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Currently a California resident, Jim Rodney is originally from the east coast. As a child he was consumed with artistic inclinations, science fiction stories and an intense fascination with magnets, motors, gyroscopes and static electricity. He created volumes of drawings of strange machines, futuristic vehicles and weird devices. Years later, after graduating from prep school and spending a year at Stetson University as a science major, he dropped out of college and began to interface with a talented group of visual artists and creatives. Deeply influenced by this group, he entered art programs at Washington College and the University of Delaware, ultimately receiving a B.A in Art with departmental honors.

Jim’s abiding interest in science and technology remained and eventually led him into the information technology field, where he held a variety of computer technical positions, including IT Operations Manager at the Maryland campus of The Aspen Institute. During this time he began to combine his art background and computer technical acumen into a refined, digitally based art form, providing digital art, graphic design, photographic and website services to numerous commercial and private clients. This in turn led into 3D modeling, industrial design and invention. He created numerous innovative product concepts, one of which was granted two US patents and garnered keen commercial interest from variety of companies including Sharper Image, Wal-Mart, Sears, HSN, and Solutions.

In 2005, Jim moved to the west coast and established James Rodney Creative in Grass Valley, California, where he currently works with a variety of digital media, incorporating 3D modeling, CAD, technical illustration and photography. He refers to his primary methodology as visual design engineering, whereby detailed conceptual 3D models are constructed and compiled to illustrate the look and define the function of future devices and products, before any physical parts or prototypes have been created.

In 2012 Jim joined the NEST group as graphic artist/ benefactor and works with them weekly to assist in their mission of bringing exotic free energy technologies into the marketplace. Jim’s stays abreast of developments in the exotic energy realm and his continuing interest in the evolution of those technologies continues to grow.


Official Websites

  • BEHANCE: http:/​/​www.​behance.​net/​JRODNEY
  • LINKEDIN: http:/​/​www.​linkedin.​com/​pub/​jim-​rodney/​5/​552/​884
  • MESMERHYTHM (music):

Graphics Work for the World of Exotic Free Energy

Jim created one of the most frequently seen images related to Andrea Rossi's proposed 5 kW E-Cat unit.

- - - -

Jim did the logo for the New Energy Systems Trust, where he sits as a benefactor.

- - - -

Jim both replicated and did the artwork for OS:Stephen Dickens Magnesium-Water-Copper Battery


- - - -

Jim did this image for my write-up at


- - - -

Jim did this image for the Q-Mo-Gen directory page. Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over


- - - -

Jim did the image for Classifieds: Inventor Seeks Best Method to Harness Short Stroke Linear Power


- - - -

And for OS:Motor-Alternator Self-Looped System by Joe Tomicki


- - - -

Jim did this image for the Directory:Oil page on May 16, 2013:


Experimental Work

  • Featured: Magnetism >
    Leedskalnin's "Perpetual Motion Holder" (PMH) Bond Effect - In a super-simple variant of Edward Leedskalnin's device, two blocks of flat steel with a small channel between them, just large enough to run an 18-gauge, insulated wire through, become bonded to each other when a current from a car battery is very briefly run through the wire. (PESWiki; February 11, 2013)

- - - -


  • Featured / DIY: Water / Batteries >
    Dicken's Magnesium-Water-Copper Battery - Stephen Dickens' H2O Battery/Generator using Mg and Cu Electrodes with Foam Insulator is a lot bigger than an AA, but is cheap and easy to build. Though probably not unique, it is noteworthy given its simplicity. A kindergartener could build this and afford to buy the parts needed. (PESWiki; December 24, 2014)



James Rodney
PO Box 3515
United States

Daytime phone 530-264-6234
Fax number 530-402-4765

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