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Directory of low-impact hydroelectric technologies and related resources.

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  • Low Impact Hydropower Institute - The Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to reducing the impacts of hydropower generation through the certification of hydropower projects that have avoided or reduced their environmental impacts pursuant to the Low Impact Hydropower Institute’s criteria.(Renewable Energy Access; Nov. 26, 2004)


  • Venturi System Optimizes Water Flow Harnessing - Patented venturi containment system increases turbine efficiency 3.85 times what the turbine would produce without the system, making this a world leading design. The company is now commencing the commercialization stage, with an expected price that competes with coal in the range of 3.5 to 6 cents per kw-h.
  • Verdant Leads River/Tide Energy Pursuit - Verdant Power is a world leader in commercializing low-impact kinetic hydropower solutions, harnessing the energy from river, tide, and man-made channels. They have two prototype installations presently producing power for customers.
  • Underwater Electric Kite (UEK) - Low impact hydrokinetic turbines harness tide and river flow, without harming aquatic life, requiring no dam or impoundment. Commercial energy generation cost estimated to eventually meet present conventional energy costs.


See also Directory:River Energy

  • Hydro Power Without Reservoir - A new hydro power technology is being developed by Sarfraz Ahmad Khan of Pakistan. In theory these hydro plants would not require a reservoir and would have a minimal impact on the environment. They could be run side-by-side in rows and would be much cheaper to build, operate and maintain. (Alternative Energy News; Apr. 11, 2007)
  • Beck Mickle "low head" micro hydro generator - Scottish inventor, Ian Gilmartin, has invented a mini water wheel capable of supplying enough electricity to power a house from as little as an eight-inch water fall. The contraption is designed to be used in small rivers or streams.
  • Optimset Turbo - Low cost vertical axis underwater turbine with sinkable and floatable blades, and an inlet water flow accelerator, surpasses the efficiencies of other fluid driven turbines. It can be used in low stream velocities, deep or shallow water, unidirectional (river) and bidirectional (tidal) currents. (Thanks Edouard Petrounevitch)

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