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Directory page for Electric Motor technologies and resources.



Alpha Listing

  • American Electric Motor Company - American Electric Motors can supply you with a new motor or a refurbished motor in as little as an hour* depending on your proximity to a distribution point. This is because American Electric Motors has motor distribution points spread out all over both the United States and Canada.
  • Bodine Electric - Extremely high torque, energy efficiency, and extraordinary precision make e-TORQ motors the practical direct drive solution in applications which traditionally required a speed reducer. North Dakota State University used one of these motors to finish first in a field of 30 teams in the American Solar Challenge in July of 2003.
  • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles >
    Chorus Motors - Chorus Meshcon motors are based on AC induction technology and provide 10 times the overload torque of competing products and use a "virtual transmission" that can provide the power needed to efficiently and economically power a series hybrid car or truck. (Demo)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Motors / EVs >
    Ultra efficient and powerful Magnetronic Motor (Interview) - Because the design by Millennial Motors, Inc. eliminates more than 95% of the iron from their motor, they are able to capture nearly all of the collapsing electromagnetic fields into a capacitor to be used again in the next pulse. Their coils are ultra simple to wind, and are arranged in removable, modular nodes. (PESWiki; Oct. 15, 2008)
  • NetGain Technologies - Our motors are produced by Warfield Electric, the largest rebuilder of series wound DC motors in the US. Since they already knew what the failure points were from their experience repairing "all the other motors" -- it was a simple matter for them to help us design motors that were intended for the unusual stresses encountered in electric vehicles.
  • New Generation Motors - High efficiency compact traction motors and controllers for electric vehicle applications. The motor design provides the ultra high efficiency and power density advantages of permanent magnet motors and the reduced power electronics of AC induction designs.
  • Electromagnetic > Raser Technologies - Symetron™ AC induction motor technology achieves high torque without permanent magnets. A few simple changes to conventional motors yield significant increases in power, performance and efficiency. With up to 3 times the power density, a lower cost per kilowatt, Symetron™ is ideal for use in electric & hybrid vehicles, industrial applications and power generation.
  • Trinity Motors - Multiple Field™ motor technology with high performance armature configuration achieves 30% improvement in energy efficiency, while magnetic suspension greatly reduces bearing friction. PowerMax™ motor/generator features chargeback capabilities that can recharge batteries while the motor is running. Suitable for electric cars, heating and cooling motors, power generation.
  • Ultra Motor Company - Permanent magnet DC Hub motors have only five major components, are simple in design, easy to manufacture and suited for narrow, wheel-mounted motor applications such as electric bikes and scooters. Ultra motors offer significant space-saving while delivering higher torque and efficiency - without the need for gears, belts or chains.
  • UQM Technologies - Permanent magnet electric motor system achieves a 10 to 1 constant power speed ratio (CPSR), providing both high torque and high speed capability in the same machine at levels greater than that of other motor technology. Peak power is increased by 33 percent and continuous power output by nearly 100 percent, and system efficiency from 2 to 8 percent. Suitable for electric vehicles and distributed power generation.
  • Variable Torque Motors - Axial field weakening yields higher efficiency over the rpm range, creating a "built-in" transmission that mechanically enables an operating range up to 10x the motor base speed for electric vehicles. VTM offers hybrid retrofit packages installed on the drive shaft of rear wheel drive vehicles using Maxwell BoostCap™ ultracapacitors for energy storage.
  • WaveCrest Laboratories - WaveCrest motors enhance dynamic performance and control of vehicles by providing high levels of both positive and negative torque at the wheel. They independently power the wheels on one or more of a vehicle’s axles, and occupy less interior space. The low-speed torque and fast response time replaces costly systems such as anti-lock braking and traction control. Regenerative braking reduces brake wear and extends electric range.

Research and Development

  • Electromagnetic > Electric Motors >
    Washer Dryer electric motors may help in alternative energy - Devices released this year, by Toshiba, for example, use “variable magnet motors”, making it possible to regulate the magnetic force of magnetic fields in the motor. By changing the magnetic force of permanent magnets, they can change the motor’s characteristics between low-speed and high-speed operation. (GreenOptimistic; May 10, 2010)
    Possibly something inventors could incorporate into a Bedini design? -- Craig Stangland
  • Project Home 2010 - The "Project Home 2010" Vehicle is built for two and is powered using electromagnetism in an invented continuous electron flow, using electromagnetic forces as an alternative fuel source through a closed coil and a computerized polarity shifter. This vehicle is also able to levitate above the ground on a cushion of self-generated magnetized air. (Angelfire; Nov. 5, 2008)
  • Electric Motors >
    GM to make its own electric motors - The company is developing an electric motor that will be 25 percent smaller, 25 percent lighter and have 20 percent more power. GM has been quietly developing a new electric motor since 2003, and will be the first U.S.-based automaker to manufacture its own. (Yahoo News; Jan. 26, 2010) (Thanks Tedd)


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