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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
May 8, 2014

Once again, in the world of exotic free energy, not everything is war and chaos over in the Ukraine.

Stefan Hartmann of has posted an interesting video of a QMoGen (self-looped motor-generator system) from the Ukraine. He said the inventors are looking for investment and partners.

This is the 52nd QMoGen claim of which we've become aware. Even though I've never yet seen one of these for myself in operation, given all the information we've received about these over nearly two years, there is no doubt in my mind that there is definitely something to this effect.

Once again, Deggory from India brought this one to my attention.

I asked Stefan if he could give me any contact info or other way to reach this company. On May 09, 2014 4:30 PM [MDT], he replied:

There is a German group, that is financing the work of some Russian inventors.
They only can say so far, that they are trying to validate their work and at the end of May2014
They are again in the Ukraine to checkout and measure their new 5 KWatts unit.
Until then they wish to stay anonymously.
If they validate the new 5 KWatts unit they will publish more on it...
This is all I can tell you right now...
Regards, Stefan.

On May 10, regarding the video he posted (shown below) he wrote:

I got it directly from the German contact, so this is the only copy on Youtube...he allowed me to post it.

So, it looks like if you want to contact this group, you'll need to do it through Stefan.


Official Websites

unknown. Let us know if you find one, or a Facebook page, or YouTube channel, etc.


Free Energy Motor - Generator QMOGEN 1KWATT EVIVA unit from Kiev Ukraine

  • This is a brand new claimed Selfrunning Motor-Generator combination called EVIVA with an output of about 1 KWatts from Kiev, Ukraine.. The inventors are looking for investment partners and funding I am told. (YouTube / Overunitydotcom; Apr 30, 2014)

In the News

  • (The hyperlink is missing because this points to the present page)
    Featured: Electromagnetic > QMoGen >
    Another peaceful Ukraine offering: Eviva QMoGen - With this 1 kW self-looped motor-generator system, which is the 52nd QMoGen claim of which we've become aware, the inventors are looking for investment and partners. (PESWiki; May 8, 2014)


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