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Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP)

Francesco Celani at NI Week, 2012.Image credit: ?
Francesco Celani at NI Week, 2012.
Image credit: ?

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
October 14, 2012

Italian scientist, Francesco Celani, has built a cold fusion cell that he has shown publicly at scientific events on several occasions. It appears to illustrate about 2.8 times more heat out than it takes to run it.

Several groups and individuals are endeavoring to replicate it, and to build a kit based on it.


Official Websites

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Replication / Kit Projects


NIWEEK 2012 - Cold Fusion - LENR - eCAT - Anomalous Heat Effect demonstrated

August 7, 2012 - Austin, Texas - National Instruments "NIWEEK 2012" - Francesco Celani of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Frascati, Italy, shows me the Anomalous Heat Effect of what is believed to be a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). This is absolutely fantastic, as the implications of this little understood phenomena are a Sea Change to the applications for CLEAN and CHEAP ENERGY. This is the same effect seen by others, such as Fleischmann and Pons in 1989, called "Cold Fusion" at the time. This is REAL folks, and (hopefully) it will change the world. National Instruments CEO Dr. James Truchard made this a part of his opening Keynote Presentation at the annual conference called "NIWEEK 2012". I am extremely excited to see this making progress, and it has the power to change the world as we know it! I will be posting more, such as the Panel discussion with Physics and Engineering luminaries who have witnessed this effect in other situations in the past.

Francesco Celani, Guided by wire

In this hand shot informal talk, Francesco Celani explains how he developed his increasingly famous test apparatus. What you see is a humble man with a deep sense of humanity and respect for his contemporaries. He dismisses his innovations, insight and genius as happenstance and gives credit were ever he can.
Francesco did not just demonstrate and lecture at ICCF-17, he was a keen observer and full participant. Taking front centre seat in the auditorium, he listened attentively to the results of peoples work and asked highly intelligent and relevant questions of nearly all the speakers.

Francesco Celani - Roma, Febuary 2012


Primary source:

CV Francesco CELANI (CERN 22 March 2012)

- Born in Rome-Italy (8 February 1951). Italian citizen.

- Married (Misa Nakamura, chemistry co-worker in LENR since 1994), 2 daugthers.

- Degree in Experimental Physics from Physics department of University “La Sapienza”-Roma, on December 15, 1975 with marks 110/110.

- Thesis (just after degree, published on NIM) at Frascati National Laboratories (LNF) of National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) with argument applied cybernetics: electronic nuclear detectors used on nuclear accelerator (e+e- 3.1GeV Collider, ADONE).

- Staff member of INFN-LNF since July 1, 1976 (Researcher, experimental, in Physics).

- (1976-1983) Joined the NA1 experiment at CERN-SPS. I was involved, mainly, on the design of the first (in the world, at that time) ultra-compact, remotely controlled, High Voltage generators for both Multi Wires Proportional Chambers (MWPC) and Photo Multipliers (PM). The instruments was named FRAMM 77 System and largely used also in USA (FERMILAB) and France (Saclay). Developed an ultra-fast, variable repetition rate and power, pulser to calibrated, by short duration (few ns) light pulses the PM: discovered the so-called “rate effect” on PM. Because discovering of such unexpected effects that could produces fake signals in specific operating points of PM, the industries developed (since 1982) a new family of PM called “rate effect free”. Developed also some, fast, low-noise charge pre-amplifiers for silicon detectors used in the front-end of the SPS beam (350GeV).

- (1983-1987). After the experience with silicon detectors (sensitivity of about 1e-/3.6eV energy released), I decided to study innovative detectors having an equivalent sensitivity thousand times larger. So I started to study Superconducting Tunnel Junctions (Ni-Pb; T=4.2K), in collaboration with Salerno University, having an intrinsic energy gap of only few meV. Found some quite intriguing results using thick junctions on 1985. One of these were contaminated (by chance) from several other elements and showed behaviour similar to superconductivity even at temperature as large as 77K (LN2). It was stated a multi-disciplinary Commission in order to clarify the origin of such signals. Unfortunately the results were rejected, a-priori, because in disagreement with the BCS model/theory (i.e. max temperature of superconductivity stated at 32K). One year later Bednorz and Muller (from IBM, Zurich), independently (and starting from different points of view), found similar results in Cuprate Oxides mixed with rare-hearts and got Nobel Prize.

- (1985-1986). In parallel with superconducting studies, I joined a small group aimed to measure the neutron flux (expected very low) inside the Underground Gran Sasso Laboratory, at that time under construction. The experiment, although very adverse environments, was really successful and the final documents about the “nuclear qualification” of such Laboratory come also from our measurements of neutron flux (about 1000 times lower than sea level).

- (1987-1992). After the results of Muller, and just later of Chu (in USA), I started the developing of new procedures to improve the quality of High Temperature Superconductors, specially type YBCO.

I get success and patented (January 1988) a new procedure based on Ozone annealing (instead of usual Oxygen) and synthesis by pyrolysis of citrates (instead of usual dry mixing of powders). Specifically, such last procedure produces materials at sub-micron dimensions that seems to be a key factor of their (excellent) performances. Later, because so called Cold Fusion studies, some of such materials were forced to absorb some amounts of both Hydrogen or Deuterium. Some of such sample showed a superconducting transition temperature as high as 101K, i.e. 10K larger than the 91 K of usual YBCO. The value of 101K is, still now, the largest reported for such materials.

- (1989-2012). Involved in the Cold Fusion studies, now re-named LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). I was involved, at the beginning, in the search of neutrons. We found some, at low intensity, inside the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory, mainly during strong non-equilibrium transitions. The discovery of non-equilibrium was the key aspect of almost all my research in LENR.

We studied both usual Pd-D2O electrolytic systems and (from 2003) gaseous environments. The last were based both on Pd-D2 gas system with thin and long wires (up to temperatures of 550°C) and Ni-H2 (up to temperatures of 900°C).

Studying electrolytic system I found even a new species of bacteria living in the heavy water. It was named Ralstonia detusculanense and his used even to recover/concentrate radioactive Co and Cs from spent nuclear fuel.

In some of previous experiments I found enough scientific evidences to convince me to work in such (controversial) field of research up to now.

Intellectual Property

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  • Thank You Francesco Celani - "Congratulations to all who endured the brickbats hurled by those posing as your betters. Despite the derision, the lack of funds and career-wrecking assaults, you have demonstrated the true power of the scientific method." (E-Cat News; August 15, 2012)
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    Italian LENR Workshop April 10-14 - An LENR workshop, the 10th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals, will include Francesco Celani, Dr. Peter Hagelstein of MIT and Prof. Francesco Piantelli. Nichenergy, the company founded to market Prof. Piantelli’s device, is one of the sponsors of the conference. [Recent updates on Nichenergy are given.] (E-CatSite; April 9, 2012)
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