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PAX Scientific

"Capturing the Force of Nature"
"It’s all about flow," - Jay Harman (2006)

Company designs fans, impellers, propellers, mixers based on the geometries of a whirlpool. The result is an approximate 33% improvement in efficiency, reduced noise, size and cost.

"PAX Scientific is an industrial design firm whose CEO, Jay Harman, has made a fundamental scientific discovery that leverages efficiencies in nature. The company employs this discovery to make technology more efficient and cost-effective, and licenses its patented designs to manufacturers." ( home page)
"Conventional technology creates shapes to induce flow. PAX technology employs flow to create shapes." ( tech page)




Official Website

Device Photos

Image:PAX Scientific fan blade sq 200.jpg
An appliance evaporator fan designed using PAX Scientific geometries.
Image:PAX Scientific fan c 200.jpg
The PAX appliance evaporator fan in a refrigerator housing.
Image:PAX Scientific impeller sq 200.jpg
The 6-inch PAX Scientific impeller can mix 4 million gallons of water using only 150 watts.



The PAX Streamlining Principle, discovered by CEO Jay Harman, translates nature’s flow efficiencies into streamlined design geometries. We employ these geometries to significantly improve the performance, output, and energy usage of a wide range of industrial and domestic equipment, including:

• Domestic, commercial, and industrial fans • Automotive and computer cooling systems • Equipment for water treatment and desalination • Industrial mixers and aerators • Biomedical applications • Pumps, turbines, and marine propellers • Hull and fuselage design • Equipment and structures requiring drag and friction reduction


The company has filed about 13 patents, with six issued so far in the fields of impellers and heat sinks, or components that help cool PCs. (Ref.)


"PAX holds numerous US and international patents throughout the industrialized world for its core technologies. To date, patent searches have revealed no “prior art�? or previous designs similar to the PAX geometry. This confirms that our design concept is completely novel. International examiners' reports awarded PAX patents unopposed "A" class ratings, the highest possible."
  • U.S. Patent 6702552 (G.patent; PDF) "Impeller having blade(s) conforming to the golden section of a logarithmic curve" (Issued: March 9, 2004); Inventor: Harman; Jayden David

Jay Harman -- Inventor Profile

As a nature-loving boy in Australia, Jay Harman watched how fish moved through water and how seaweed undulated against the reef when a wave crashed. The shape he noticed was a simple curve that fluidly formed into a spiral. From then on, Harman would see spirals as a common design in nature--in pinecones, whirlpools, a puff of smoke. Now he believes spirals are a key to making a wide array of machines more energy-efficient. (Ref.)

“If fluids always want to follow a particular path, is there a way to design equipment that takes advantage of this fact??

— Jay Harman

In the News



PAX Scientific
1615 Fifth Avenue and "F" Street
San Rafael, CA 94901 USA
T 415-256-9900; F 415-256-9901
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