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SpiralAirFoil Wind Turbine

Patent pending design put forth by Dan Parker is in the R&D phase, with expectation of going to market next year.

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Official Website

Latest Developments

March 3rd 2008

Major advancement in the Spiral Airfoil Wind Turbine design. We'll be puting up a new picture shortly. Both Torque and RPM have been increase, will be testing the new prototype in a few days, test results will be published to this site only.

Feb. 20, 2007

Test results for 53 inch Diameter by 53 inch long Spiral Airfoil Wind Turbine coupled to a windblue 12 volt dc generator

    12 volts at 8 mph
    24 volts at 13 mph 

Start up speed is 1.6 miles an hour

The Spiral Airfoil Wind turbine was six bladed, our next build will be a 3 bladed version.

  • Please keep in mind that this windturbine is only 38 inches in diameter at the widest point


Spiralairfoil Wind Turbine

  • "New Type of Wind Turbine coming out of N.H. USA, More power per given diameter then traditional 3 bladed types. Start up speed 1.6 mph, power for the common people. Patent Pending" (YouTube; May 01, 2008)

Brief Description

On Feb. 8, 2007, Dan Parker wrote:
(slightly edited)

Conventional wind turbines are inefficient. Much energy gets by them i.e. they are space hoggers. This new type of horizontal axis wind turbine which is much more powerful per a given radius. This type of wind turbine is truly a wind turbine; and I tend to call it the wind tractor as it has great torque and speed. Expectations and prior testing suggest that the start-up speed will be significantly lower than other wind turbines.

We intend to go global,The first plant will be built in New Hampshire, U.S.A. firstly supplying the micro market i.e. that of the individual home owner; pole or roof mounted,. We are hoping to keep the price low.We intend to have them remote/battery then grid tied.

We Are looking for the right backer to help us get the show off the ground.


patent pending

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In the News

  • Wind > Horizontal Axis > SpiralAir >
    Spiralairfoil Wind Turbine - Inventor Dan Parker has come up with a wind turbine design that resembles an oversized drill bit, which he says could revolutionize the wind energy market because the turbine can deliver three to five times more power than a three-blade windmill and can begin harvesting at much lower speeds. (Concord Monitor; Jan 18, 2010) (See videos)


Hillsboro NH 03244 USA

Dan Parker


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