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The New Energy System Trust (NEST), an incubator of exotic free energy technologies, networking to bring inventors, engineers, investors, manufacturers and professional people together to bring these emerging free energy technologies to market.

By "exotic free energy" technology, we mean devices that harness the wheelwork of nature that provides inexhaustible, ubiquitous, and clean energy freely; but the science behind these methods is not yet recognized sufficiently by mainstream academia to be considered possible.

The emergence of these devices can empower the individual, remove our dependence on oil and other polluting energy sources and corrupt political systems, create jobs, and inspire hope for a peaceful, sustainable future in which we can thrive in harmony with the earth.


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Group photo at the Global Breakthrough Energy Conference, October 11, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado. Shot by Steve Elswick of TeslaTech.

Left to right: Mike Waters, Jim Rodney, Ray Jennings, Sterling Allan, Rich Berry, Bedroux, James Schmidt


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  • Featured: Tools >
    How Far Along Are You in Bringing Your Product to Market? - A scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being "Still an idea on paper, but our engineers say it should work;" and 10 being: "Mass Production: More than 10,000 built and in operation;" with the midpoint, 5, being: "Early Beta: More than 5 made and in operation." Input welcome. (PESWiki; June 6, 2015)
  • Featured: Tools > Fundraisers > NEST >
    NEST Announces the Launch of New Crowdfunding Platform - New Energy Systems Trust's new crowdfunding site has finally launched, featuring two excellent projects: Seward's Clean Fusion and Mitchell's Water Fuel Kit. Also cited are examples of past successful campaigns, advantages of crowdfunding, and suggestions for composing good campaigns. (PESN; May 18, 2013)
    • Featured: Nuclear > Fusion > Electron Power Systems >
      Clean Energy Fusion Crowdfunding Campaign - Could inventor Clint Seward's Electron Power Systems home laboratory kick Tokamak's butt? He claims a fusion process using controlled ball lightning via a toroid plasma process he has developed, that could create a home power system that would be 80% cheaper than conventional grid power. (NewEnergyFunding; May 18, 2013)
    • Featured: Water > As Fuel > Hydroxy > Fundraisers >
      "Turn Water Into Fuel" Kit Crowdfunding Campaign - True Green Solutions is looking to fund the development of the second prototype of a "Water Fuel Capacitor©" by Edward Mitchell, who claims his gas has 13-times more energy content than hydroxy gas derived from other electrolysis methods. His device turns water into a monoatomic hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture using a high voltage, high frequency "Exciter Array". There is practically no current flow between the plates with the Electrical Polarization Process. (NewEnergyFunding; May 18, 2013)

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