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Nielson Scientific is developing a commercial method for capturing electrons for energy use. Patented device catches free electrons in a vacuum, where they are redirected to conductors, yielding free electricity.

Ready to go, but needs startup capital.

"Nelson Scientific is a research lab specializing in phenomena related to the field of physics known as Quantum Mechanics. Founded in 1995, Nelson Scientific is presently working to bring its first technology to market. Nelson Scientific is currently focused on technologies based on the the quantum mechanical effect known as vacuum polarization." -




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One of the vacuum chambers used by Nelson Scientific to investigate vacuum polarization.
Source: Nielson Scientific

Electron stream being collected into a magnetic bottle
Source: Nielson Scientific


US 6,465,965; Oct. 15, 2002; Method and system for energy conversion using a screened-free-electron source; Lawrence Nelson

A method and device for providing power to a load are disclosed. A beam of free electrons is directed from a free-electron source, such as an electron gun, into an enclosing conductive surface. The free-electron source includes a cathode, which is maintained at a negative voltage with respect to the enclosing conductive surface. A region around the free-electron source is maintained in a vacuum. The system is configured to switch over a time period between two configurations. In the first configuration, the enclosing conductive surface is isolated from a ground. In the second configuration, the enclosing conductive surface is in electrical communication with the ground. Capacitive energy is discharged from the enclosing conductive surface when in the second configuration with an electrical circuit arrangement and provided to the load.

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Lawrence Nelson does not want to be contacted or publicized unless it is to receive serious funding inquiries. His contact information can be found on his site.


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