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Parallel Path
'principle' device
Image:Flynn Parallel Path proof sq 95x95.jpg

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Build a Proof-of-Concept Flynn Parallel Path Magnet Device

Project page for replicating Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path Magnet Technology core concept. Complete instructions on how to build a simple device to illustrate the advantages of Joe Flynn's magnetic force multiplication layout. By aligning two magnetic fields to one side of a flux core, you can deliver 3.5x more units of magnetic force than the electrical input alone could supply.



Image:FPPP photo and diagram hj85.jpg

A motor built with this technology is at least 3.5 times more efficient than conventional motors, offers excellent torque, and high power to weight ratios. It's not true perpetual motion, because it doesn't violate laws of physics, and can be modelled in industry standard flux software. It does add a new rule that is sure to become a chapter in future electronics textbooks, and to become standard fare in many electric motors.

Micheal Schuckel has successfully replicated several variations of Flynn's Parallel Path technology, and has worked with Joseph Flynn. He has agreed to provide a clear set of instructions on how to build the simple static device, to illustrate the Parallel Path concept, as well as additional content describing how to build a Flynn PP motor with 3.5x the output of a normal motor design.

Basic Concept

The following diagram represents the principle that this proof of concept device is designed to illustrate.

The third of the four scenarios in the above diagram represents the Flynn Parallel Path scenario.

This next diagram provides a diagram of the aparatus.

Image:Linear Actuator Test Apparatus 500.gif

Parts List


Experimental Set-up

  • Experimental Set-up - Sets for the objective and procedure for demonstrating the phenomenon of focusing the four poles of two magnets in one direction.
  • Simple Flux Experiment - By Tim Harwood. Basic apparatus can be as little as $10.

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