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Latest prototype reactor
Latest prototype reactor
Two Reactors on shelf
Two Reactors on shelf
Before: - Glow colour pink (hydrogen)
Before: - Glow colour pink (hydrogen)
After: - Glow colour Green (helium)
After: - Glow colour Green (helium)

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
August 26, 2013

Four years ago, then 66-year-old inventor from London, Dr. Christopher Strevens, began posting a website with instructions of how to build his "fusion reactor", which he says: "Creates helium from hydrogen. It also captures the power given off during the reaction as electrical power." He also posted several videos to YouTube showing his prototype in operation, and showing the different color of gas from before versus after; as well as showing spectral analysis that indicates that the hydrogen that he puts into the system has transmuted to helium -- a nuclear phenomenon.

He said: "I found that when I increased the exciter power to 800 Watts, the output rose to 2,000 Watts [2.5-times overunity], and when I isolated the reactor from the exciter, this power remained. The spark gap regulator became active, keeping the power at this level. I only allowed this for a short time before reconnecting the exciter and turning the power down and the reaction ceased."

In a story in the Daily Mail four years ago, he said: "The experiment is quite dangerous. It may be difficult to stop the nuclear reactions once they start. There is a danger from radiation and a possible nuclear explosion if the power runs away." [1] At that time, he had only managed to get "two watts."

In summarizing the theory, he said:

"Maxwell is correct but the people who did the calculation got the boundary conditions wrong. The situation is a slow wave (because of the coil) down a coaxial system with the winding as the outer conductor and the plasma as the inner conductor.
"When the current in the coil rises, the plasma conducts an induced current and being unlike, these currents repel and so heat and compress the ionised gas inducing thermonuclear fusion reactions in the deuterium present that further heats the gas and this makes the gas expand and the movement of the conducting gas induces current in the coil thus sustaining the reaction.

He stated: "I am now getting some success and I invite others to try out the reactor and test it to see if it does in fact work." Then he adds: "We request $5 for each experimental unit made by anyone to reward my intellectual property right." And he gives a PayPal link for that payment.

Then he gave this curious remark: "This was repeated in the presence of our local MP and a patent officer. Later the bomb squad of police arrived, and I was put in detention and given anti-psychotic injections."

He doesn't mention how long he was in detention.

So he adds the clarification: " 'Thermonuclear' means 'a nuclear reaction caused by heat'; it does not mean bomb."

Thanks to T Lee Buyea for bringing this to my attention today. Even though much of this is old news, there are some new things that have cropped up, which are mentioned below, such as that last week, the patent application was withdrawn.


Official Websites


Plasma Generated Demo

  • Here I demonstrate the formation of a plasma (indicated by a glow discharge) in air at a pressure of about 30" vacuum. This is essential to the workings of the deuterium fusion reactor that generates electricity by direct conversion. (YouTube / ChrisStrev; July 12, 2013)

Reactor 2 Under Test

  • An event takes place during this test run. I could not ionise the gas (air) in this test, so the results are disappointing. The air has to be ionised for the plasma current to flow. Once the plasma current flows, then the process I described initializes. (YouTube / ChrisStrev; July 4, 2013)

Thermonuclear Fusion With audio commentary

  • This is a demonstration of thermonuclear fusion where hydrogen is transformed into helium. The protons in the tube travel in spiral paths up and down the tube and reach energies as high as 400 KeV, which is equivalent to 420 million K. This is hot enough for the higher energy process of 4 P=He to take place. The change to yellow at the end could be due to the release of sodium vapour from the wall of the tube or the spectral glow of helium but the green line diagnostic of helium is also present, indicating that helium was generated. (YouTube / ChrisStrev; August 5, 2009)

Transmutation of hydrogen into helium

  • This video shows the change of spectrum as hydrogen gas transmutes into helium in my thermonuclear reactor. (YouTube / ChrisStrev; August 2, 2009)

Electrical Generation of Plasma

  • Generation and containment of plasma at different powers (YouTube / ChrisStrev; January 21, 2009)

Electrical Power by Fusion

  • A method of containing, heating and extracting power from Fusion-power. Only containment is demonstrated here. (YouTube / ChrisStrev; January 18, 2009)

Tube strikes

  • Shows tube of hydrogen at a pressure of 2 Tor striking (ionising) after a delay in a coil of a tuned circuit carrying RF. (YouTube / ChrisStrev; January 27, 2009)


To the UK Daily Mail, he said: "I already have a patent." [2]

GB2447947 (A) -- 2008-10-01

A device is provided for generating electricity by direct conversion of the energy released by the fusion of light nuclei namely protons. The reactions may take place at room temperature in a tuned circuit.

Profile: Christopher Strevens

Adapted from the Daily Mail article:

Much of Chris' life has been spent in the nuclear field before he became a hospital technician at St Thomas's Hospital and then a school lab technician in nearby Merton.

After a BSc in physics, maths and chemistry at Portsmouth Polytechnic and an Open University course in biology and ecology, he worked at Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in the Sixties.

Chris carried out a fusion experiment in 1967 while at Aldermaston. His device exploded, giving off neutrons and radioactive gamma photons.

"When I was seven, I first discovered this effect - I was playing with a child's Tesla coil [a type of transformer] and a hydrogen tube. I put the tube inside the coil and the buzzing carried on after the battery was disconnected.
"My Uncle Arthur then made a big version. It ran on air and was pumped with a reversed bicycle pump. It was attached to a child's electric car constructed by my grandfather, who was an engineer.
"I drove around the streets of south Wimbledon, in about 1952, as an advertisement of this new source of power which no one understood."

Half a century later, Christopher is still in Wimbledon and is still misunderstood. But he isn't bothered, as he tinkers away in the spare room, pondering his contribution to the survival of the human race, confident that the backing will one day come.


On his site, Dr. Strevens says: "Luke is testing the reactor 2 in Utrecht." [3]

On August 27, 2013, I received an email from Dr. Strevens giving me the email contact for the person in Utrecht. I've sent an inquiry.

In the News

  • Featured: Nuclear > Strevens >
    Strevens says he confirmed his Transfusor Theory - "I calculated the power of my machine. I found that with hydrogen it would be about 3 watt but with deuterium about 20MW. That is the maximum. Previously it was not found to be radioactive except for gamma at the e+ e- annihilation energy. My experiments are with air. Oxygen and Nitrogen can undergo nuclear fusion reactions to make energy..." (PESN; September 22, 2014)
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  • Christopher Strevens' Transfusor a nuclear variant of Kapanadze? - The Kapanadze device takes its energy from the nuclear reaction of the nuclear fusion of deuterium in air. I am attempting to construct a similar device. He uses air at NTP with huge coils, probably RF, thus generating conducting plasma inside the winding. I use low pressure air ionized by a plasma generator that is turned off once the reaction starts. Neutrons are generated by the d+d > He+n reaction. (Free Energy Blog; February 13, 2014)
  • Featured: Nuclear > Fusion >
    Christopher Strevens Nuclear Reactor - We've finally created a feature page about this London inventor, who has had a life-long fascination with nuclear processes and devices, who four years ago claimed to have developed a reactor that "creates helium from hydrogen. It also captures the power given off during the reaction as electrical power." (PESWiki; August 26, 2013)

Forum Posts

  • Home made reactor by Christopher Strevens - (; ~August? 2013)
  • Reactor (by Christopher Strevens) - I think that the power generated by the fuel and the power capacity of the output winding must match and that the tank circuit should have ten times the energy stored at is being drawn. (Narkive; ~May, 2013)
  • Interesting videos from a home made reactor "I found evidence for radiation from my gm tube that showed a dose rate of >7.5 uSv/Hr." Mail-Archive; July 26, 2013)


Dr. Christopher Strevens
11 Kenley Rd.,
SW19 3JJ,


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