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Index of hydrogen technologies, including hydrogen generation as well as hydrogen use as fuel. Hydrogen companies and research and development groups for the production, transport, and usage of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier.



  • Feature: Electrolysis > Hydrogen / Electromagnetic >
    Hydroxy Gen and OU Replications - Michael Couch writes about the many self charging battery system videos of various origins; Bedini, Tesla Switch, SEC, and others showing up all over Youtube. 100% 'Looped' Hydroxy Genset, Kapanadze OU and Self Charging Battery Systems Demoed! (PESN; July 13, 2010)
  • The Hydrogen Economy and Peak Platinum - The three major mines that produce platinum are in South Africa, Siberia and the United States. "If we go to more and more uses of platinum we're going to need more than they can produce," Professor Mavrogenes said. "Existing reserves would meet less than 20 per cent of the world's platinum demand if all cars went hydrogen." (The Oil Drum; August 12, 2008)
  • The Truth About Hydrogen - A close look at how the "hydrogen economy" will come into play, including a comparison of the various hydrogen generation methods, their costs and pollution. Presentation is broken down into production, storage, distribution and use." (Popular Mechanics; cover story; Nov. 2006) (See Slashdot discussion)
  • The International Energy Agency Report - (18-page PDF) The International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) has released its 25th anniversary report on hydrogen production, storage, and utilization.
  • Hydrogen as an energy carrier - Report by the Royal Belgian Academy Council of Applied Science reviews and summarizes in simple terms the extensive and evolving knowledge available on the hydrogen economy, making practical recommendations for research & development, demonstration projects and applications. (April 2006)
  • Heading Toward the Hydrogen Economy - Hydrogen holds fantastic promise as a plentiful, clean-burning fuel and an eventual replacement for gasoline. Environmentalists like it because it might trim the amount of greenhouse gas spewed by the nation's automobiles. Engineers like it because it's new technology that will need fueling with lots of ideas and design work. And cynics like the idea of a hydrogen economy because it lets them snicker while pointing out the hurtles that must be cleared to get there. (Fuel Cell Today; Sept. 27, 2004)

  • Why Hydrogen Is NOT Just An Energy Carrier - Mike Johnston sets forth an analysis of how Hydrogen and Oxygen are separated from water, and recombined and some possible exceptions to the typical "conservation" paradigm. (H2O Power; May 11, 2005)
  • Fossil Fuel Free in Antarctica - Australian Government's hydrogen demonstration project this Summer aims to investigate safety and operational aspects of using hydrogen, with a long-term view to running Australia's Antarctic field camps and stations without fossil fuels. (TreeHugger; Aug. 15, 2006)

REB Research & Consulting Co.

Directories at PESWiki

  • Mutant Algae Is Hydrogen Factory - Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have engineered a strain of pond scum that could, with further refinements, produce vast amounts of hydrogen through photosynthesis. The breakthrough also could have application in a wide range of products, from biodiesel to cosmetics.
  • Solar Hydrogen - Index of technologies that produce hydrogen from solar energy conversion.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide as Fuel - Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) has been used as rocket propellant, but can also be used to run automobiles. With how well it stores in liquid form, it is perhaps an under-appreciated mechanism for energy storage and fuel. Could possibly find application as a fuel for jet aircraft engines.
  • Hydrogen from Water - Hydrogen can be generated from water by `splitting' it from oxygen. The most well-known process is electrolysis, but other mechanisms exist as well, such as catalyst in the presence of heat (e.g. solar).
  • Hydrogen Injection - On-board electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen gas which is injected into the air/fuel mixture of gasoline or diesel engines. Improved fuel efficiencies of 15% to 40% are claimed.
  • Kenarev's Electrolysis - Professor Kanarev holds five patents, has written several books about how water can be the main power carrier of future power engineering. Some processes described resemble those being attributed to the Joe cell.
  • Hydrogen from Water using Boron - Chemical process allows for rapid liberation of hydrogen from water. The resulting boron oxide can then be regenerated to boron using renewable energy. Does require distribution infrastructure.
  • Hythane - Patented 20% hydrogen mix by volume with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), alleged to be able to bridge the gap between the fossil-fueled present and the hydrogen future.
  • Fuel Cells - Hydrogen fuel cells for electrically powered industrial vehicles replace lead acid batteries, making them run longer and faster than trucks with batteries and refuel in a fraction of the time, resulting in significant increases in productivity.
  • High Pressure Electrolysis - techniques that produce high pressure H2 directly from electrolysis, for savings in efficiency of production infrastructure.

Kits & Conversions

*H2-Hydro-Gen - The H2-Hydro-Gen By Hydrogen Generation Technologies is a professionally engineered system for under $400.00 that installs in a couple hours and works on gas or diesel powered cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. With it's Multi-Tube-Electrod design it offers a high Hydrogen production at lower amps than any other device on the market.

  • H2O Hybrid Pro - Retrofit Hydrogen Generators for both Diesel and Gasoline Internal Combustion Engines.
  • - Intergalactic Hydrogen provides MADE-IN-USA renewable energy products & cleaner fuel options that work with today's infrastructure and beyond. We build multi-fuel, hydrogen, methane, propane, biodiesel and ethanol automobiles and appliances. We promote the clean fuel revolution through educational workshops and engineering consultation. Reduce your footprint on the planet with American Fuel Vehicles (AFV's) and declare your energy independence.
  • Yahoo HHO Store-HHO Store offers the technology to convert your car or truck into a Hydrogen/Gas or Hydrogen/Diesel Hybrid. We sell one of the best Hydrogen Generator on the market today the H2-Hydro-Gen and some of the harder to find ancillary equipment if you were looking to build your own HHO System.

As Fuel

  • First Hydrogen Power Plant in Italy - The world’s first hydrogen power plant is being constructed by ENEL, which has 50,000,000 power and gas customers. The H is being procured from Polimeri Europa’s petrochemical plant, which has an ethylene-cracking process, and will be brought to the establishment by especially built pipelines, providing power to 20,000 households. (Alt. Energy News; Aug 21, 2009)
  • Hydrogen Fuel From Non-food Sources - Tomorrow our vehicles may derive power by enzymes. These enzymes may originate from the cellulose of woodchips or grass and instead of emitting poisonous gases they will exhale hydrogen. (Alternative Energy; Feb. 21, 2009)
  • Top 100:
    Genepax water fuel system - Genepax intends to provide 1kw-class generation systems for use in electric vehicles and houses. Instead of driving electric vehicles with this system alone, the company expects to use it as a generator to charge the secondary battery used in electric vehicles. (PESWiki; June 14, 2008)
  • Hydrogen Engine Center - The Oxx Power™ industrial engine is capable of running on many fuels, including hydrogen, making the decision to design ammonia-fueled engines the next logical step. Ammonia (NH3), the “other hydrogen", which the agricultural industry has relied on as a fertilizer for many years, contains no carbon, stores like propane and is the second most prevalent chemical in the world. Ammonia contains more hydrogen per cubic foot than liquid H2 and already has a distribution network in place.
  • Quantum Technologies - Hydrogen fuel technologies include the TriShield™ storage system that can provide fuel cell vehicles a range of 300 miles before refueling, hydrogen refueling systems for demonstration and test fleets, and the HyHauler™ portable refueling station that requires only electricity and water.
  • The Hydrogen House: Fueling a Dream - In Scottsdale, Arizona, Bryan Beaulieu, an engineer and inventor with 20 patents in structural systems, recently built a $2 million solar-and-hydrogen-powered, 6,000-square-foot luxury "dream" house. (eMagazine; Jan. 2006)

Promising Products

  • Hydrogen / Flight >
    Long-endurance, hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye UAV unveiled - Unveiled earlier this week in St. Louis, Boeing's Phantom Eye will set a new benchmark in long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology when it takes to the skies in 2011. With a wing-span of 150-feet, the hydrogen-powered aircraft will cruise at 150 knots, carry up to 450-pounds and stay aloft at 65,000 feet for up to four days. (GizMag; July 13, 2010)
  • - Builds / converts multi-fuel, hydrogen, methane, propane, biodiesel and ethanol automobiles and appliances. Services include alternative fuel vehicle diagnostic and repair. Also sells wind turbines, solar systems, and fuel cell kits. See Sterling Allan's video interview with Tai Robinson - (27 min; OSEN; July 2005).
  • Portable hydrogen-powered generator - Houston-based Trulite is developing a portable hydrogen-powered generator, the KH4. Pour water into the unit, and it will crank out 150 watts of power, and 200 watts at its peak. While that won't run your house, it's enough to recharge power tools or a laptop or run a small appliance; though very expensively. (CNET News; July 27, 2007)
  • awards hydrogen engine contract - The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a contract to Michigan's Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (Ovonics) to develop a method of converting small gasoline internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen without losing performance or durability. (PhysOrg; Nov. 9, 2006)
  • BMW Presents hydrogen-powered production car - The BMW Hydrogen 7 is powered by a 191kW (260HP) twelve-cylinder engine that accelerates it from 0-100 km/h in 9.5 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically to 230 km/h (143 mph). Car can also run on premium gasoline. (Engineer Live; Oct. 2, 2006)
  • IHS Preparing After-Market Hydrogen Supplement Device for Vehicles - Innovative Hydrogen Solutions, Inc. of Canada has been developing an electrolysis unit that extracts hydrogen and oxygen from water and injects it into the air intake of a vehicle, to increase fuel economy by anywhere between 10% and 30%. (PESN; Nov. 25, 2005)
  • Choose Hydrogen Power - Hundreds of semi trucks now on the roads are using Canadian Hydrogen Energy's Hydrogen Fuel Injection system, which is an after-market add-on creating hydrogen on demand, which combines with the oxyge... (Slashdot / Wired; Nov. 2005)
  • Honda Fuel Cell Concept with Home H2 Refueling - The car has a range of 350 miles (560 kms) using two separate 350 psi hydrogen storage tanks that use a newly-developed hydrogen absorption material that doubles their capacity without raising the required storage pressure. (Slashdot; Oct. 19, 2005)
  • Canadian-made hydrogen power - Hydrogen fuel cells seem to be the new way to go about making the Earth a little greener. Now a Canadian company has created a hydrogen fuel cell system that can power trucks and cars with ease. (; March 31, 2005)
  • Hydro-power BMW - BMW's prototype "H2R" spews out little more than water vapour from its tailpipe. In pursuit of the monster horsepower that spares the environment, Daily Planet looks under the hood of this 300 km/h hydrogen racer. V-12 combustion puts out 280 HP. (; March 2, 2005)
  • Westport and Ford to Develop Hydrogen Engine - An advanced direct injection fuel system for vehicles powered by high-efficiency, high-performance engines operating on pure hydrogen is being developed in two phases by Westport Innovations and Ford Motor Co. (RenewableEnergyAccess; Feb. 7, 2006)
  • Honda Develops Hydrogen-powered Car - The hydrogen fuel cell-powered Honda FCX, a four-door hatchback, boasts the first fuel cell any automaker has developed that works in subzero temperatures. Clean emissions. (TheDay, Japan; April 16, 2005)
  • Eco-Friendly Car Runs on Hydrogen -Microcab, produced by a university lecturer, emits only water vapour. Hold four people, has a maximum speed of 30mph and does around 150 miles to the gallon of hydrogen. (FuelCellsWorks; Oct. 1, 2005)
  • Emerging Technologies in Product Release Mode - Preparing to install hydrogen-on-demand for hydrogen-powered cars, enabling them to run on water. Also preparing to release hydrogen generators for house and in-field use. Independent test results from Battery Enhancement and Controller System show a 60% increase in efficiency. (PESN; Aug. 31, 2004)
  • Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Car Planned - Alternate Energy Corporation in association with Feel Good Cars to produce affordable vehicle that operates not on fossil fuel but water. (Pure Energy Systems News exclusive; June 10, 2004) Update:Feel Good Cars is ZAP!
  • Solar Hydrogen Truck - Arizona high school project believed to be first ever solar-hydrogen truck in the world. The $10,000 prototype is not yet practical for continuous running, but proves a concept. (Arizona Republic; Oct. 1, 2004) (more coverage)
  • Solar Hydrogen Process Produces Energy from Water - Special titanium oxide ceramics harvest sunlight and split water to produce hydrogen fuel. Researchers at University of New South Whales anticipate an energy-harvesting device with no moving parts within 7 years. (PESN; Aug. 27)
  • Millennium Cell Provides Hydrogen-On-Demand - Patented boron-based energy technology delivers a hydrogen fuel that is safe, clean and easily transported, without the need for compression or liquefaction. (submitted by Chris H.)
  • Herman's Insight - Herman P. Anderson's hydrogen car retrofit will screw into the spark plug to convert any car to hydrogen, with water as source. Still being developed. (submitted by Larry Rand)
  • Hydrogen Generator - Thermodyamic Systems has been selling hydrogen gas generators for 20 years. Convert energy to Hydrogen as a form of storage or battery. Not O/U.
  • Project to Produce Hydrogen from Wind Power - Corporacion Energia Hidroelectrica de Navarra (EHN) of Spain is investigating ways of obtaining hydrogen from water through electricity generated from wind power. (Solar Access'; Aug. 20, 2004)
  • Stuart Energy -- the Power of Hydrogen - Offers a variety of hydrogen supply products, from large-scale electrolysis plants to small hydrogen generators covering a hydrogen production range of less than 1 Nm3/h to over 20,000 Nm3/h.
  • Rhino Hydro Technical (discontinued) - Ontario Canada company plans to manufacture a 4' X 4' X 7' home electricity generating plant. Estimated cost for 200 amp service unit ~ $8000.00; virtually maintenance free, with just two mechanical parts. Waiting for patents. (PESWiki)
  • Salad oil may fuel hydrogen car of future - Hydrogen generator uses only sunflower oil, air and water vapour. The secret lies in two catalysts, one based on nickel, the other on carbon. Benchtop prototype stage. (; Aug. 26, 2004)
  • Gardner Watts LTD's Thermal Energy Cell (TEC) - Modified electrolysis uses tungsten cathode, platinum anode, applied with high voltage, high frequency pulsed DC current results in a plasma being formed between the electrodes, releasing monoatomic hydrogen and further catalytic reactions that produce excess heat. Energy gains range from between 20 - 100 times more output than input.
  • - 5-25% increase efficiency in mileage; projected eventual unit cost $100; kits available.
  • - Christopher T. Moore openly posts his 'over unity' R&D. Coils • DC Pulse Motors • Electrolysis • OU Generators • Overbalanced Wheels • Prototype Water Engine • Van De Graaff • Winding_Jig
  • [1] - powering fuel cell vehicles; Ford, Honda, BMW
  • Honda FCX Fuel Cell Car Powered by the Sun - Hydrogen produced from a 700 square foot solar array at a custom filling station is capable of supporting 200 miles per week -- the national average. Range 170 miles. Prototypes: $2 mil each. ('LA Times'; Aug. 29, 2004) [free subscription to access]
  • Ford Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Shuttle Bus - A Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine delivers up to a 99.7 percent reduction in CO2 and includes many of the benefits of a hydrogen fuel cell, but at a fraction of the cost. (FuelCellsWorks; Sept. 30)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

  • Hydrogen >
    East Coast Could Get A Hydrogen Highway - Using electrolysis technology from Proton Energy, a Connecticut company called SunHydro wants to deploy 11 solar-powered hydrogen fueling stations from Portland, Maine to the southern tip of Florida. The stations will be small, and will be able to fill just ten-to-fifteen cars per day. (Gas2; Jan. 28, 2010) [Comment: Flex-fuel capability is the best way to create demand for new while working within old.]

Hydrogen Production

See Directory:Hydrogen Production - separate page

Hydrogen Storage Solutions

See Directory:Hydrogen Storage - separate page

Hydrogen Vehicles

See Directory:Hydrogen Vehicles - separate page Image:Hydrogen_Generation_Technology_95X95.JPG Image:New holland nh2 hydrogen tractor 95x95.gif Image:Riversimple h-car 95x95.jpg Image:FormulaZero95x95_byKevn.jpg Image:IntergalacticHydrogenXprize95x95_byKevn.jpg


  • self-powered hydrogen sensor - A research team from the University of Florida has developed an inexpensive sensor that can detect hydrogen leaks and sound the alarm by wireless communication. A tiny internal power source harvests energy from small vibrations. (U. of Florida; May 24, 2006)
  • New H sensor faster, more sensitive - The same kind of chemical coating used to shed rainwater from aircraft and automobile windows also dramatically enhances the sensitivity and reaction time of hydrogen sensors. (PhysOrg; May 25, 2005)


  • Fuel Efficiency / Hydrogen / Health / Water >
    Fractal Field Implosion Science Technologies - Company is developing a number of products based on the technology, including fuel enhancment, golden ratio hydrogen technology, bio-cascade dielectrics, magnetic pain relief, and magnetic water treatment for increasing crop yields. "An inspiring new order of pure scientific principles, the fractal field operates and expresses itself through phase conjugation."
  • Solar-Hydrogen House Still a Work in Progress - Renewable Energy International has yet to install a single new system and it hasn’t secured any significant source of investor funding for the zero emissions, solar hydrogen house. Mike Strizki remains unreservedly optimistic, even though the prototype cost him $500,000. Version 2.0 will cost $100,000. (New York Times; Nov. 10, 2008)
  • Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) Labs (separate page) - has developed a process that will convert landfill and other waste methane into clean hydrogen, using the power of the Sun for the reformation, at a price comparable to traditional hydrogen production methods.
  • Blacklight Power - "The world leader in a new field of novel hydrogen chemistry; inventor of a new method: the BlackLight Process, which generates light, power, plasma, and a vast class of new compositions of matter."
  • Engineuity is Preparing Hydrogen Solutions - Engineuity R&D Ltd. has been developing a technology for onboard hydrogen production. A characteristic feature of the technology is the use of a light metal wire made of aluminum or magnesium, water and a special conversion unit.
  • United Nuclear Hydrogen Fuel System Kit - Convert fuel-injected gasoline-engine vehicles to run on hydrogen, while seamlessly allowing the vehicle to still run on gasoline. The kit includes solar or wind-powered hydrogen production, stored in a hydride, and released when heated. Kit release is being suppressed by the U.S. government.
  • Ballard Power Systems - Ballard is recognized as the world leader in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology. Ballard's goal is to maintain its technology leadership position and convert that into market leadership as the first to offer PEM fuel cell products, electric drives, and power electronics products for mass markets.
  • Alchemix - The HydroMax process uses low cost and waste carbon as its feedstock to produce both hydrogen and electricity. First, steam contacts molten iron to form iron oxide and release hydrogen. In the second step, iron oxide is reduced back to pure metal by adding carbon, a typical metal smelting method. The only inputs are steam, oxygen and carbon. The outputs are hydrogen, steam, electricity and carbon dioxide. Iron is not consumed in the process and remains molten whether in a metal or oxide form. When co-products are sold at wholesale prices, hydrogen can be produced at a negative net cost.
  • FST - Fuel Cassette hydrogen storage system uses a base material to absorb the hydrogen much like a sponge absorbs water, causing the hydrogen to become inert. It provides an efficient means to transport hydrogen, helping to accelerate the growth of the fuel cell industry.
  • Asemblon - Hydrnol acts as a liquid storage battery, storing low-cost hydrogen produced from excess power at standard temperatures and pressures, converting it back to hydrogen to meet peak power demands. It can can fuel transportation needs for diesel and propane boosting, hydrogen fuel cells and modified internal combustion engines.
  • H2Gen - Onsite hydrogen generation from natural gas and water using two chemical reactions eliminates transportation expenses and reduces utility costs, which are 4X to 6X LESS than electrolysis. Lowest release of climate change gases from any hydrogen generator reliant on a hydrocarbon source, and the least expensive on-site system on a cost per output basis.
  • Rhino Hydro - Ontario Canada company plans to manufacture a 4' X 4' X 7' home electricity generating plant. Estimated cost for 200 amp service unit ~ $8000.00; virtually maintenance free, with just two mechanical parts. Waiting for patents.
  • Bar-Gadda LLC - Prototype device converts water vapor or steam into hydrogen using a process called radiant energy transfer. Efficiency around 90%. Yields in excess of 80% H.

Government & Politics

  • The California Fuel Cell Partnership - A collaboration of 31 organizations that believe fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen have the potential to change the future of transportation. Members are operating more fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fueling stations in California than any other region in the world. Hydrogen Vehicle List (CaFCP site; June 28, 2008)

  • America dependent on domestic fuel - New activist site considers how America can reduce gasoline prices, gain independence from OPEC, create a new energy industry based on the gassification of coal. Considers the costs and benefits of biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, and hybrid cars.

Research & Development

  • Featured: Hydrogen / Water > as Fuel > Electrolysis / Nanotechnology >
    Ohmasa Gas makes water as fuel more feasible - Mr. Ohmasa, president of Japan Techno, has devised a method of producing an unusual hydrogen-oxygen gas by using low frequency vibrations to circulate the water upon which electrolysis is run, creating a highly stable H2-O2 gas called Ohmasa gas which exhibits unusual characteristics. For example, Ohmasa gas doesn't explode under pressure. (PESWiki; Nov. 2, 2009)
  • Metal Alloy Hydrogen Tank is 60% Lighter Than a Battery - Dutch-sponsored researcher Robin Gremaud has shown that an alloy of the metals magnesium, titanium and nickel is excellent at absorbing hydrogen. This light alloy brings us a step closer to the everyday use of hydrogen as a source of fuel for powering vehicles. A hydrogen 'tank' using this alloy would have a relative weight that is sixty percent less than a battery pack. (Science Codex; Nov. 4, 2008)
  • Feds Have Primed the Hydrogen Research Pump - The de-facto race between hydrogen and the battery of the future shows how unpredictable non-fossil fuel options are at this stage. No one can say with certainly if they will co-exist or that one will prevail. The best answer from the experts and stakeholders is there will be a mix of options when the oil begins to dry up. “We’ve made tremendous progress and we see pathways to overcome the remaining challenges", says Program Manager JoAnn Milliken. “But if the perfect battery is developed and we can use renewable electricity, then that’s just as viable if not more so than hydrogen." (Design News; July 15, 2008)
  • Hydrogen Fuel from food waste: bacteria provide power - Researchers have combined the efforts of two kinds of bacteria to produce hydrogen in a bioreactor, with the product from one providing food for the other. According to an article in the August issue of Microbiology Today Life's a gas - and it's Hydrogen (PDF), this technology has an added bonus: leftover enzymes can be used to scavenge precious metals from spent automotive catalysts to help make fuel cells that convert hydrogen into energy. (PhysOrg; July 17, 2008)
  • Lawrence Livermore Prototype LH2 Tank Maintains Extended Thermal Endurance - An insulated cryogenic pressure vessel developed and installed in an experimental hybrid vehicle—a Prius converted by Quantum for hydrogen use—by a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) research team can hold liquid hydrogen (LH2) for six days without venting any of the fuel. (Green Car Congress; June 5, 2008)
  • Flight > Green Skies at Mach 5 - Hydrogen-burning A2 hypersonic airliner by Reaction Engines could fly at Mach-5 (3,400mph)--more than twice as fast as the Concorde--carrying 300 passengers, without producing a trace of carbon emissions. (Popular Science; Jan. 23, 2008)
  • Hydrogen-powered lawnmowers?- In a breakthrough that could make fuel cells practical for such small machines as lawnmowers and chainsaws, researchers have developed a new mechanism to efficiently control hydrogen fuel cell power. (PhysOrg; Jan. 23, 2007)
  • Dana Extracts Hydrogen From Methane Using Microwaves- Dana Corporation's AtmoPlas microwave atmospheric plasma technology enables a hydrogen recovery rate from methane that could exceed 95 percent, suitable for fuel-cell applications. (EVWorld; Mar. 19, 2006)
  • United Nuclear's H-Kits- Currently in its final testing phase, and will shortly be producing hydrogen fuel system conversion kits and hydrogen generators for several late model, fuel injected, gasoline powered vehicles.
  • Engineers clear bottleneck in hydrogen production- Carbon monoxide has long been a major technical barrier to the efficient operation of fuel cells. Now, chemical and biological engineers have not only cleared that barrier - they also have discovered a method to capture carbon monoxide's energy. (ScienceBlog; Aug. 28, 2004)
  • Creating Hydrogen With (Very) Hot - New technique could produce pure hydrogen far more efficiently than conventional methods. It involves the use of advanced high-temperature nuclear reactors, none of which have been built on a production scale before. (Slashdot; Nov 28, 2004)
  • Water as Fuel - Index of instructional material by Stan Myers. Stan Myers Water Fuel Cell; and The Hydrogen Fracturing Process.


See also Directory:Superconductors

  • Superconductors >
    For Future Superconductors, A Little Bit Of Lithium May Do Hydrogen A Lot Of Good - Scientists have long believeed that metallic hydrogen may prove to be a high temperature superconductor, but have been unsuccessful in achieving that state. A team from Cornell and NY State University at Stony Brook have announced a theoretical study that predicts the metallization of hydrogen-rich mixtures at significantly lower pressures by adding small amounts of lithium to hydrogen. (Science Daily; October 8, 2009)

In the News

See News:Hydrogen - moved to a separate page.


  • Hydrogen Powered Car Two Centuries Old - In 1806 Francois Isaac de Rivaz is a Swiss inventor designed and successfully constructed the first-ever internal combustion engine using Hydrogen as it's fuel source. (H2-Hydro-Gen)


  • Water > as Fuel > Hydrogen > Hydroxy >
    God give Hydrogen Convertes to all of mankind - On a TV program, It's Supernatural, a Christion visionary, Jason Westerfield, says: "Just as we had an industrial age, right now this generation will be known as the energy age... I saw some converters, that because of these [hydrogen] converters, every nation will be able to utilize and be self-sufficient in their own energy, and because of that, the world will not be dependent on oil, and we will see literally a global shift in power begin to take place." (Captain Willy; Oct. 31, 2008)


  • Hydrogen Embrittlement: Bad News for H-Cars - When hydrogen gas dissolves into the structure of certain metals (usually aluminum & steels), it can cause cracking and failure of metal components. This has been detected in some engine components, in some cases severely. (PESWiki; Oct. 6, 2005)
  • Hydrogen embrittlement not a substantial threat - Hydrogen-conversion expert, and clean-fuel specialist, Tai Robinson, responds to assertion that when hydrogen gas dissolves into the structure of certain metals such as aluminum & steels, it can cause cracking and failure of metal components. (PESN; Nov. 18, 2005)


  • Genesis Scientific - Was Genesis World Energy, later named United Fuel Cell Technologies Inc. - Apparently no longer in business (2008).


  • Why a hydrogen economy doesn't make sense - A fuel cell expert explains that a hydrogen economy is wasteful, leaving around 25% available for use after energy conversion. In an electron economy, energy would be distributed with highest efficiency by electricity to provide power for cars, air conditioning, heat, light, communication, etc. (; December 11, 2006)
  • An Early Retirement For The Hydrogen Fuel Cell - Fuel cells are energy converters, not energy sources. They will be part of a sustainable energy solution only if they can compete with other conversion technologies.
  • European Fuel Cell Forum Reports - "Does a Hydrogen Economy Make Sense?", "The Hydrogen "Illusion", "The World Needs a Sustainable Energy Economy, not a Hydrogen Economy", "The Future of the Hydrogen Economy: Bright or Bleak?"


  • Hydrogen Energy Implementation Conference in US - The University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources will host the Hydrogen Energy Implementation Conference that will take place July 22-24 in Laramie, Wyoming to address the technology, economics, policy, government activities and international team-building necessary to build a hydrogen economy.
  • H2IQ on MySpace
  • Improve your H2IQ - Dept. of Energy website.
  • Hydrogen - Chemlin Virtual Online Chemistry Library

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