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Presently in the Top 5, being closest to market: expecting to be in full production beginning of 2014.

Teaser image from brochure coming any day now (Nov. 12, 2013)
Teaser image from brochure coming any day now (Nov. 12, 2013)
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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
June 19, 2013 | modified July 5, 2013

A company out of Spain called Platinum Invests Group Corporation S.A., headed by Dr. Umberto Stranieri, appears to have an exotic free energy generator system they call E-MAG that involves magnetic propulsion. They appear to be approaching market readiness.

This isn't their first technology. They have a "molecular dissociation via plasma" technology already implemented, on which they hold multiple patents.

Their videos of the E-MAG system allege a 7.5 kilowatt output.

According to their website,

"E-MAG a magnetic propulsion engine that powers a generator of continuous electricity 24 / 7 h.
"In the various standard sizes, our certification includes the satisfactory result that the electrical circuit board regulates the magnetic fields which are managed by a self controlled device, ensuring the continuous production of electrical energy."

My guess is that it is a variant of the self-looped motor-generator motif.

I have sent Platinum Invests emails asking for more info over the past week and am waiting for a response.

Meanwhile, based on what information is available so far, I'm tentatively posting them on the Q-mo-gen page (which is #1 in our Top 5), near the top of the companies listed there, after MSVEX

Thanks to Oren Blau of Israel for bringing Platinum Invests Group to my awareness.


Official Websites


Magnetic Motor by Platinum Invests 2013

Computer-rendered intro; followed by showing actual device.

  • [Translations from Spanish by Google] "Magnetic energy to propulsion"
    "We are all aware that the change of the system of production of clean electricity without harmful emissions and / or use of additives such as oil and 'true. Of course not 'a metamorphosis and / or a phantasmagoria invention, but simply the will' of a group of people who want to advance in the future and for the benefit of mankind 'global. This thing 'in the public domain and we speak of being able to benefit from technologies that until now have been strictly prohibited and contianuano to be ocultate, hampered and boycotted, but' we got down to it and this truth 'can not' more 'be hampered by anyone who continues to make us believe and made to walk like so many lemmings. The problem today 'humanity' has the will 'to emerge and then if war must' be that war is but with the knowledge that humanity 'will fight' for its peace and tranquility 'and not for the ordinary dirty games some unscrupulous people who have decided to destroy the will 'to live this passage on earth in a dignified manner. by Umberto" (YouTube / Umberto Stranieri; May 13, 2013)

Demo in Spain

On June 24, 2013 I received and uploaded this video from Dr. Stranieri, who subsequently requested that it be made private, at least for now.

He said that the person demonstrating the device in this video in Spain is Albena Petrova from Singapore, as seen on their profile page. You can also see a feature about her here.

Another Prototype


  • Permanent magnet motor kW 7,5 E-MAG (YouTube / Umberto Stranieri; January 26, 2013)

Case, 3D


  • (YouTube / Umberto Stranieri; January 26, 2013)

Previous Tech at University

Demonstration (of Plasma tech?)

  • (YouTube / Umberto Stranieri; June 15, 2012)

=== Platinum B Movie 50' ===Computer-rendered

  • (YouTube / Umberto Stranieri; August 28, 2013)

Profile: Platinum Invests Group

Platinum Invests Group Corporation, stems from the leadership of President Dr. Umberto Stranieri, academic AEREC (, AIF association member ( inspires and sustains the initiative also like many other supporters.

According to LinkedIn:

"PLATINUM INVESTS GROUP CORPORATION S.A. is an established enterprise within the conservation and alternative green technology and sustainability space. Our emergence is the result of a profitable and value-added system and the efforts of a multicultural team.
"PLATINUM INVESTS GROUP CORPORATION S.A. is a patent owner, consulting, research and development firm connecting homes, businesses and industries with the latest generation of green energy technologies.
"Our services identify optimal sustainable energy products and technologies to serve our clients’ needs and design energy efficient facilities that are affordable and profitable.
"Waste Plasma technologies, Municipal, Hospital, Bio-Mass Waste, Perpetual & Magnetic Engine, Water Treatment"

As mentioned there, another technology the company is involved with is "molecular dissociation system with plasma method for the treatment and energy recovery". [1] | pdf


Profile: Umberto Stranieri



Platinum Invests is in process of filing a patent for this technology.

Other Platinum Technologies

Quoting from pdf

Platinum used for the realization of the PFP facility -100 a significant portion of its assets technology and, among others, the proprietary systems as follows:

  • INDUSTRIAL INVENTION IP No. 2010 A. 000003 - in N ° 35 Pages Development Ministry Economic Italian Republic. Department for the company and internationalization. Directorate General for Combating Counterfeiting. VIBM. Italian Office of Patents and Trademarks. Division IX-12/05/2010 "Method and Apparatus for Removing solid particles from a gas, particularly a combustion gas solid fossil fuel "
  • INDUSTRIAL INVENTION IP No. 2008 A. 000072 - in N ° 33 Pages Development Ministry Economic Italian Republic. Department for the company and internationalization. Directorate General for Combating Counterfeiting. VIBM. Italian Patent and Trademark Office. Division IX. 12/05/2010 "Method and Apparatus for Gas purification. "
  • INDUSTRIAL INVENTION IP No. 2008 A. 000074 - in N ° 42 Pages Development Ministry Economy of the Italian Republic. Department for the company and internationalization. Directorate General for Combating Counterfeiting. VIBM. Italian Patent and Trademark Office. Division IX. 12/05/2010 "Method for Plasma waste processing and apparatus which implements this method. "
  • INDUSTRIAL INVENTION ITPI2008A000072 No. PCT / EP 2009/005720; - European Patent Office,


World Future Energy Summit 2014

January 19-22, 2014, Abu Dhabi, UAE - GEF International Limited is the Exclusive Sole Agent for Middle East, India and Pakistan of Platinum Invests Group Corp. SA of Valencia, Spain. After years of research into resolving problems through science & technology, Platinum is taking the opportunity of the WFES and ECOWASTE to present the latest innovations into the world of Waste Pollution Resolution and Alternative Energy Production. At ECOWASTE and WORLD FUTURE ENERGY SUMMIT We are introducing the VLC 10 Moleculare Dissociator for any kind of waste problem resolution and PALLADIUM the Magnetic Powered Energy generator with the featuring of the Platinum Titanium series, “Titanium Car” and “Titanium Plane” both powered by the Palladium Innovative technology.

In the News

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  • Window for visiting Platinum Invests closed for 2/3 months - "At the moment, we are in a very sensitive [position]; and we do not wish to have people or professor that are coming for whatever reason. This will be done in approximate 2/3 months. At [the] moment, only a strict number of people and friends are allowed to come in our R&D/Production facility. (Free Energy Blog; January 30, 2014)
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    Platinum Invests cautions about counterfeits - Dr. Umberto Stranieri asked me to issue a warning that there are entities out there posing as them. He provides a way to determine if someone is a bona fide player. [p.s.] "I'm finishing the last work on the car and electric plane that soon will be in the streets and skies of Tutto." (PESN; January 13, 2014)
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  • Platinum Invests' QMoGen moved to #1 in Top 5 - We've received a draft copy of a pending brochure that Platinum Invests is about to release, lising the prices for the various E-Mag units from 3 kW to 500 kW, expected to be in full production early 2014. (Free Energy Blog; November 12, 2013)
  • Another Silly Video from Platinum Invests (QMoGen) - Umberto sent me a link to yet another silly video they posted titled (translated by Google): "Magnetic Motors and Dissociators", featuring a "Hamster Power Plant, starring Chestnut the Hamster," with silly music and mixture of hamster footage and footage of their QMoGen and Reactor devices. (Free Energy Blog; September 24, 2013)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Q-Mo-Gens >
    E-MAG Magnetic Propulsion Engine by Platinum Invests Group - A company out of Spain called, Platinum Invests Group, headed by Dr. Umberto Stranieri, appears to have an exotic free energy generator system they call E-MAG that involves magnetic propulsion, which appears to be approaching market readiness. They also have a "molecular dissociation via plasma" technology already implemented. (PESWiki; June 19, 2013)

Negative Publicity

We include this coverage, as those doing due diligence are likely to find it. And we provide Platinum-Invests response, which is that this has nothing to do with them, but was someone using their name.

  • Echelon Energy files $2 million complaint against Platinum Invests Group Complaint 108452; Date Occurred: December 1, 2010; Reported Damages: $2,000,000.00; Description: "Fraud investing scheme with high yield returns. Almost like Ponzy. He scammed by our knowledge People in Puerto Rico,US and Spain. He acted with other people, Gary Wayne Waldo from California and Umberto Stranieri from Spain. Very dangerous people. He robbed money from people "selling" energy plants investments... Also scammed a financial institution in PR." (Scambook)
  • Asterix comments: Google "Enerfin Holding, Inc.", "Echelon Energy", "Platinum Investments" and "Alvin Yoris". Mr. Stranieri and his cohorts appear to be running a scam factory, as evidenced by numerous web postings. From what I could find, there is also a possibility that Mr. Stranieri has operated under aliases.


On June 20, 2012, 12:30 pm Mountain, Umberto wrote: (slightly edited)

Friend, tomorrow, I'll answer your questions regarding the magnetic motor.
As for the question [regarding] ECHELON us as Platinum we have nothing do with Mr. Alvin Yoris. The same as cheated and stole money in the world to us including Platinum. We proceeded to make the complainants case here in Spain and in the USA. This subject Yoris used and copied our designs and sold them without knowing anything about the energy and even less about our technologies.
[As?] Umberto, I am the President of Platinum. I gave birth to this company in 2003 and have offices in Nevada, Spain, Bulgaria and thus always present in the office from 8 am to 8 pm, so this news that launch on the web and make me laugh and those who 'did not fooled by Alvin Yoris now trying to involve us or involve myself. If so 'it was, my company', today, [it] would be closed, and I would be in jail, and so with that I told you everything.
In any case, always at your disposal for any clarification. As anticipated, calmly tomorrow I'll give 'all the information about my technology and specifically the magnetic motor.
I come from the city of Ivrea where the same was born the Olivetti typewriter, and then I think I know enough about electronics. Also, I have been 25 years in the field of waste treatment and am a specialist in creating clean energy via molecular dissociation. So, the allegation of my being involved with crooks like Alvin Yoris offends me and offends my intelligence.
Greetings and see you tomorrow. Thank you again for your articles.



Contact link

Spain Headquarter
+0034 96 131 82 57
Ronda Narciso Monturiol, 19‎
Parque Tecnológico C.P
Innovacenter II, Oficina nº 17
46980 Paterna (Valencia)

Bulgary Delegation
(+00359) 76 606 069
Via “Kiril I Metodii” Nº 23,
ufficio 503 | Bulgaria, Pernik

USA Delegation
(+1) 702 358 0138
800 E Charleston Blvd. 89104
Las Vegas NV | ID nº 20-2870717

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