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Jim Boswell of Fresno, California, USA claims to have some free energy technologies, none of which have yet been validated that we know of.

One line of products, the residential and commercial Boswell Power Production units, are claimed to produce essentially continuous, clean power output -- enough to power a home or a business, and are priced in a range that they will pay for themselves within 1-2 years.

He also claimes to have invented a fuelless vehicle motor which a huge power-to-weight ratio at a very low cost.

Another product he says is presently available is a hybrid wind/solar streetlight.

He does not yet have a company website for any of these products.


Brief Bio

Quoting from PESN

Ten years ago, while working as a lineman, Jim Boswell had a very serious accident. He was electrocuted with 16,000 volts, and fell to the ground, breaking his neck and femur, along with other bones. He had to actually "rewire" his brain, as he puts it, in order to think, using parts of his brain that he didn't use before.

His family and friends call his recovery "miraculous." While they say his personality hasn't changed, some of his cognitive abilities are very different. He used to have a hard time drawing something as simple as a stick figure, but now he is able to draw fairly complex diagrams.

This wind turbine that doesn't need the wind isn't the only invention he's come up with. We're talking to him about another design that is even more amazing -- more compact, more output -- which we hope he'll agree to quasi open-source. As if the above technology isn't enough, that one could totally change the landscape of energy and economics, with enough power to run a 400 HP pick-up truck, requiring no fuel, while costing less than $500 in parts, and being relatively simple to build. I did the math on that, and 400 HP is roughly equivalent to 300,000 Watts, enough to run 100 households at 3,000 Watts continuously.

Boswell's streetlights line a street in fog at approximately 3 a.m. in China. Jim also has a hybrid wind/solar technology for powering streetlights and parking lot lights, which he says could save the city of Fresno $40 million annually (including savings from copper wire thefts), or the state of California $80 billion annually, or the U.S. $800 billion annually -- nearly the amount of the recent stimulus package.

Jim has been running his own home on the B800 device for several months and has been earning credits from Pacific Gas & Electric, which he cashes in with a local restaurant who wants the credits. Jim's home has the typical appliances including a big screen TV, plus a Jacuzzi. He said that the neighbors sometimes comment something to the effect that the wind must be much stronger up above his house because his blades are spinning while there is no apparent wind on the ground. One more observant neighbor asked about the system and now has one installed on his home.

While these technologies appear far advanced from anything available today otherwise, Jim believes in the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) principle.

In the extracurricular realm, Jim is a pillar in his community, having won the National Jefferson Award in 2007 in D.C. for a non-profit he founded for disabled children.

In 2008, Jim ran for Mayor of Fresno.

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