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Jan P Cack's PM Motor

Theoretical design has not yet been tested. Animation show that rotating stator magnets appear to maintain a positive attraction-repulsion relationship.

Message from Jan P Cack

Jan P Cack (jan_p_cack{at}yahoo{dot}com)
March 10, 2005 wrote:

Hi. first let me start by saying at this point this is a "concept design" only. There has not been a model made yet. This is in the hands of many people and the opinions vary greatly. I enjoy hearing all opinions good or bad, as this is a rough design and many refinements need to be made.

Here is a link to the pictures

and here is an animation that was done


This design was only realized Feb 11,2005. I am a drywaller. I 100% beleive this works. I plan on building this myself but thought everyone excited may want to start building/designing there own "version". The concept is solid at any scale. Many variables, like magnet size, strength, Distance between. I can share drawings, limited formats.( ACAD2000 ) You can recreate my drawings easily. If you have a good drawing program. E-mail me with format you can take and I will try to accomodate.I do not save your addresses so I won't know if I replied to you before. Sorry, if this seems long, drawn out, and personal. I didn't know what I was gonna do with this and it just poured out of me. I tried to make it amusing and reading it won't take too long, I promise.

Let me know what you think.

As you are observing my personal “thoughts? and “beliefs?, please keep in mind that some of it was very “painful? for me to put into words. I type using the “two finger method? and any time you spend with me is greatly appreciated, and makes “my pain? bearable. Typing Classes would have made this much easier.

I am just a normal person, an average, middle-aged American male. My mother, unfortunately, had become deceased before my second Son was born to me. This was an accident and I feel no anger because of it, only great sorrow. My younger Brother, by his own hand, became deceased just recently. We did not have a chance to share our Family’s Love. This, also, brings me great sorrow. It makes me just a little angry too, at times. What I do, I do in devoted, loving, memory to them. But this is dedicated, with loving hope, to the World.

I hope you like it. I promise any and all of this information I present to you is not meant to harm you, your Family or your computer in any way. I do, honestly, believe I have found an answer to “Perpetual Energy?. This I can reveal to you in a very simple way. I like things as simple as possible. I am not looking for any monetary gain or recognition for this in any way. I believe this information belongs to the World equally. I came by 100% of this information through my own research and creatively applying common knowledge. I believe it is possible a form of this “Perpetual Energy? may already exist. I searched very hard and could not find it. I do not feel any of this information has been “stolen? in any way. Most of it is plain common sense. It is presented in such a way that anybody, who has held a pair of magnet in their hands, can understand. All I ask is to open your mind to my Perspective, and PLEASE SHARE all of this information Everyone around the Globe deserves a chance to read this and form his or her own opinion. THANK YOU

Sincerely, Jan P. Cack.

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