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Directory of designs in which magnets are oriented in such a way as to cause acceleration along a linear path. It is sometimes a precursor concept to a magnet motor design in which the loop is closed, resulting in rotation and usable torque.

The question in a linear accelerator is if the net acceleration is greater than the entrance/exit energy, resulting in a net energy gain. The practical question is how to embody the phenomenon in a usable mechanism. It usually is just a physical demonstration of an interesting phenomenon, with no practical value as embodied.




(43 sec)

  • science-magnet accelerator - (YouTube; May 15, 2007)

(55 sec)

  • really long gaussian gun - (YouTube; May 16, 2007)


Gaussian Gun

(4 sec)

  1. Place the neodymium magnets (available at K&J Magnetics) on the track and place four or five ball bearings in a line touching one side of the magnets.
  2. Place one more ball bearing on the opposite side of the magnets, far enough away that it isn’t pulled toward the magnets.
  3. When you are ready to fire it, nudge the single ball bearing so it slowing rolls toward the magnets.
  4. You can also set several of these up in a chain; each one will fire the next with increasing speed.

Gaussian Guns

The Worlds First Real Gauss Rifle

(51 sec)

My Gauss Riffle

(21 sec)

  • My Gauss Riffle - This is a gaussian rifle(a magnetic linear accelerator), and it shoots a ball using nickel balls and 4 neodymium magnets. I'm shooting it at a little target that broke after shooting it . (YouTube; January 12, 2007)


(7 sec)

Narrowing Tracks

  • Magnet Motors > Linear Magnet Accelerators >
    Linear V-Track Nothing More than Spring Action? - At first, this V-track video would seem to illustrate the ability of stationary magnets to perform net gain; but on further testing the system is shown to have a strong gate that is only overcome by a significant gravity-powered drop. (PESWiki; Aug. 30, 2009)

(5 sec)

Tri-Force Gate

Other Prototypes

Roobert33's Mechanical V-Gate Opener

  • Featured: Magnet Motors > V-Gates >
    Mechanical Opener for V-Gate Magnet Motor - A video originally posed by Roobert33 shows a V-gate magnet motor that supposedly is made functional (rotation maintained) by means of a mechanical method for moving the stator magnets in and out of the way of the gate ("re-gauging") so that the gate doesn't become a lock-up point that otherwise would stop the motion of the magnet motor. (PESWiki; November 18 2010)

George Soukup's V-Track

  • Featured: Directory:Magnet Motors >
    George Soukup's V-Track Rotary Magnet Motor - German inventor presents what appears to embody the V-track magnet accelleration model into rotating motion -- something that many have unsuccessfully attempted. What is not clear is whether his model achieves accelleration, or even constant speed. Can it handle a load? (PESWiki; Sept 15, 2008)


(26 sec)

  • Magnetic propulsion technology demo - Toy vehicle is propelled by a traveling magnetic field - with no mechanical slots or guides. The field provides lateral control as well as propulsion. Patent-pending motion control technology. (YouTube; May 28, 2006)

(6 min 49 sec)

  • New Energy Invention - Magnetic Motor - "This video clip shows how a freestanding device can be built to generate power using nothing but natural magnetic forces, using only magnets, two plastic strips, and securing components. This is only a proof of concept video. There are many variables to be worked out, but the potential is clearly demonstrated." (Google Video; Mar 26, 2008)


(1 min 9 sec)

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