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Technologies that use Methane (aka Natural Gas) efficiently or which eliminate it as a greenhouse gas while producing other clean energy sources.



"Methane is the most abundant biofuel on the planet. Fully embracing natural gas for transportation is paving the highway back to hydrogen. We must transition away from the liquid fuel addiction that was bestowed upon us, and CNG is the training ground to get back to hydrogen, the first fuel used in an Internal Combustion Engine in an Automobile. The patent was issued in 1809.
"We can do the natural gas for automobiles. Texas alone flares the amount of natural gas annually that could support a large percentage of the entire transportation fleet of the USA. We do not need to import LNG, which is dangerous and deliberatly rapes the resource form foreign countries to pad the pockets of oil men. The hard part is displacing 20% of the grid electrid with wind. We will need wind, solar and all the renewables to do that." -- Tai Robinson, July 22, 2008


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    A few free energy developments in Romania - A Russian news agency reports on several interesting systems being developed, including an efficient solar water heating design, a composite building materials having strength and a high R value, a magnetic fertilizer, and a system that allegedly loads methane molecules with the vacuum zero point energy increasing the methane’s heating power by 40 percent. (Financiarul; Oct. 30, 2009)
  • Chemists create powdered methane - According to a report in Nature News, Andrew Cooper and his colleagues at the University of Liverpool, UK, have found that they can trap methane in a bizarre material dubbed dry water, a mixture of silica and water that looks and acts like a fine white powder. (Top News; Sept. 4, 2008)

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