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Open Energy Laboratories has announced a promising new electric motor and generator technology. It was originally modeled in the best selling motion simulation product in the world. Working Model 2D. It has been analyzed in state of the art magnetics simulations and it currently has a Patent Pending status from the USPTO.

Now it is being evaluated, tested and prototyped all over the world. Follow a build online at * Open Energy Laboratories is currently in the process of developing a licensing agreement that will allow individuals and small companies to develop this new technology. More information will soon be available on this new company.

Official Website

Latest Developments

  • [1] - Expert Prototype Engineer "ClaNZeR" talks about "Okay another Steorn maybe?, official launch date of June 1st 2009. Tempted to replicate this now, as have all the bits here, including magnets on sliders ummmmm. Have emailed them for a Login."

Replication Videos

(4.00 Minutes)

  • CLaNZeRS Open Energy Labs Replication Part (YouTube; June 21, 2009)

(1.23 Minutes)

  • CLaNZeRS Open Energy Labs Replication Part (YouTube; June 24, 2009)

Company Videos

(1.17 Minutes)

  • Animation, promotional video from Open Energy Laboratories, LLC. (YouTube; May 14, 2009)

(2.15 Minutes)

  • Simulation, promotional video from Open Energy Laboratories, LLC that shows the actual WM2D simulation. (YouTube; May 20, 2009)

(1.27 Minutes)

  • Commercial, promotional video from Open Energy Laboratories, LLC entitled "Invent". (YouTube; June 01, 2009)


Abstract of Patent Application Number 61177815
An energy conversion device has a main rotor and at least one permanent magnet in a stator position and one permanent magnet in an armature position and a spring / linear bearing attached to either the stator or armature magnet allowing it to move in a lateral fashion relative to the axis of the rotor and in direct correlation to the radial position of both the stator and armature.
Open Energy Labs, LLC. Anounces the filing of a Provisional Patent for a Method and Apparatus for Exracting Energy from Permanent Magnets Application Number 61177815
The President of Open Energy Labs, Nick DeLand quoted Sir Isaac Newton in saying "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." He went on to add that this new technology is just the tip of the iceberg on what we are about to do at I hope you will find it a place where criticisms are constructive, collaboration is productive, and new ideas emerge.

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Relevant You Tube Videos

(52 Seconds)

  • Skeptic You Tube user broli123 explains some problems with Working Model 2D. (YouTube; May 27, 2009)


Open Energy Laboratories, LLC.
1173 E 7450 S
Sandy, Utah

E-mail: [2]

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