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Whoever ends up successfully manufacturing a magnetic motor based on the foundation work of Howard Johnson needs to remember Howard Johnson in their company profit schedule.

— Sterling D. Allan, July 14, 2003



  • (not adequate to build working unit) Howard Johnson's Permanent Magnet Motor Blueprints - Entire set of drawings rendered by Coulter F . Irwin now posted for the first time on the Internet.



  • Magnet Motors > Howard Johnson >
    Bedini Posts Video of Howard Johnson's Devices - John Bedini and Rick Friedrick post a video showing Howard Johnson's linear track magnet train and original magnet motor that John has in his possession, received from HJ years ago. He addresses the video to Mylow to encourage him in his efforts to carry on the work of the late H.J. (YouTube; May 15, 2009)
  • Magnet Motors > Howard Johson >
    Howard Johnson linear magnetic track accelerator video (video) - May 24, 1994 video shows Howard Johnson giving a demonstration of a banana magnet going through a magnetic gate with no apparent repelling force and 12 pound thrusting force, as measured by a scale, and being accelerated through the gate then continuing along the track. (; March 29, 2009)

Video of a Working Homemade Linear Magnetic Motor - I accidentally stumbled upon this three-year-old video today, watched it and realized that the guy has just demonstrated what many people don’t believe or want to believe: that magnetic motors exist, work and can provide useful effects to humanity. (The Green Optimistic; March 14, 2012)

HJ Motor Projects

  • Project: Build Working HJ Magnetic Motor with Off-the-shelf Components - Richard and team are in process of pursuing a means of building the Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor with readily-available items. They plan to publish their plans for the public.
  • Mikell Claims to have Built a Working All Magnetic Motor - stator-armature arrangement description resembles Brady's perendev motor.
  • Tom Bearden's Work Relating to the Howard Johnson Motor - Index of research, overviews, papers, correspondence by Thomas L. Bearden, one of the few people who has a direct relationship with the aged Howard Johnson.
  • Steven Walker HJ Motor Tech. Give-away Project - said he build a working device that ran for 2 months and was going to build 12 others to give away, but then never came through on his promise.
  • FE Historic Reprint > The Permanent Magnet Motor - 32-page paper by Howard R. Johnson and William P. Harrison, Jr. describes how the magnetic motor came to be, what is required to make it work, scientific models to proposing why it works. Includes diagrams, equations, figures, references. 1979.
  • 150 HP Howard Johnson Motor Project - Stan Garman is looking for technological and partner help.
  • "Escape Velocity"-- Improving on Howard Johnson Motor Concepts - comments by "techstuff"
  • Andy Graham - built a nice-looking HJ unit, but unfortunately it does not work.

Howard Johnson Patents

Related Patents

Related Work

Discusses standard physics models for magnet interaction in a rotor-stator configuration. Proposes model in which "vacuum" energy contributes to the mix to overcome net attraction repulsion. 5 pp. including 6 figures.

Magnet Sources

Sourcing Low-cost Magnets for the HJ Magnetic Motor - and other comments by Richard, open-sourcing the plans is best way to ensure success of technology.

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Howard Johnson
1440 Harding Rd.
Blacksburg, VA 24060

(ed., note that this is listed on the 1995 patent)

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