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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
March 8, 2010

Argentine inventor, Jose Zapata, claims to have an all-magnet motor that drives a 300-Watt alternator. Like the E.C. motor, it has a starter motor to get it spinning, then the permanent magnet interactions are said to keep it running, turning an alternator which generates the electricity.

In November, Zapata posted a video to YouTube showing the system running, though it does not show the internal workings of the magnet motor, which he is keeping proprietary.

The projected cost to build the unit is around $1 per Watt – several times cheaper than solar.

Jose says he is working on building a larger engine, with three rows of magnets, to achieve 25 HP (~18.5 kW). He also has a request to build a 300 kW unit.

He filed a patent on this in Argentina in 1998. His document shows an award date of 2001. So he's had this for quite some time. Apparently he has had a bad experience in his own country with trying to bring this technology forward. The video states that currently Jose is seeking to market the patented technology, excluding Argentina.

But it hasn't always been so. In 2003, the County Legislature of Zapata's province of La Rioja passed a resolution declaring Zapata's invention of provincial interest. He said several of those deputies saw his system running. Also in 2003, officials from a the National Technical University in La Rioja saw it running and signed a statement to that effect.

He had cannibalized his only working motor (the one shown in the YouTube video) in order to get parts for the higher-output version he is building. I advised him to reassemble the old motor and to order in new parts for the new motor.

Zapata invites inquiries for more information.


Official Websites


July 2011 Demo

  • All-magnet motor inside box turns alternator, powering what appears to be a 2 kW light load. A starter motor is attached to get it running. I'm not sure what the other alternator-looking thing is. (YouTube; June 10, 2011)
  • See story at BeforeItsNews

On June 10, 2011, Sterling D. Allan wrote to Zapata:


  • What is the input versus output power calculated?
  • What is the third attachment by belt that looks like an alternator?
  • What is the net power output?
  • How long has this run continuously in one setting without stopping?
  • When was this video shot?
  • How long have you had this motor assembly?
  • What are your intentions/desires going forward with this? (What assistance are you seeking?)


On June 10, 2011 4:42 PM MST, Jose Zapata wrote: (translated by Google)

Sterling, which I now is sell the technology. Whether a new company, which could be a corporation. I like that instead of spending money on this technology pay me, I'd be a shareholder in this new venture. I'd rather have two eggs in one basket every day and not have a basket full of eggs that can be broken down.

If you have something in mind, comentamelo soon, because I have companies that are interested in purchasing this technology. From Europe, more precisely from Germany. Thanks. ZAPATA

- - - -

Motor Magnético Argentino

  • Motor Magnético desarrollado por el inventor José Zapata en Argentina. En el video se ve su aplicación en un generador eléctrico. Más información en (YouTube; November 15, 2009)
  • Translation: Magnetic motor developed by the inventor Jose Zapata in Argentina. In the video its application in a generator ELT is seen.
  • Claims that the permanent magnets will last ~200 years, far longer than the mechanical components of the system that will require regular maintenance.
  • Says the motor consists of 16 mangets of dimensions 25 x 25 x 50 mm. [1]
  • Says the alternator generates at 12 Volts, 100 Amps. [2] [But the inventor says 12 v x 25 amps, or 300 Watts max]
    • (translated) "This engine when it was filmed, had an automotive alternator of 100 amperes, but was burned by the load imposed on it, (it was a resistor) and I installed one of posterioirmente 35 amps. From there I made the load is 25 amps and quietly resisted."

- - - -

Earlier Magnet Motor by Zapata

  • (YouTube; March 7, 2010)
  • The video basically says that its a magnetic motor that runs without fuel or electricity. It has a 12 Volt battery and he alludes to a meter showing amps going in and amps going out. He further states that the motor has 4 magnets and one electrode. Each magnet, when the rotor reaches their critical point, propels it forward. The last sentences are hard due to the background noise.


Screen grabs from video.

Image:Jose Zapata magnet motor unit 300.jpg

Image:Jose Zapata magnet motor 300.jpg

The 12-V battery is presumably for the starter motor. Its presence requires for any tests of the sytems performance to rule out that the energy production could be from it.

Image:Zapata motor dynamometer-test 2005 400.jpg
An earlier motor (in wooden box?) was tested on a dynamometer in 2005.


Patent # AR015925 A1 / P980103488

Country: Argentina
Submit date: 16-07-1998
Issue(?) date: 30-05-2001 (doesn't seem to appear on the Argentine patent website)

Abstract Translation: "Magentic Motor that is composed of a circular stator with a set of magnets and a rotor that is also circular with magnets which is able to accomplish inertial force due to the amount of revolutions per minute necessary to accomplish specific work. It is characterized by a stator built of aluminum which is cylindrical and elongated, composed of a set of magnets held together by magnet holders located at 90 degree angles and a rotor built of aluminum and a central axis built of stainless steel, mounted on lateral ball bearings which also have a set of magnets but which are located at 120 degree angles of each other, therefore creating a circular force over the rotor, which then can then be used as an effective impulse similar to the force that electric motors or internal combustion possess. It is also characterized by not using any electrical energy or combustion, indeed quite the opposite, the magnetic motor is self propelled, due to the action of the super magnets using them as a source of power to be used as a generator of energy."

Company Profile

list here

Profile: Jose Alberto Zapata

list here

In the News

It would appear that Zapata has gotten involved in hawking some Perendev-like electromagnetic devices; even using some of the same pirated photos that Brady was using. They claim several-kilowatt output, up to 100 kW, without evidence of operability. Be very leery. I warned Zapata about this a few weeks ago, but it appears the my warning went unheeded and he is yet promoting these things. -- Sterling D. Allan (May 2, 2010)

  • Featured: Magnet Motors > Commercial >
    Jose Zapata's Magnet Motor - Last November, Mr. Zapata posted a video of his magnet motor system that received an Argentine patent in 2001 and is open for licensing. A starter motor gets it turning, after which the permanent magnet interactions are said to keep it running, which turns an alternator. (PESWiki; Mar. 8, 2010)


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Jose Zapata

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