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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
March 9, 2012

On March 7, Michael Leas posted three new videos to his moonfther YouTube channel with the following description:

"Exploring the Force" is a video log of experiments that were performed to understand Energy. Magnetism and electricity hold a key position in this universal equation. The Magnevex™ (magnetic vortex) Research Project was developed to learn of this natural patterning of the magnetic field. The Tesla coils seen are used to gain access into the world of high frequency. This "ElectroMagnetic Field" is the uncharted territory of our times. To be continued.......... The Magnevex™ Research Project by Michael Leas © 2012.



Video: Tesla Coil: Dawn of a Tesla Tomorrow

Video: a :Tesla Radiant Charging ©2013

Video: Tesla Radiant Light

Video 1: Telsa conductivity through a plant ©2012

"Nikola Tesla's Electric Universe: A Natural Regenerative Energy Systems"

"Demonstrating the conductivity of electricity through the dirt of a plant."

"Wireless energy is everywhere."

"You just have to learn how to tap the field."

- - - -

Video 2: Tesla Coil Research ©2012 video log

"Tesla Coil Research: The Garage Experiment"

"Tesla's Dream Continues"

- - - -

Video 3: Tesla's Electric Universe ©2012

"Nikola Tesla's Electric Universe: A Natural Regenerative Energy Systems"

"What you are seeing is wireless transmission of energy through mutual induction, and the idea of running an electrical system with a single wire without return as developed by Nikola Tesla."

Note: I find it curious that YouTube's randomly assigned url code for this video is 1S-wrRNeET0 -- Sterling

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  • Featured: Wireless > Electromagnetic > Magnevex >
    Michael Leas of Magnevex: 'Exploring the Force' Series - Michael Leas has posted three new videos showing various of his Tesla wireless transmission coils (with a single wire between them) running in resonance. Some power lights, others power motors, fans. He also demonstrates transmission through the dirt of a plant. (PESWiki; March 9, 2012)

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