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Featuring highly efficient and cost-effective inverter technologies.



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    Micro-Inverters make solar modular - Enphase Micro-Inverters turn solar panels into modular systems, increasing the energy harvest by 13 to 15 percent. The system includes the micro-inverter, embedded powerline communications and Enlighten — a web-based performance monitoring and analysis tool. (PESWiki; Sept. 22, 2008)
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    Satcon Introduces 1 Megawatt Photovoltaic Inverter - Satcon (NASDAQ CM: SATC), a leading provider of utility scale distributed power solutions for the renewable energy market, announced that they are taking orders for their PowerGate™Plus 1 megawatt (MW) commercial PV inverter system, designed with advanced features for large scale utility installations. (BusinessWire; Sept, 3, 2008)
  • SmartSpark Energy Systems - SmartSpark SolarBridge increases the reliability of the inverter which converts DC power generated by solar panels to AC power for home consumption. It has the potential to reduce the cost and increase the reliability and output of solar installations. (Renewable Energy Access; Oct. 15, 2007)
  • Grid-Friendly Power Converter for Wind Turbines - Northern Power's new power converters are grid-friendly, effectively managing the variable power output of wind turbines, capturing partial power and lower wind speeds, with minimum disruption to the grid system. They use 40% fewer power transistors and 50% fewer capacitors while yielding higher performance and reliability. (Renewable Energy Access; Mar. 5, 2007)
  • Renergy Inc. - Renergy Inc. has been devoted itself in developing premium renewable energy products, especially in solar and wind grid tie inverter in past few years. Located in Taiwan, we have very strong R&D backup which originates from worldwide No. 2 famous/ largest UPS manufacturer and thus enable us to develop innovative product at the right time to meet the demands in the renewable energy market.
  • New inverter advances solar industry - 1-Solar won the Renewables Award at the 2007 California Clean Tech Open for its breakthrough inverter technology that doubles or triples the life of current inverters yet costs 25% to 50% less. It uses less than half the components of traditional systems and weighs 20 to 30 pounds instead of traditional inverters' 100 to 150 pounds. (North Bay Business Journal; Nov. 12, 2007)


Sustainable Energy Technologies of Calgary


  • Cheaper and smaller inverters for solar panels - Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, has come up with inverters for solar panels which can be plugged into standard electricity sockets, enabling people to generate their own power economically at home. (PhysOrg; Mar. 29, 2006)


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