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Tools for individuals involved in the financing of renewable energy technologies. Relevant to 'free energy' and other alternative energy technologies.


Investment Resources


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    The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide - Coming up with a brilliant clean energy technology is only part of the process. There is a lot involved in taking it the distance to the market where it can benefit humanity. This book is a great resource for guiding you through these steps so that you don't become the biggest impediment to the progress of your technology.


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    Renewables Investment Breaks Records - Global investment in renewable power and fuels set a new record in 2010, according to a new analysis commissioned by UNEP's Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Investment hit $211 billion last year, up 32 percent from a revised $160 billion in 2009, and nearly five and a half times the figure achieved as recently as 2004. (RenewableEnergyWorld; August 29, 2011)


  • Alternative energy index launched - Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. announced Friday the launch of the Next-Generation Energy Index, comprised of 30 small- and mid-cap U.S.-listed companies leading in the development and commercialization of fuel cells, solar power, alternative fuels, energy storage and other supporting technologies. (PESN; May 7, 2006)


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    Investment trends for alternative energy funds - Investment trends for alternative energy funds and information resources about renewable energy technologies for the betterment of earth. The purpose of this site is to provide information the use of alternative energy resources to help keep a green earth. (; Oct. 2010)
  • Financial Resources >
    Profiting from the alternative energy revolution - An AltProfits report states that the energy industry constitutes almost 13% of the total world GDP of $ 55 trillion (2007 data, source: CIA); that investment in renewable energy is growing at nearly double every two years; and that we are reaching a tipping point where renewable energy sources will start becoming cost competitive with fossil fuel sources.
  • OptiENERGY - "Designs, develops, builds and operates the largest solar power plants in the sunny Balkans."
  • Greentech Investor - Investor Ideas owns several green investor portals within including Renewable Energy Stocks and provides investors with stock news, exclusive articles and financial columnists, audio interviews, investor conferences, Blogs, and a directory of stocks.
  • Capital Max, Inc - An investment advisor for investment in renewable technologies with low risk (nothing close to what we typically discuss here). Works with clients who have minimum liquid assets of $500,000. Is working on opening a U.S. Renewable Energy fund.
  • - Was one of the first online investor resources providing in-depth information on renewable energy, environment and water investing! Green companies are encouraged to submit content.
  • - is a global investor and industry research portal for the environmental and socially responsible investing sector. The website does not make stock recommendations but features industry and stock news, exclusive articles and financial columnists, audio interviews, investor conferences, blogs, and a directory of stocks in the sector.
  • Venture Capital Funds Investing in New Energy - A listing of most VC’s and angel groups that are investing in alternative energy. At the last big VC conference (Summer 2006), about 18% of funds said they were looking into alternate energy.
  • Yahoo! Finance - The best place to go to learn about publicly traded U.S. companies. Entering the stock symbol into the search box pulls up a dynamic page about the company, recent news, SEC filings, stock performance, etc.
  • New Energy Partners - Investing in environmentally clean and low cost technologies that could revolutionize the entire energy industry.
  • - provides a variety of research and consulting services focused on clean technology; to help companies and investors understand and profit from the clean-tech revolution; to catalyze the development of clean-tech companies.
  • - Comprehensive web resource for investing in alternative energy, renewable energy and clean technology. Provides stock charts and analysis of publicly traded companies, as well as a "paper portfolio" of alternative energy stocks.

Attorneys - Investment Fraud Attorney; The law firm of David P. Meyer & Associates is a boutique firm devoted solely to investor claims and class action lawsuits. Select an investment fraud attorney with Martindale-Hubbell's highest possible rating, the AV Preeminent Rating.


  • Chava Energy / Investment Resources >
    Modern Alchemists Struggle to Turn Ideas into Gold [Hit piece] - The lure of private placements is often tied to pie-in-the-sky promises of getting in on the ground floor of the next big thing. The risk-reward scenario can be as curious as the technology itself. It might sound attractive and marketable, but it could take a long time to develop and even longer to show any kind of returns. (The Atlantic; October 7, 2012)


  • Tax Credits Available to Energy Investors - Energy tax credits could provide the necessary incentive for investors to invest in preferred energy. These credits, however, are not freely granted to every type of project or even every type of investor. This 8-page PDF by David Cook of Autry, Horton & Cole, helps to navigate through this sometimes-challenging issue. (PennNet; July 15, 2008)

Buyer Beware


  • Report: Global clean-energy investment falls 53% - The steep drop-off shows the global economy's continued deterioration despite a fresh emphasis on curbing pollution and promoting cleaner energy such as wind farms, solar parks and biofuels plants. (MIT Technology Review; April 02, 2009)
  • Investment Resources / Fuelwatch Worldwide >
    Energy Message for Investors - With oil prices headed for a $1.00/gallon on gasoline and possibly below, investors might think that alternative energy investments are a sucker bet. Rest assured nothing could be farther from the truth. (PESN; Dec. 11, 2008)
  • Featured: Investment Resources >
    Hope for Renewable Energy During Market Turmoil - Maverick technologies financing expert, Len Hartkemeier, has a positive outlook for renewable energy, despite the present market turmoil. Fueled by the oil-backlash-assisted green momentum, the sector has reached escape velocity. (PESN; Nov. 5, 2008)
  • Only Greentech Can Save U.S. Economy, Says Über-Investor - Ultra-rich American, Michael Novogratz, president of the Fortress Investment Group, said we need another wealth-generating economic bubble. And that, must come -- can only come -- from new energy sources and green technology. (Wired; May 09, 2008)(Thanks Tedd St. Rain)
  • Wall Street Sees the Green in Going Green - Wall Street gathers June 22-23 at the largest U.S. finance forum dedicated to reviewing investment in the growing renewable energy sector. Last year, investors put more than $48 billion worldwide into clean energy companies and projects such as wind farms and ethanol plants. (Renewable Energy Access; June 19)
  • Venture Capitalists Hot On Energy - The last six months has seen a spike in venture activity, with more energy companies presenting business plans to investors and more high-priced deals being done. Four solar-energy companies attracted a stunning $60 million this past summer. (CBS; Oct. 5, 2005)

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