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Green tags are renewable energy certificates which guarantee that a set amount of renewable energy (e.g. wind power) will go into the grid on the buyer's behalf. Green tags are, therefore, the most convenient way for a home or business to convert 100% to free energy.

Since the greatest of the causes of global warming in the world is U.S. electricity generation [1], it is of utmost importance for the health of the planet for US households & businesses to switch to green or free energy.


Carbon Credits and Indulgences

  • Carbon Credits Another Corrupt Currency? - 16-page PDF. Carbon credits are a form of fiat currency, yet as calls for carbon trading grow, ironically, another fiat currency collapses—destroying life savings, wiping out jobs, and taking down historic institutions overnight. Fiat money has a long history of failure, corruption and fraud. (Science and Public Policy Institute; Feb. 2, 2009)

Green Tags are not Carbon Credits

  • False Absolution - Following the Papal Payment for sins as Indulgences, Carbon Credits follow the same scam by permitting companies to continue to pollute by buying Carbon Credits. (Progress Report; 2007)
  • Carbon credits: indulgence or commutation fee? - Everyone who preens about personal enlightenment by virtue of a "position" on global warming should sign a green pledge to reduce actual personal carbon emissions, not just pay a commutation fee in the form of carbon credits. (American Thinker Blog';' Feb. 28, 2007)
  • Carbon credits - the new indulgences - Climate change has become the new religion with carbon emission taking the place of sin, original or otherwise, and carbon credits are the indulgences of that religion. (EU Referendum; March 1, 2007)
  • STUMPTALK: Carbon credits are the new indulgences - It’s another inconvenient truth: You must sacrifice because the pope of the environmentalists grants carbon credit indulgences only to rich and famous proselytizers of green politics, and this pope requires lots of green money.(Crossville Chronicle; Dec. 10, 2007)

Benefits of Green Tags

A person or a company that buys a green tag is actually receiving the following distinct and separate benefits from the green tag service they are purchasing:

  1. An assurance that 'green' electrons were injected into the national grid somewhere, so you can feel good about reducing dependence on foreign and fossil fuels.
  2. A direct, measurable, actual reduction in dangerous pollution since those electrons did not have to be produced by fossil fuel combustion.
  3. The ability to legitimately claim that your own electricity is no longer creating any pollution (it's clean, renewable wind power), assuming you buy enough green tags to offset the average number of kilowatt-hours that you consume every month. (The average U.S. home consumes 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month. Statistics here.)
  4. The ability to legitimately claim that your home or business is now powered by the wind (again assuming you buy enough green tags to offset your average consumption of kilowatt hours).

Personal Variants

  • Michael Bierut Designs for the Green Patriotism Campaign - Promoting both the ecologically sound use of public transportation and the development of green jobs in the manufacturing sector, posters can now be seen on 60 buses around Cleveland, OH. Michael Beirut states that “The banners are part of a new environmentalism..." (Inhabitat; Sept. 1, 2008)
  • Offset Your Vehicle(s)' CO2 Load through TerraPass - Site calculates how much CO2 your vehicle(s) use in a year, then gives you an opportunity to pay toward green energy generation that offsets that amount. Same for flights and businesses. Affiliate set-up offered for webmasters.
  • Personal Carbon Swipe Cards for the UK - The Guardian reports a proposal for all citizens to be issued with a swipe card with equal credits for carbon use. Those Brits who consume more carbon will have to buy more credits, while those who use less will receive credits. (TreeHugger; July 20, 2006)
  • Paying to ease global-warming guilt - A growing number of companies and nonprofit groups are offering eco-conscious consumers a chance to compensate the planet for the carbon emissions they generate when they drive, fly, use electricity or heat their homes. Critics say they are just a way to assuage consumer guilt and do little to combat climate change. (Burlington Press; Dec. 22, 2006)

In the News

  • US Customers Increasingly Choose Green Power - According to An AP article in Sunday's Washington Post, more and more utility customers are choosing to purchase green power, even though it comes at a premium. Nationwide, 20% more customers are taking advantage of green power options if they're available. Thirty-six states offer green pricing. (TreeHugger; July 31, 2006)
  • Buying Cleaner Energy - Without buying any equipment or making any changes to your house you can purchase clean energy from non-polluting sources. It’s available in every state of the U.S.. (EMagazine; Sept. 15, 2005)

Where to Buy Green Tags

Synonyms for Green Tags

Green tags are called by different names:

  • renewable energy certificates or credits (RECs)
  • tradable renewable certificates (TRCs)

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