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Directory page regarding free energy researcher, Ken Shoulders.

In the News

  • Ken Shoulders archive is up and tested - Jerry Decker over at Keelynet did a great job of making a Ken Shoulders web site which has all of the pdf files as well as photos and videos. (Free Energy Blog; December 9, 2013)
  • Cold Fusion / Magazines > Infinite Energy Magazine >
    Infinite Energy: Issue 111: The New Fire Generation - Cold Fusion at NI Week 2013 • ICCF18 • Pam Boss Receives Preparata Medal • Dr. John O’M. Bockris (1923 - 2013) on Modern Electrochemistry and the Start of Cold Fusion • The Molten Salt Reactor: Nuclear Energy Without Fear? • Appearance of Barium in Lithium-Iodine Plasma • Ken Shoulders • Ed Storms Honored at ICCF18 • Neutron Exchange: LENR for Cold Fusion (September/October 2013)
  • Electromagnetic / Anti-Gravity > Ken Shoulders
    Ken Shoulders rushed to hospital, being ravaged by cancer - John Hutchison wrote: "Nancy and I visited Ken Shoulders again yesterday [in the] San Francisco area. It is very bad, his condition. Cancer is taking him fast. Today he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, as Nancy phone Claire today. ...At this point in time, the only hope is getting Ken to Dr. Julian Whitaker Institute; and of course, it's up to Ken. (PureEnergyBlog; May 31, 2013)
  • Anti-Gravity > Ken Shoulders / Hutchison > Effect >
    John Hutchison interviews Ken Shoulders, September 2010 - Ken Shoulders, father of MicroElectronics, grants a RARE interview and discusses his current work: EVOs (exotic vacuum objects), the Hutchison Effect, anti-gravity, frontier science and errors in Cold Fusion. [The Hutchison Effect (EVOs) may be able to eliminate the nuclear contamination from Fukushima.] (YouTube ; May 25, 2011)
  • Electromagnetic >
    Ken Shoulders on Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs) - Electronics pioneer, Ken Shoulders' new paper “Primordial Substance” refers to EVOs — Exotic Vacuum Objects: yet another name for a new electronic effect that’s also been called Electromagnetic Vortex or Electrum Validum and “charge cluster”. EVOs are considered by the author to be composed of myriad electromagnetic wavelets instead of conventional particles such as electrons. (Changing Power; March 26, 2011)

Other Coverage

  • Charge Clusters: The Work of Ken Shoulders by William Zebuhr Charge Clusters: The Work of Ken Shoulders William Zebuhr. Our cover article in this issue is about charge clusters, which are compact groups of electrons. ... (Infinite Energy; May/June 2005)
  • Ken Shoulders on extracting Space Energy - ... I sent Ken a note and he sent back the following to share with the list; Energy by Ken Shoulders I have slowly come to a view about the ... (ZPEnergy; February 09, 2005)

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