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A screenshot from a video of one of the earlier devices.
A screenshot from a video of one of the earlier devices.

(Company name cannot yet be disclosed.)

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
July 26, 2011

Imagine being able to provide power on the circuit board to each component that needs power, continuously, from the surroundings, so that no battery is required; and no charging of the device is needed. Imagine no heating issues from the power, no overcharge; and all this being cheaper than the present method of using batteries and power supplies. And imagine being able to do that without giving a physicist a coronary for breaking any of his beloved laws, though there are some puzzling aspects that might intrigue him or her for years to come. Such a device appears to be under development in the U.S. with possible commercial deployment within a year. It uses no polluting components, it uses no fuel, and has been third party tested by several credible groups. Long-time free energy skeptic, Mark Dansie from Australia, is so impressed with this technology that he dropped everything and has spent the past two weeks to investigate this technology that has the potential to have tremendous impact in the energy market.


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In the News

  • Dansie Weighs in on EEFG - I no longer believe it is from a free energy source and most likely may be explained by conventional Physics. ...There would be limits at the rate it could draw at. It's market may be limited to high value smaller powered devices in the microwatt and possibly micro- and milli-watt levels." (Free Energy Blog; October 16, 2013)
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    Sterling Allan on GaiamTV with Regina Meredith - Tonight, October 30, at 7 pm Eastern, GaiamTV > Open Minds (watch) will air the first of two interviews Sterling did with Regina, from Conscious Media Network; talking about the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies and the societal ramifications of these things coming forward as well as the spiritual transformation required to merit their full emergence. (; October 30, 2012)
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    Sterling and Gary on Jeff Rense' WideAwake News Hour - Gary Hendershot interviews Sterling Allan on the WideAwake program, which is part of Jeff Rense' news network. They discuss emerging exotic free energy technologies that are likely to make it to market within a year, including Inteligentry's noble gas engine, various LENR technologies; a quick peek at an AA replacement technology using an Mg bar, copper wire in water; and the postage-stamp size device to power a cell phone. (SmartScarecrow; June 4, 2012)
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    FYI: Next-Generation EEFG (no link) - I received the following input about the EEFG: "They have the next generation now and it knocks the socks off the first ones with much greater power generation. This will be the power source for the next 100+ years. I'm really excited." (Sterling D. Allan; March 24, 2012)
  • Featured: Mark Dansie >
    The Free Energy Explorer -- Interview with Mark Dansie - While he describes himself as my "nemesis", Mark Dansie actually makes some excellent points about the pursuit of free energy. As one who has booked more frequent flier miles recently than anyone I know pursuing free energy claims, he's one to drive home the point: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." (PESN and BeforeItsNews; March 3, 2012)
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    Review of Sterling Allan's Coast to Coast Interview [Recording links] - On January 21st, 2012 Sterling Allan was interviewed by John B Wells on the world-renowned Coast to Coast AM radio show that boasts millions of listeners on hundreds of radio stations. The topic was "Top Five Free Energy Technologies Emerging" and also address philosophical points about the free energy revolution. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; January 24, 2012)
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    Cheat Sheet for January 21, 2012 Coast to Coast Show - Hank Mills pulled together this listing of talking points as a briefing about the Top 5 Free Energy Technologies and runners up, to assist me in my interview with John B. Wells last night on Coast to Coast AM last night. There is a lot more information here than I was able to get to on air. -- Sterling Allan (PESN; January 22, 2012)


Mark Dansie (liaison) and a company business development manager

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