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Les Kraut demonstrates his 3' replica of John Bedini's Ferris Wheel circuit.
Les Kraut demonstrates his 3' replica of John Bedini's Ferris Wheel circuit.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
May 28, 2011

This is a directory page regarding the work of Les Kraut, a test engineer by training, who has replicated and experimented with many of John Bedini's circuits; including the Ferris Wheel, Bedini SG, SSG, Window Motor; as well as other technologies, such as the GEET. In high school, he experimented with crystals for generating energy.

More recently he replicated Steven E. Jones' circuit that shows evidence of 8x overunity, producing just under a Watt. [1] They are in process of characterizing, optimizing, and devising a method for self-looping and scaling it up.

On May 16, 2011, I went to meet with Les and Steven to shoot some video footage of what they have going.



Bedini's Ferris Wheel replication

Les did not have the exact schematics from John Bedini about how to build this, so he did some guessing. Though it looks simple, Les said that this is one of the most complex systems he's ever experimented with, and he is hopeful that he will be able to get to a point of achieving significant overunity. As of now, he has not achieved overunity yet on this system.

Quoting from Les

The little unit is a tri-filer SSG or Master/Slave circuit.

The Window motor which was not here as I am having the rotor redone but it has the same circuit as the Ferris wheel. Here is some info on it.

Here is the place where Bedini gives the numbers on the G-field showing over unity. Scroll down a little and you will be surprised at what you see.

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Earth Battery explained

The Crystal battery or earth light/earth battery

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Third winding concept explained

  • Soft iron wire, insulated, wound with two strands of regular magnet wire. (YouTube; May 27, 2011)

Here is the circuit and basic info:

This site also has the Watson machine and G-field etc.

Ice Cold battery in August

  • Les Kraut describe his first experience with "negentropy" or "cold electricity" in which rather than a system getting hot when it runs, it gets cold, because rather than dissipating energy, the energy is being harvested into the system. Apologies for the video abruptly ending as it ran out of charge. Les went on to say that the other batter that had been charged this way actually exploded, as it had continued to pull energy, even after it had been disconnected. (YouTube; May 27, 2011)

Brief Autobiography

On May 30, 2011, Les wrote:

After [high] school I worked for WICAT systems out of Provo Utah for a long time, designing test beds and programs using bed of nails testers such as Zentel. I then worked for some other companies such as Garrett Turbine engine in Arizona. Eventually ending up at Autometer In Ephraim.

When AutoMeter sold and was moved overseas I went to Albuquerque looking for work but I was unsuccessful. My wife loved our little home here so we returned to scratch out a living as we can. And in the process, she wanted me to pursue some of my long abated interests, particularly some work I had done with magnets. I felt something of more value would be to increase the efficiency of the car. So I followed ZeroFosselFuel for a while and was even able to get a 3000 watt generator running on HHO. [2]

I quickly realized I had to look at a better way of either producing the HHO, or more efficiently generating the power needed to produce HHO.

I honestly have no Idea how I stumbled onto the bedini stuff. But after a short time I ran into Rick's yahoo group called the Monopole_3. I followed the designs as accurately as I could with the information available at the time. I spent several months testing the charging process and reported all my results to the group. At the end of the testing I was advanced to the Monopole_2 and eventually the Monopole. All this taught me a great deal but I was missing something I needed. So I then went to the first posts of all three groups and scanned the comments specifically by John Bedini, and copied those to a file for reading later. I then did this with every thread I could find on the Internet where John bedini had posted. The old SG group was a fruitful supply. And over the last three months I stopped chasing rabbits on all the groups and pursued a study of those specific comments I saved that I felt were significant. With the filtering done, I began an in depth study for several months of just this material -- and the books from Tom Bearden.

I found some important things.

  1. Anyone wanting to learn about this thing called free energy, overunity, radiant, or energy from the vacuum, etc. etc. should find any particular device that rings a chord inside, then only pursue that specific device to it's end. There are so many ways to do this that the device is only a tool of education.
  2. Do your homework!
  3. Build as close as you can to the original inventor, and stick as closely as you can to the comments of the inventor and see where that will take you.
  4. Re-organise your scepticism. It is valuable, but only in the right place at the right time.

Use your scepticism while looking for your project. Try not to be misled by the many false and misleading devices. Try to sceptically look at what may or may not work based on what knowledge you have. But then once you have made your choice follow it with faith.

Look at it as though it will work, as though you know it will work! but you just need that missing piece of information. Then when you think you have something, Bring in the sceptic and see if you can find any flaws in your own work. Analyse what you have learned positive or negative. But be honest with yourself. If your project is not going to do what you wanted, use the knowledge you gained to go back and choose another.

Each time I have done this I have been able to filter out many...many devices that might have wasted my time.

Crystal Battery / Generator

  • Les Kraut's Instructions for a Crystal Battery (Generator): Just Add Water - Simply put, you make a small copper container, insert a rod of magnesium and fill the space between the magnesium and copper with a solution of Borax, which forms a crystalline matrix. Connect the magnesium and copper to a simple joule thief circuit, and as long as the crystal solution is hydrated, it produces a small amount of electricity. (Free Energy Blog; February 25, 2014)

In the News

  • Prolonging Battery Life to Make Solar More Plausible - The Earthship lets us begin with a very small system by comparison... If you charge and discharge a battery at the same time you destroy it. This circuit separates the battery while loaded. (Free Energy Blog; February 19, 2014)
  • Featured / OS: Electromagnetic > John Bedini >
    Les Kraut replicates Bedini Ferris Wheel and other exotic circuits - We've created a directory page featuring the work of Les Kraut, a test engineer by training, who has replicated and experimented with many of John Bedini's circuits; including the Ferris Wheel, Bedini SG, SSG, Window Motor; as well as other technologies, such as the GEET; and most Steven E. Jones' 8x overunity Joule Thief modified circuit. (PESWiki; May 28, 2011)


Les Kraut prefers to be contacted through the private message function. Send to Les_k

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