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Directory of technologies and resources pertaining to inventor and experimenter, Eric W. Hansen.


Brief Autobiography

Eric Hansen, amateur physicist sci fi lover, and ex career mechanic.

Heroes include Michio Kaku, Nassim Harramein, Steven Hawking, Stan Meyers, and Fred Wells! Born in the Frisco Bay area, grew up mostly in Florida though, was heavy into ROTC, and computers, was an old ATS mainframe system operator full time during my senior year; and held several technical jobs such as repairing medical equipment, like oxygen concentrators. Also drove heavy equipment from time to time... Getting bored easily, I shifted my attention to auto mechanics after moving to Ohio, where I obtained ASE certification as well as Ohio State certification in auto mechanics. I've worked auto salvage, as well as GM dealership experience, and managed an instant oil change business for a short time; but I must also mention running a 28,000 chicken research farm, before getting into homebuilding in Ohio, and Maui, where I was shortly promoted to foreman on the job before becoming a technical troubleshooter for a prestigious builder who serves the rich and famous. I also served as foreman for a Lindal cedar home building company for a while... Drove Taxi... I get bored career wise I eventually ended up moving to the Big Island, and after a couple of years of surveying old jungleized lots, I got back into building a few homes, and doing various remodeling and repair work from time to time, but I mostly work at home now growing Orchids, Working on classic cars, and pondering the infinite universe... and how we can preserve our part of it! Now I'm a Bitcoin fanatic, plain & simple.

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Key Projects of Interest

Resonance Electrolysis

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Eric W. Hansen
Mountain View, Hawaii

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