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index commenced April 18, 2014. Need to populate with older items.

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    Looking for Free Energy News Angel(s) - The challenging of getting investment money for the exotic free energy sector technologies is greater than our new friend anticipated; so he's not been able to help PES as he had hoped. So we're on the hunt again for an angel or two for this multi-trillion dollar market. Meanwhile, your donations are appreciated to keep us going. (PESN; April 10, 2014)
  • Featured: PES Newtork > Donate >
    PES Donation Drive - We're again running dangerously low and need funds. Thanks to your generous contributions at various times in the past, we have been able to pull through to continue to do our work of finding and facilitating the very best exotic free energy technologies with our news, directory, and networking services. (PESN; December 11, 2013)

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