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Directory of fuel efficiency additive technologies and resources.



  • Featured: Fuel Efficiency > Retrofits > Additives >
    New Generation Bio's Super Simple BE-FuelSaver - The Europe based company, New Generation Bio, has produced a very simple device called the BE-FuelSaver. Test data indicate that when placed in the fuel tank or affixed close to the fuel line it allows for an improvement in gas mileage, a reduction in emissions, and an increase in horsepower and torque. They are looking to expand their market. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; January 31, 2012)
  • eeFuel Nano Catalyst Fuel Additive (Interview) - EeFuel, a non-toxic, non-fossil, sub-nano fuel additive; is said to increase mileage by 10% to 20% by two-fold action: increasing the vaporization of the fuel and serving as a catalytic agent to increase the amount of fuel burnt as well as to stabilize its burn rate. (PESWiki; June 2, 2008)
  • eeFuel Gradually Boosts Mileage in 2007 BMW 335i - Ryan Fowler reports an improvement in his mileage on the same stretch of road since he started using the eeFuel additive, beginning with a jump of 5.7%, followed by 8.6%, then 14.0%, and then 17.9% in subsequent test runs in triplicate, as measured by onboard mileage instrumentation provided with the vehicle. (PESWiki; Aug. 6, 2008)
  • Featured: Fuel Efficiency > Additives >
    Ferox Fuel Additive - Ferox Gas & Diesel Fuel Additive is a catalyst that is an eco-friendly fuel additive and horsepower booster. It allegedly increases mileage from between 10 and 20% while also significantly reducing harmful emissions while cleaning out the engine, reducing engine wear, extending engine life. (PESWiki; Oct. 26, 2008)

Technologies and Companies

  • NanoLube™ & Quicken® - NanoLube™ is based on a patented breakthrough technology, sold under license and uses a newly discovered, synthetic Non-Detonation NanoDiamond to provide Mechanical Lubrication. This material was first created in 1999 and stemmed from Chris Arnold's work in microwave synthesis synthetic diamond production in 1996. See also Nano-Oil.
  • Breakthrough Low-Emission Diesel Technology - Our Low-Emission Diesel is One Instant Alternative to Cheaply Cut NOx, PM & other GHGs Simultaneously. By Merely Changing The Fuel to Our "Reformulated Green Diesel Fuel", There Won't Be Any Need For Retrofits, Repowering or Changing Your Engines.

Liquid catalyst mixes completely with various types of fuel: gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and other hydrocarbon-based products. Said to be "the world's most effective and economical solution for significantly improving fuel economy and reducing emissions."

Patent-pending product has been under development for 16 years at a cost of over $12 million dollars. Recently, Green Plus Ltd and Biofriendly began to make the catalyst available to the commercial market. Customers on three continents are now deploying it. Accredited laboratories in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia have tested Green Plus extensively.

  • BioPerformance - Pills/powder said to increase mileage by up to 25% and to reduce emissions via a special enzyme. Product includes Naphthalene. Multi level marketing business.
  • Chemiphase Ltd- offers 6 products as antioxidants, anti-gelling, Cetane improving, filtering, neutralizing and water washing. The MSDS sheets show active ingredients.
  • Envirofuels - Diesel Fuel Catalyzer is an EPA verified fuel borne catalyst that optimizes the heat release rate, which leads to increased power, reduced emissions, and increased fuel efficiency of 5 to 10% for heavy duty diesel engines. It positively impacts the combustion process and metal surfaces but does not alter the characteristics of the fuel.

Michael Wen Tel# 0086-594-276-3665 Fax# 0086-594-275-1606

  • EnviroMax - Enviro-Max-Plus, claims up to 35% increase in mileage with 80% or more reduction in emission pollution with up to 10% increase in power. With diesel engines, the effect is immediate as the degree of exhast smoke is visable after only the first one ounce application into the fuel tank.

As with all such claims, your vehicle may see more or less results, but none have experienced less mpg after their vehicles ECU has adjusted for the cleaner burn and exhaust changes. Some vehicle ECU's will be real time, while older vehicles may adjust only after several hundred miles. Regardless, after a few tanks with fuel catalyst added, you will notice the difference in performance, smoothness of engine and increased miles per gallon.

UPDATE: has announced that they will be introducing a capsule which desolves entirely in fuel in seconds, while contents are powdered equivilent of liquid. With this new addition, now the shipping and hassle of liquids is solved. The NEW CAPSULE will be released next month.


  • MTBE - is one of the best known oxygenates. MTBE has been used in U.S. gasoline at low levels since 1979 to enhance oxygen levels. This helps gasoline burn more completely, reducing tailpipe emissions. However, the potential mileage increases more complete combustion offers, have not been fully explored.

1) Reduce the carbon footprint of your operations by using less fuel overall.

2) Minimize your exposure as an emissions target, by reducing criteria emissions.

3) Reduce specific operating costs, enabling you to grow and protect your profits.

Remember, your fleet equipment is not an investment. Your fleet is a cost center which will require more spending to operate and maintain over time, unless you take steps to minimize those costs.

ACES is not a startup, looking for fleets to test our products. We have " done our thing" in every industry that uses diesel fuel, for many years, and have treated over 3 billion gallons of fuel.

Pertinent test data and tesimonials will be shared at the appropriate time.

ACES fuel catalysts improve engine ignition, reducing fuel consumption 5 -15 % while emissions are dramatically reduced. This is accomplished without retrofitting, alternative fuels, or buying any new equipment.

ACES produces different ( fuel borne )catalysts for Diesel, Gasoline, Nitromethane, Alcohol and Biofuels. Products are EPA registered.

ACES Fuel Catalysts reduce PM 2.5 / NOx / HC / CO and fuel use AT THE SAME TIME. Conversely, Retrofits and biofuels only address certain emissions ( PM ) and in some cases, raise other criteria emissions. (in the example of biodiesel raising NOx )

ACES replaces lost lubricity in ultra-low sulfur diesel and ethanol blended gasoline to extend engine life. This is accomplished by a nanotech lubricant created by the combustion process. ACES contains no sulfur or other metallic ingredients.

ACES III oil catalysts extend engine life by providing a "wet-start" that reduces engine wear. ACES III also reduces wear during operation by over 50%, and makes any lubricant shear and viscosity stable to 6,000 degrees when added, which is critical considering that combustion temperatures cook out synthetic and dino additive packages at much lower temepratures.

With oil companies blending more and more low cost fillers in order to boost profits,and removing key anti wear / anti scuff ingredients to satisfy the EPA, you need the added protection of ACES products.

  • Centron Fuel Products - Centron is a patented EPA registered fuel treatment tested for over 200 million vehicle miles with demonstrated increases in fuel economy of up to 18% and reduced toxic greenhouse emissions by 30% - 50%. Centron fuel additives work as catalysts during combustion to burn fuels more efficiently and more completely, are safe for engines and engine parts and work in both diesel and gasoline engines without modification.
  • Centron Distributor - Specializing in prompt, personal service, dedicated to helping clients achieve fuel economy success and high rates of return.

  • PowerPlusMPG - Claims up to 45% improvement in mileage, drop of 70% in emissions. Does not provide specific lab data to support those claims. MLM.
  • STP Fuel Treatment - keeps your fuel system free of deposits. Studies have shown that deposits can decrease your fuel efficiency by as much as 11 percent.
  • Stanadyne - Diesel Fuel Conditioner increases fuel economy - more efficient combustion and increased power can result in up to 8% improvement in MPG, thus easily paying for itself.
  • Green Plus - is a fuel catalyst that lowers the amount of energy needed for fuel to burn. Since less energy is being used, your vehicle's fuel economy and power improve.
  • Fuel Freedom Int'l - Global Fuel Now - MPG-CAP™ fuel additive is a complete fuel system enhancer that delivers improved and enhanced performance, better fuel mileage and ongoing maintenance, helping to alleviate poor performance, high fuel costs and repairs. MPG-CAP™ comes in a patent-pending Fuel Tablet for both gasoline and diesel engines. Independent trials have shown results of up to 30% in fuel cost savings. Distributorships available.
  • RxP Gas Kicker - Reduce emissions, increase gas mileage, increase horsepower. The most documented fuel additive on the market.

Verifiable Tests:

State of Florida D.O.T., U.S. Department of Transportation, EG & G Automotive Research, Inc., Automotive Testing Laboratories, Inc., Charchalton College, UK, State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vechicles, Commercial Testing and Engineering Co., Emission Reduction - World Environmental, Opacity test - Diesel Locomotive, Particulate Emissions Jet Simulator U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Metro East Industries - St. Louis, MO, Hump Engine Fuel Usage and Emissions Terminal Railroad, Inchape Testing Service, Mobile Sources Emissions Divisions, Environmental Technology Center, Canadian Fleet Emissions Tests, Technical Institute for Urban Transportation, Greek Environmental Ministry, People's Republic of China EPA, Seal Compatibility, Southwest Research Institute, Cloud Point - Phoenix Chemical Laboratory, Inc. Engine Wear - Ringhaver Equipment Company, Ministry of Health and Social Security - Athens, Greece, Emissions Tests - Charshalton College U.K., BTU Value, RTS Laboratories, Bomb Calorimeter Test, Univsersity Automotive Technology. This is NOT a complete list.

Current list of fleet systems, which use the product may be contacted directly: Alton Southern Railroad, Anheuser-Buch (Manufacturers Railroad), Dardanelle School System Sabine River & Northern Railroad, Scott's Concrete, Stardancer Casino Cruises, Terminal Railroad Association

Champion QX which is based on Molybdenum Disulfide with QX, the ONLY under surface lubricant known to science. According to the U.S. Agricultural Research Administration, "There is no other known substitute".

QX is vacclaisocryptene, a patented lubrication process which is composed of several lubricating materials which actually impregnate the metal and "sweats" under heat and friction conditions forming little microscopic lubricating particles between the moving parts.

Champion QX is patented technology good enough to be used by major oil companies for over 40 years to reduce equipment failure and downtime. It is finally available for your engine!

Champion QX is a super concentrate that provides enhanced crankcase lubrication beyond that of oil, providing your vehicle the highest level of protection and performance.


  • Additive List - Comprehensive listing of additives that have been registered with the EPA. All gasoline and diesel motor vehicle fuel additives are required to be registered in accordance with the regulations at 40CFR 79. List created in 2004.

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