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Top of Joe Cell Pack.
Top of Joe Cell Pack.

A Joe Cell is an "electrolysis cell" built with concentric stainless steel pipes. This is an index of research and development and functioning devices that utilize Joe Cell|Joe Cell technology.


What is a Joe Cell?

A Joe Cell is an electrolysis cell built with concentric stainless steel pipes. In one configuration, the pipes have diameters of 1, 2, 3, and 4 inches. Sometimes a five-inch pipe is also included. Different theories hold that the cylinders should be between 4" and 10" long. There are many theories of how the cell works. Among those who believe in Orgone energy, the Joe Cell is believed to be an Orgone Accumulator.

An operating cell progresses through a series of stages, the first of which is simple electrolysis, the second is referred to as the seeding stage, in which the cell builds up a charge in the water, which eventually reaches a point where the cell will run an engine. There are higher stages that supposedly can be achieved. For example, in stage 4 the cell is said to exhibit antigravity effects that reduce the weight of the vehicle in which the cell is installed.

Once the water in the cell is sufficiently "charged," the cell can continue to operate with no external source of electric power.

In one report [1], the cell is said to generate a gas that energetically implodes when ignited. The tube that conveys this gas away from the cell is connected to a blind fitting or blank plug on the housing of the vehicle's carburetor. This means that there is no physical opening through this fitting into the interior of the carburetor or the interior of the intake manifold. The author believed that the mysterious gas must therefore possess the ability to pass THROUGH the metal of the carburetor housing to reach the interior of the engine. The author did not address the obvious question of why much of the gas does not escape through the walls of the tube before it even reaches the carburetor.

Another report says that the cell should be connected via an aluminum tube to a location on the engine block close to a water passage. It will then "charge" the engine's coolant water. The charged water is then believed to somehow provide the energy to run the engine.

A conventional gasoline-powered vehicle experiences explosions inside its engine, but a Joe cell-powered vehicle experiences implosions. Therefore the timing must be significantly advanced so the spark occurs during the compression stroke. A running engine will get cold rather than hot. An engine powered by a well-made Joe cell can be idled down to 1 or 2 rpm, and could easily accelerate to 18,000 rpm if the valvetrain, pistons and rods were able to withstand the stresses. Joe cells are notorious for messing up a car's electronic systems, so it is a bad idea to couple a cell with an electronically fuel-injected engine.


Small test cell for filling balloons, and demonstration, or as Peter states maybe run a mower on it.
Small test cell for filling balloons, and demonstration, or as Peter states maybe run a mower on it.

The following statements are attributed to "Joe" himself [2].

  • The water in the cell is not consumed.
  • The cell runs cold to the touch.
  • It takes a period of time before the engine will run from the cell. It then has an erratic power output and works in an intermittent fashion.
  • When the cell is removed from the car, the engine takes an appreciable time to return to "normal" and run from the original fuel.
  • If the cell is left in the car for a long period, the engine becomes "charged". From this point, the cell is not required for the motor to run.
  • All spark plug leads can be removed and the engine will still run as long as the ignition coil and distributor remain functional.
  • The output of the cell does not have to be connected to the internals of the engine. A close external coupling will do.
  • The cell requires the "charging" of the water to work.
  • The cell requires a specific style of construction, little understood by most constructors.
  • The source of power for the cell and its use has great value for some individuals. These individuals are creating misinformation, cloaking operations and inducing fear in cell constructors.
  • Human presence can affect the operation of the cell in a positive or negative way.



PES Network Articles

  • Featured: Joe Cell >
    A Joe Cell's Unit Charge - "I determined that as a Joe cell is being charged in its normal charge cycle, and while low level electrolysis is taking place; the cell develops a voltage that has never before been addressed. I refer to this voltage as unit charge. Unit charge can be in the hundreds or even thousands of volts." (PESN; May 19, 2012)
    • Featured: Joe Cell >
      Update Concerning a Joe Cell's Unit Charge - Using his Joe Cell electrolysis apparatus, electronics professor, James Goss, said he has been able to achieve a charge value between 3,000 and 12,000 volts when supplied with a 12 volt input. He also achieved a similar voltage on the chassis and engine block of a vehicle when insulate from ground. (PESN; July 2, 2012)
  • Joe Cell Truck Builder Threatened, Destroys Plans - After announcing that he had successfully built a truck that runs on Joe Cell technology, drawing energy from water and Orgone, Bill Williams said he was approached by two men who requested that he stop his research, threatening him with dire consequences if he didn't. Others are keeping it alive. (PESN; Apr. 13, 2006)
  • Shocker Bottle -- Arc from Water - Arc comes off the top of the magnetic water (distilled); evidence at your fingertips of aetheric science not accounted for by present models of physics. (PESN; [Feb. 3, 2004])
  • Joe's Energy Cell - Technology review by New Energy Congress member, Gary Vesperman.

Other Articles

Open Source

  • Open source 100 MPG hydroxy project - "Here is the link to my crowdfunding webpage: The goal is to build a 100MPG car with hydrogen on demand, and a new way of using concentric tubes (aka joe cell). The car will have a stand alone ECU, that will allow mixture to be tuned very lean." (Free Energy Blog; March 24, 2014)


  • Featured: Joe Cells >
    The Story of the Joe Cell (Documentary) - It includes some entertaining cartoons to illustrate the narrative. In addition to a lot of footage featuring humble Joe, it also features interviews with Dan Winters; replicator, Peter Stevens; Noah Yamore, co-founder of Byron New Energy Group; and skeptic, Dr. Ariel Liebman, Quantum Physicist from the University of Qeensland, Australia. (PureEnergyBlog; March 27, 2013)


has produced a video, he called it 3 Stages, it consists of charging a cell from simple electrolysis to the seeding of a cell and through to a real live breeding cell. The video runs for 23 minutes and is a (Must Have) for the Joe cell experimenters, this video can be downloaded from these links. Watch online

IPCtec research lab video collection @ youtube - PLEASE ADD US AS FRIEND ;o)



  • The Orgone Accumulator Handbook - 1999 book by James DeMeo teaches hot how to concentrate and work with orgone (life) energy using simple, readily available materials. Includes construction plans, experimental use, and protection regimens against toxic energy. [7]
  • Dead Men's Secrets - A book first published 1988, Written by a Christian archaeologist and author, Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally. He brings to our attention evidence of their advanced technology and the distinct simularity between the ancient legends and myths between different cicilizations. In regards to Orgone: In book he talks of uncoverering large scale energy accumulators, around the world - the evidence pointing to the ancients trying to reconstruct the energy network that existed before the flood. "There is overwhelming evidence for the reality of these forces, only rediscovered in modern times by Wilhelm Reich.". Although I personally have ruled out Orgone as the source of the cell's energy, I still beleive the book is a great read. Book available as a purchase in online form or Hardcover.

Replication Projects

  • Featured / OS: Joe Cell / Fuel_Efficiency > H Boost >
    The Moe-Joe Spherical Joe Cell - Moshe Daniel, inventor/designer of the Moe-Joe Cell, has placed his project here at PESWiki, sharing some of the special features of the Moe-Joe cell and how it is an improvement over the cylindrical-type cells in the Joe Cell technology world. (PESWiki; April 4, 2009)
  • Bill Williams' Joe Cell - In the first part of April, 2006, Bill Williams told a discussion list that he successfully tested a device known as the Joe Cell. It allegedly feeds off Orgone energy and uses electrically charged water as the "gate" or medium through which the aetheral energy is drawn from the surroundings and transferred to the automobile engine. He was in process of disclosing how he accomplished this when confronted on April 11 by two unidentified individuals who told him to cease all of his alternative energy work or there would be dire consequences. Williams complied, but others involved are doing all they can to make sure the information is republished and replicated widely.
  • How to Run Your Vehicle on a Joe Cell - Joe Cell Stretches the Believability Envelope with Working Replications. Explanation of the highly unusual technology and some of the astonishing claims surrounding it. This fuelless technology could make gasoline and diesel obsolete, while not requiring a change of the engine infrastructure now in existence. (PESN; Apr. 16, 2006)
  • Joe Cell construction in germany - Joe Cell is a phenomenon that need to a lot more research. The are no serious german sites, no real researcher. IPCtec research labs releases all test rows, research news for the community, we believe that the future of mankind depends on technologys like the JoeCell. We´re start in Sep. 2006 to build a joecel prototype.


About Joe

Joe.  June 2006.
Joe. June 2006.
  • Joe and Peter video (1.5 hours) - The video begins with Peter showing the test engine to which he will be adding a cell soon. Joe and Phil play with a Suzuki without positive on the coil. A discussion on the cell from Joe's perspective. (Video by Peter Stevens; June, 2006)

Other Joe Cell Applications


  • Anti-gravity? Ford F10 lifted off the ground. (Apr 19, 2006) "I have been told that in some cases a vehicle can levitate." -- John Carter (Apr 19, 2006) [8] [9] [10]


Mailing Lists & Forums

  • Joe Cell Free Energy Device Yahoogroups - join this forum "and start by reading Alex Schiffers book to get a basic understanding. We've made considerable progress in the last couple years in removing a lot of the cell mystique, and now most anybody can get a cell working to at least boost gas mileage." -- Bernie, May 10, 2011

Related Technologies

  • Kenarev's Electrolysis: A Joe Cell Variant with Patents - Introduction and index of works by Professor Kanarev, includes five patents, several books about how water can be the main power carrier of future power engineering. Some processes described resemble those being attributed to the Joe cell.

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