating, precisely 60 cycles." (Worldview Opinion; July 28, 2008)



Cost for this technology comes from licensing the invention and production of one or many units depending on type, function and size. But when you look down into the operation itself, to reiterate, the only cost is for ignition. That 18-wheel truck can run for a year on only 6 gallons of gas (no diesel), and home or factory heat, light and power costs will become nonexistent.



  • Only milliamps are used to generate high horsepower motors.
  • No limit to the size of the unit.
  • Vagaries of weather will not stop the production of power. Only the complete destruction of the unit will stop it from working…or you turning it off.
  • Even when very large, the unit is compact and easy to operate.
  • It can be mobile; you own it; you take it with you.
  • Cost is one of the miracles - in a housing development, cost can be built into the price of the home. A factory typically can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on power - now down to “0.”
  • We will still need oil for chemicals and plastics, but we will no longer need fossil fuels to produce energy.
  • Nuclear power has been made redundant - now if a country wants to expand their nuclear capabilities we clearly know why.



  • Any size or type of vehicle.
  • Variable-Speed Electric Motors.
  • Power for cruise or merchant ships - air and water pollution eliminated.
  • Desalination plants will be powered by Zero-Amp Tech - no more droughts, and deserts will be green.
  • No need to build new hydroelectric plants.
  • Zero-Amp Tech generators can power one home or an entire development - or an entire city.
  • You can still stay on the grid, but your power will be made without the use of fossil fuels or nuclear power - no emissions, no pollution.
  • Factories, universities, hospitals - any large facility can have its own power production unit.
  • Waste disposal sites will now be able to be limited in size.
  • In the future, even the smallest motor boat and home appliance will be powered this way.
  • Agriculture can benefit from this power system - from farm equipment to fertilizer. Rain forests can regrow, and we can eliminated famine in our lifetime.
  • If you can imagine it, and it runs on electricity, it will be powered by Zero-Amp Technology.

Independent Testing

Zero-Amp Technology was purportedly tested by the United States Army from 2003 to 2004 - units operated perfectly from day one.


Peter Sumaruck claims to have more than 14 patents (none found on record). Individual patent information is private to the owner, for security purposes. He plans to keep the "provisional" status until a funder is secured.


Company: Zero-Amp Technologies Inc.

Founded in early 2008.

Inventor: Peter Sumaruck

Profile composed by Charlotte:

Peter Sumaruck may be a man of brilliant ideas, but he remains solidly on the earth having spent many years as an independent business owner/operator. He is uniquely hands on in his endeavors and in particular, his inventions. He is also a fine communicator - he can explain how Zero-Amp Technology works. He is also cognizant of the needs of his employees and knows the importance of specialized training for his people. Mr. Sumaruck wants his products to be made in America, and he is aware of the potential for this new energy production system to become a growth industry, fostering many other related companies and businesses.


In the News

  • Pete Sumaruck selling energy-converting systems - Tomorrow if I had airfare to Waco, Texas, I’d have been a guest at Pete Sumaruck’s seminar. I wouldn’t have seen his ZeroAmp energy invention powering a house, because this weekend the information-and-selling event (entrance fee $500) is held in a church basement where he won’t be able to do a complete showing of what the equipment can do. (ChangingPower; November 4, 2011)
  • Electromagnetic > Zero Amps Tech >
    Tom Valone Skeptical About Sumarack's March 30 Video - New Energy pillar, Dr. Valone, gives reason for skepticism on the Zero Amps generator demo video recently posted. "The video looks interesting but there are TWO BIG problems called storage batteries, along with no acknowledged consideration by Peter of the POWER FACTOR as he does his calculations." (PESWiki; April 23, 2009)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Zero Amp Tech >
    Zero Amp Tech demonstration video - Video footage from a demonstration by Peter Sumaruck of his "Zero Amp" technology which allegedly puts out far more energy than it consumes. The video also shows Pete flipping through his photo album of the self-looped 36 kW set-up he allegedly built for the Army. (PESN; Dec. 2, 2008) (See also PES Saga)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Zero Amp Tech >
    Zero Amp Tech demonstration reflections - Peter Sumaruck has captured the imagination of many with his demonstration alleging 0.05 Watts input from a genset powering five motors (4000 Watts) output through his modified variable AC motor controller. However, a New Energy Congress assessment gives reason for skepticism. (PESN; Nov. 30, 2008)

Other Coverage


See Discussion page

  • Zenduki asks - Ok I'll ask, if the generator was to run normally, how many motors could it power?


Zero-Amp Tech Inc. 

View and the Energy section, for a continuing series of articles on Zero-Amp Tech, Inc. Ask questions at where you can make an appointment for a demonstration of this technology and/or to speak to the inventor, Peter Sumaruck.

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