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  • Feel Good Cars All-Electric ZENN Now Available - ZENN stands for "Zero Emissions No Noise". Designed for around-town driving, it has a maximum speed of 25 mph with range of 30-40 miles. Full charge after six hours on a standard 110-volt outlet. Three hours gives it a 80% charge.
  • Fellows' Thermoacoustic Cycle (TAC) Generator - Texas inventor's technology uses heat to amplify acoustic waves (sound waves) in a high pressure gas, which drive a linear generator and produce electric power. The system can allegedly be built at a very low cost.
  • Featured: Fuel Efficiency > Additives >
    Ferox Fuel Additive - Ferox Gas & Diesel Fuel Additive is a catalyst that is an eco-friendly fuel additive and horsepower booster. It allegedly increases mileage from between 10 and 20% while also significantly reducing harmful emissions while cleaning out the engine, reducing engine wear, extending engine life. (PESWiki; Oct. 26, 2008)
  • Directory:Fieldstone Tidal Energy - Harvests river and tidal energy. "System is capable of producing energy in the megawatt range, and more importantly connects to the grid sychronously; with zero fish kill."
  • Finsrud Wheel - an alleged perpetual motion device currently in operation in an art gallery in Drobak, Norway.
  • Flight - An index of clean or energy-efficient flight concepts, prototypes, and available products relating to human flight.
  • Floating Solar Chimney - A variant of the concrete solar tower concept. The floating chimney is a light-weight structure made of a set of lifting balloon rings filled with a lighter than the air gas. Result is projected to be cost-competitive with grid electricity generation.
  • Top 100 / Featured: Wind > Horizontal >
    FloDesign Wind Turbine Mimics Jet Turbine - FloDesign is working on a wind turbine concept that could potentially be at least twice as efficient as traditional rotor blade turbines, which force air around them instead of through them. First prototype will be 12 feet in diameter and produce 108 kW power. (PESWiki; Sept. 9, 2008)
  • Flycycle: human-powered aircraft test pending - Canadian project objective is to build a practical human-powered aircraft. Their first prototype is nearing completion; testing is pending. Presently a do-it-yourself project, complete with instructions.
  • Flynn Parallel Path magnet technology proof-of-concept - Flynn associate, Michael Schuckel, provides a complete set of instructions of how to build a very basic device that proves the revolutionary magnet flux multiplication concept set forth by Joseph Flynn, and now being pursued by some large companies.
  • Featured / OS: Magnet Motors >
    All-magnet motor by FM Concepts -- new open source project - On the 4th of July, inventor, F.M., supplied photos and a video showing his all-magnet motor accelerating; and he gave permission for us to post a page about this open source project. He's hoping for a lot of replications by others, followed by characterization, improvement, optimization, and commercialization. (PESWiki; July 5, 2009)
  • Focus Fusion - Lawrenceville Plasma Physics is currently researching and developing the Plasma Focus Device for hydrogen-boron nuclear fusion. Focus Fusion is projected to be a safe, clean, easy, reliable energy solution that could provide electricity at a few tenths of a cent per kilowatt-hour.
  • Hydrogen > Fuel Cells >
    Formula Zero - Hydrogen Racing - The world's first international fuel-cell powered motor racing series kicked off in Rotterdam over the weekend. The organisers hope that 'Formula Zero,' like Formula 1, can become a forum for competing technology as much as anything else, helping green consumer cars to become better. (PESWiki; Aug. 29, 2008)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic >
    Alan Francoeur Interference Disc Generator - Alan L. Francoeur describes his generator as a multi-phase, interchangeable, ac/dc, variable, frequency dynamo machine of high efficiency. Due to some "prior art" controversy, in the interest of history, we resurrect this information. (PESWiki; March 9, 2009)
  • Free Energy Generation - Book by Tom Bearden, with John Bedini, is said to be a must-have for researchers attempting to harness the Tesla type radiant energy forces of nature. Skeptics demur.
  • Fuel Efficiency - Identifying the appropriate fuel-efficiency solution for your car.
  • Oil >
    Fuel Watch Worldwide - Directory created to keep an eye on fuel costs worldwide. Why do we see prices from 12 cents USD up to over $11 USD per gallon for the same product from around the world?

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