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Green & Gold Energy was founded to to deliver cost-effective, grid-competitive solar electric power. Their stated goal is to reduce the delivered cost of rooftop generated photovoltaic electrical output to below that available from the grid.

The company's SunCube™ system is listed in the top ten of NEC's Top 100 because of its efficiency, low cost, simplicity, safety, and availability for residential application.



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On May 17, 2008, Greg Watson, CEO, Green and Gold Energy Pty., Ltd wrote:

As an update, SunCube production has been held up (about 8 months) waiting on the Emcore CPV receiver module to pass our qualification tests. It is now in production with the first 40,000 receivers (1.3 MWs) shipped to ES System of Korea who have just placed a direct order for 70 MWs.

Square Engineering of India will finish their dedicated 100 MW per year SunCube manufacturing facility in a few months (photos on the GGE web site) and will be placing their order for around 50 MW in the first 12 months and 100 MWs in the second year.

Spain, Israel and Australia will follow shortly with first year SCIG volume around 200 MW and 2nd year at around 400 MWs.


In the News

  • EMCORE Receives a $24 Million Purchase Order for Concentrator Solar Cells from Green and Gold Energy - EMCORE Corporation has been awarded a follow-on production order from Green and Gold Energy (GGE) for 3 million solar cells for use in GGE's SunCube(TM) terrestrial concentrator system. This 105 MW purchase order represents the largest procurement of concentrator solar cells in the industry to date and is a follow-on order to an initial 5 MW order placed earlier this year. All hardware ordered under this contract is to be shipped by the end of 2008. (Yahoo PR; Aug. 29, 1007)
  • Update on the Green and Gold SolarCube - Green and Gold Energy Sun Cube rooftop concentrating solar photovoltaic module development process will be completed by the end March 2007 with the first Australian installations occurring before the end of April 2007. Retail cost in the US is expected to be US $1,000. (The Energy Blog; Apr. 04, 2007)

Open Policy

I think you will agree my degree of openness with the SunBall and SunCube is a first timer. I fully realize the dirty tricks the existing fossil fuel and electricity industry will bring to bear to stop losing kWhs to rooftop solar generation.

One way to ensure my and the products' survival is to be very open with the technology so others can copy what I have done. I have offered other concentrator developers to swap, on a equal kWh basis, SunCubes for their concentrator technology. The market for grid competitive kWhs is so massive no one company could supply the demand. The more that solar concentrators appearing on rooftops the more the entire concentrator industry will survive.

We are in the first stage of a real war in which the existing electricity providers and their fossil fuel miners will do anything to stop kWhs being generated on consumers rooftops. When solar kWhs were much more costly than those from the grid, the industry didn't lose any sleep. Now that solar kWhs can be delivered at a lower cost than from the grid the world of the fossil fuel supplier and electricity industry company has changed and their income is under real threat.

In Australia the dirty tricks have started:



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Looks Good

On Apr. 13, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Jonathan Bonanno wrote:

I just bumped into Greg at a CPV conference in Madrid. GGE was a major sponsor of the event and just announced a $50 mil. purchase order for Emcore TJ I think he has some serious funding or at least revenue.

The product looks good and based on the amount of licenses that he has sold, SunCube must work.


Greg Watson, CEO
Green and Gold Energy
Adelaide, South Australia
+61 408 843 089

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