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Lighting should primarily focus on letting light from sunshine in (without too much heat) and making sure the building thus does not require power for lighting during day. At evening, the most efficient lighting (LED or alternatively fluorescent) should be used to reduce energy requirements.



Several options are available such as windows, skylights, optical fiber, ... Refer to Wikipedia:Daylighting.


  • Levon Light - Leif Levon's environmentally friendly inductive light. No batteries. It operates on ambient superfluous light during the day and induction technology when the light is too dim. (PESWiki; Sept 13, 2008)


  • Directory:Light Emitting Diodes
  • Article White LED Lighting - These lamps consume less electricity than fluorescent lighting, and last about ten times as long
  • The LED Light Inc LEDs in 120/240vac Bulbs
  • superbrightleds - LED 12 volt car bulbs, household Edison base bulbs, utility lights, flashlights
  • Eternaleds - Specializes in LED Light Bulbs and other LED lighting products with real-life in-use photos.
  • Lighting Science Group - Optimized Digital Lighting technology is efficient - up to 80% less energy and lasting up to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. LED light bulbs, LED candles.
  • Sundance Solar Products - 120 Volt AC LED Replacement Household Light Bulbs
  • Canada LEDs - Lamps, strip lighting, flashlights, strip lighting, ceiling lights
  • LEDtronics - Mission Statement: To Replace Energy Wasting Lighting With World Class Environmentally Responsible LED bulbs and Products.
  • EarthLED - EarthLED offers the most varied selection of direct replacement LED Light Bulbs in the industry.


  • Solatube
  • SunTunnel Skylight
  • Daylight Collector - Himawari is a device consists of a sun sensor and Fresnel lens to collect and direct sunlight through optical fiber to the designated position.
  • Monodraught - The Sunpipe is a revolutionary new way to pipe natural daylight from your rooftop into your home - to brighten areas from dawn to dusk where daylight from windows cannot reach.




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