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Douglas L. Konzen (goes by Konehead in the forums) is a generally respected researcher in the world of exotic free energy.


Official Websites

  • - "My band, 'the Fuckedtones'. We are on world tour right now, but our policy is to never show up for gigs, so it makes it easy."
    • The first song in the playlist, "Get off the phone", is a low blow to women. Though it exhibits talent, I see no redeeming value in it, even for humor's sake. It's dark. In doing a spot check of the other songs, my impression doesn't improve any. It's dark bar material, not something you would solicit to attend an enlightened conference for entertainment. -- Sterling D. Allan; December 6, 2012.

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  • [ Doug Konzen - Advanced Electric Pulse Motor] - One motor takes in .63 watts DC and lights up two one watt AC light bulbs. That's all you need to ... (; Aug 24, 2008)


email: konehead {at}

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