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Kiril Chukanov with his Quantum Free Energy Generator, March, 2007
Kiril Chukanov with his Quantum Free Energy Generator, March, 2007
"I built several powerful Quantum Free Energy generators which can produce hundreds of times over-unity! My QFE generators produce quantum free energy without fuel or any primary energy source! This free energy is in form of heat, electricity, and high energy photons. Within two-three months these generators will be available on the world market!" (Chukanov's statement on his website; Sept. 19, 2007)

While Kiril appears to have a very interesting and promising technology, his personal dialogue with people for business correspondence can become very immature and offensive. He talks as if his is the only renewable energy technology worth while, and that all other free energy claims are bogus. Not only does he need money to continue his research and development, but he needs someone who can provide a professional interface for his company. Unfortunately, he has become so cynical, such talent may be driven away, leaving him as his own worst enemy to destroy any chances of his technology arriving at a practical stage, let alone taken to market. -- Sterling D. Allan (April 11, 2011) (See Chukanov meltdown)


Official Website


Latest Developments

November 16, 2013

  • Featured: Plasma > Ball Lightning > Chukanov >
    Chukanov Achieves Ball Lightning Under Water - "This QFE technology already produces 'productive' work. The kinetic energy of the QFE Geyser is a free energy. In addition, QFE heat is generated. For the first time in the history of science/technology, artificial 'ball lightning is created in water'. Yes, media is not air, media is water!" (PESN; November 16, 2013)

October 16, 2013

  • Chukanov builds industrial heatless Quantum Free Energy generator in Bulgaria - "I built [an] industrial heatless quantum free energy generator which is now undergoing tests -- [the] first QFE (quantum free energy) is PRODUCED!!! Quantum Free Energy from ball lightning!!! Incredible! I produce ball lightning which generates QFE in form of kinetic energy." (Free Energy Blog; October 16, 2014)

January 21, 2013

My plane is boarding from Brazil, I don't have time to format this as a PESN story.

From: Sterling Allan
To: kiril Chukanov
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 9:55 PM [GMT-7]
Subject: Re: Can we film Chukanov Jan. 24-27 time-frame?

I like to give people a chance to tell their story, and let the technology speak for itself based on the numbers.

I'll try an stop by to talk preliminarily on my way back from the airport ...

I need to get back to my family I've been away from for 12 days, so I'll only be able to talk for a few minutes.

My primary problem with you is not about your technology but that you talk bad about other technologies.

How do you expect to be treated objectively and fairly if you cast aspersions on other technologies as if you have them all figured out? It is that very behavior that you despise when people come to inspect your technology.

- - - -

January 21, 2013 6:43 PM
Subject: FW: Chukanov QFE


Hello Stirling,

I just read all comments about my discovery QFE and me posted in ATS site. So much evil in these comments! My God! So much hatred about me! I'm shocked! Are those people citizen of the 'most democratic country in the world? I'm so much disappointed. What give them the right to spit over me and my QFE discovery? Who of them saw and tested my experimental QFE generator to to throw over me so much garbage? And, at the same time, ATS refuses to post my comment. How can I defend myself?

Quantum Free Energy is the ONLY real free energy source in the universe! Nothing else! Quantum free Energy is ready for practical application! Quantum Free Energy is for business, not to give it for free to any dishonest scientist/'inventor' plagiarist in America, not to give it for free to some American corporations, not to give it for free to the US national labs, not to give it for free to 'energy journalists' like you, or to any other curious people.

You want, without to ask my permission, to make movie on my experimental QFE generator ANGEL I and to bring 'experts' to test my QFE generator. After you wrote (and talked to people) so many negative things about my personality and my discovery QFE, after you ignored me for so longtime. I have no more trust in your 'noble' intentions to help me. Obviously you work for money in behave of some private and governmental organizations which pay your lavish trips to conferences, demonstrations, meetings with inventors. You support fake energy inventors like Rossi, Keshe, Al. Frolov, Perendev (now in the prison for fraud), others. Charlatans/fake inventors are occupying first places in your "List of Top Ten or Hundred inventions'. Did you test (your independent experts) their false energy machines? No, you didn't! You are providing your supporting bosses with false information and conclusions. That's amoral! That's could be considered as crime in some countries.

Quantum Free Energy is business for me, not 'media show'!!! I allow demonstrations and tests ONLY to serious potential investors to whom I believe and trust!!! For example, experts from S. Korea measured 6-times over-unity on ANGEL I last summer. Industrial QFE generator (which I intend to build) will generate tens and hundreds of times over-unity. Beside energy applications, ball lightning (macro-quantum object) will make revolution in electronics, communications, computers, accelerators, medicine, military. America will miss opportunity to be first in this upcoming scientific/technological revolution. Because America ignores me, discriminates me, spits over me. Of course not all Americans are like that.

I don't trust you, Stirling, you work for yourself and for your bosses. You are spying for them!

I decided not to accept you in my lab for demonstrations and tests. However, the doors of my house and lab are not closed forever for you. It depends on you.

I will not give any information, to nobody, about my QFE project and about my whereabouts starting today. I will not answer E-mails provocations from false investors. I prefer to die homeless on the streets of America, but not to cooperate with cowards!

January 21, 2012

Dr Kiril Chukanov

May 4, 2011

Nov. 16, 2010

Sept. 13, 2008

"Dr. Chukanov is in the hospital with a broken foot. He will need surgery which will be scheduled in a few days. He will be on crutches for a couple of months after his surgery, but he will be answering to all of his correspondents as soon as he can.

Thank you for your interest in my husband's work."

Best Regards,

Angelina Chukanov

Feb. 18, 2007

  • General Quantum Mechanics - "I'm working on all six of my Quantum Free Energy generators. When excited (next month) I have to stay a mile away." - Kiril Chukanov (Feb. 18, 2007)

Dec. 24, 2006

Kiril wrote: "This is Anlotron3. Just preliminary tests, no excitement yet. In this tests I put only 35-40 KW input power. I have tests with 100 KW input power - very scary!!! The output power (after I complete the system next month) will gives me 6-10 times over-unity. I'm absolutely certain in that. I will run 10 times over-unity on the biggest my QFE generator Anlotron4. This will be my big QFE hit. Smaller QFE generators will be used for other applications (patent secret now)." (Dec. 24, 2006)

March 22, 2007

Photos of Anlotron-I show "Giant Non-Excited Ball Lightning; Average diameter: 40 inches (1 meter); Continuous regim-many hours non-stop. This is a photo of Anlotron1 - a non-excited yet ball lightning. Kiril said, "In 2007 several kinds of QFE generators will be available on the market." (March 22, 2007)

Feb. 16, 2006

Jan. 13, 2006

  • Ball-Lightning Generator Video - Dr. Kiril Chukanov demonstrates his "Angelina IV" prototype generating & maintaining a stable ball-lightning plasmoid, which he claims can be used to manipulate and extract significant amounts of Zero Point Energy. (American Anti-Gravity, Jan. 13, 2006)

Aug. 6, 2005

  • Lightning in a Bottle (PDF) - Tim Ventura's interview with Dr. Kiril Chukanov, following Chukanov's presentation at the TeslaTech 2005 expo regarding his research in Quantum Energy Technology. (AmericanAnti-Gravity; Aug. 6, 2005)

July 30, 2004


  • Quantum Energy (1.8 Mb) - Prepared for Emerging Technologies Conference, Salt Lake City, UT USA (Sept. 24-26, 2003)

My books are available for sell: Final Quantum Revelation [400 pp.] ($35) and General Quantum Mechanics [130 pp.] ($15). I accept checks and money orders. If somebody for some reason can't pay the price, I can send free books (only pay for shipping).

-- Kiril


Kiril Chukanov sends a couple of photos showing his QFE generator ANLAUTRON-4 which " produces a lot of heat (maybe tens of times), high energy photons, and wild electrical current which is not harnessed." (Feb. 8, 2008)

Photos taken by Kiril Chukanov, June 2003.

Step One Light
Step One Light
Excited Ball Lightning
Excited Ball Lightning


  • Ball Lightning Record - Kiril Chukanov has posted several videos showing his recent tinkering with what he says is the biggest diameter (20 inches) ball lightning in the world. This is a side show for his patent-protected Quantum Free Energy generators, expected commercially soon. (Nov. 18, 2007)

ANLAUTRON-IV; Feb. 2008 (March 24, 2008)

On Oct. 21, 2007, Kiril Chukanov wrote: "This is a 15 inches (average diameter) ball lightning (no microwave). This is a very powerful ball lightning. Input energy is very negligible.


  • US Patent #6,936,971 Methods and systems for generating high energy photons or quantum energy. (August 30, 2005)

Abstract: The invention generates high-energy particles, or quantum energy, from a quantum macro object. The method used comprises: (a) isolating a gaseous substance within a bounded area; (b) energizing the gaseous substance, causing the gaseous substance to transition into a glow discharge plasma state; (c) increasing the gas pressure within the bounded area to transition the glow discharge plasma to a quantum macro object comprising a positively charged nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud; (d) inducing an active impact upon the quantum macro object such that the potential energy existing within the quantum macro object is converted and released in the form of quantum energy in a continuous and inexhaustible manner. The bounded area is typically created by a dielectric of various sorts, such as within a dielectric container or properly charged air.

  • Patent #5537009: Transition of a substance to a new state through use of energizer such as RF energy. (July 16, 1996)

Abstract: A material such as a gas at an initial pressure below atmospheric is treated with RF energy at a frequency greater than 1 MHz to transition to a glow discharge state and then at increased pressure to a new state at which the average internal temperature is at least an order of magnitude higher than in the glow discharge state but the rate or radiating heat is at least an order of magnitude lower than in the glow discharge state. The new state can be maintained for a period of the order of at least tens of seconds and energy can be extracted through contacting the gas in the new state with a heat conducting body. In variations, the gas pressure need not be below atmospheric, materials in liquid and solid phases can be used in place of the gas, and energizers other than RF energy can be used, such as high-voltage discharges and high-energy particle beams.


Do It Yourself

  • Featured: DIY / Plasma / Microwave
    How to Make Plasma in Your Microwave Oven - Perhaps you've seen a video or two at YouTube showing how to generate plasma with a small flame in a microwave oven. We've created a "how to" page, with a collection of some of these demos, scientific theories and studies, and related energy pursuits. (PESWiki; Dec. 20, 2008)



As a high-tech venture worthy of investment for it's commercial spin-offs, it's probably a good investment and has the potential to become the vanguard of the cold fusion evolution. -- Richard

  • "Unlimited source of energy" - American Physical Society berates latest "spam" sent to scientists by Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC (Feb. 8, 2002).

For what it's worth, an Intuitive (clairvoyant) friend of mine, who I have found to be very accurate and insightful, gives the Chukanov technology high thumbs up. - Sterling


In the News

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    Chukanov's Quantum Free Energy Popper - "Ball lightning under water. Big output kinetic QFE. Cold cylinder. [Not] LENR in water... Just ball lightning quantum effect! With some remodelings of 'Great Bulgaria' QFE generator, it is possible to generate abundant amount of electricity and motion for transportation units. Self-sustained QFE generator!" (Free Energy Blog; January 8, 2014)
  • Greetings from Kiril Chukanov; "3x OU" "I have good over-unity on my 'heatless QFE generator' 'Great Bulgaria'. The generation of free energy is proven out of any doubt! Any kinetic energy generated on this generator is purely 'free energy'. There is no conventional way cold water to generate so powerful kinetic energy." (Free Energy Blog; December 26, 2013)
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  • Featured: Plasma > Ball Lightning > Chukanov >
    Chukanov Achieves Ball Lightning Under Water - "This QFE technology already produces 'productive' work. The kinetic energy of the QFE Geyser is a free energy. In addition, QFE heat is generated. For the first time in the history of science/technology, artificial 'ball lightning is created in water'. Yes, media is not air, media is water!" (PESN; November 16, 2013)
  • Featured: Plasma > Ball Lightning > Chukanov >
    Chukanov has the one and only FE system in the universe? - Exemplifying the 'own worst enemy' syndrome, once again, Kiril Chukanov berates all other Free Energy technologies as bogus, hoaxes, and scams. "Quantum Free Energy is the ONLY real free energy source in the universe! Nothing else!" Maybe he could start an FE inquisition. Any followers? [Nothing a good dose of humility wouldn't cure.] (PESWiki; January 21, 2013)
  • Featured / Best Exotics: Plasm > Ball Lightning > Chukanov >
    Sterling videos demo of "Angel-I" Quantum Free Energy Generator - Last night, Sterling stopped by Kiril Chukanov's place unannounced in Salt Lake City to see a demonstration of his new "Angel-I" generator prototype. Though Chukanov wasn't set up to measure the ~30kW of output, he did demonstrate the 2.7kW input which activated the plasma (which is not OU), followed by the ball lightning (which purportedly is significantly OU). (PESN; May 5, 2011)
  • Plasma / Ball Lightning > Chukanov Quantum Energy >
    Stock exchange rejects ‘quantum free energy’ company - Dr. Kiril Chukanov, a Bulgarian scientist in Canada who claims to be harnessing the power of ball lightning, berates a decision of the Canadian Stock Exchange to reject his company’s application to be listed as a public company because the ideas posted on his website are "dangerous for the political system." (ChangingPower; May 19, 2010)

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Kiril Chukanov, inventor email:

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