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Closing frame by Sterling D. Allan, Executive Directory of PES Network Inc. and founder of New Energy Congress.
Closing frame by Sterling D. Allan, Executive Directory of PES Network Inc. and founder of New Energy Congress.

Make Your Own SUV Ad ! !

GM ran a contest where you make your own ad for the Chevy Tahoe. They let you pick the pictures, add the text and music. Some green-thinkers had a bit of fun with this.

GM has removed these from their site. Some of the links, though, are housed elsewhere and are still available. (Aug. 1, 2006)


Tahoe Ads


Individual Ads of Note

Links Still Live

The ultimage padded cell

Frightening Reality

Chevy Tahoe SUV God

Links Dead

Chevy has removed these from their site.

Make Your Own Ad

- Just drag and drop the image or color, then click on edit text to enter your text for the image.
- Don't hit your back button or you will lose your work.
- You can't change the sequence of your images.
- Email yourself a copy when you're done, to get the url.
- If you come up with a good one, post it below for others to see.
How to Permanently Save Your Ad
See this page to view or contribute to the discussion.

Directories of Ads


In the News

Chevy Response

  • Spinning the Chevy Tahoe ad campaign - Much good discussion has come out of the GM/Apprentice ad campaign for the Chevy Tahoe that generated thousand of remixed video ads. (ZDNet Blog; Apr. 6, 2006)
The 2007 Tahoe is capable, refined and responsible. In fact, in the area of responsibility Tahoe outperforms all of the competition (Toyota, Ford, etc.) in fuel economy with 22 mpg on the highway thanks to Active Fuel Management technology that turns off 4 of 8 cylinders when you don't need them. The Tahoe is also E85 compatible, which means that it can run on ethanol, a renewable fuel source. Which reduces greenhouse gases and our dependency on foreign oil. The Tahoe has achieved the segment's highest safety ratings and is an excellent vehicle for those with large families.
While some people point to this campaign as an example of the failure of viral marketing and social computing, I think it points to a great success. Our definition of social computing is when technology results in power shifting from institutions (like Chevy) to communities (like customers). By losing that control over the brand experience, Chevy actually brought more people into it — witness the debate over the campaign itself. The environmental and SUV fuel economy debate has always existed outside of the Chevy experience, but by bringing it into, Chevy has harnessed it into a promotional benefit.

See GM Blog where the above response was posted.

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